My Nightmare REMIX

(Dark S3cret convinced me that I should rewrite this story. She said it was a good storyline but a little hard to understand. So I decided to write it again. HOPE U ENJOY THIS NEW VERSION! And for this story only, two chapters will be on one page.)

Before the story…

Robin, the boy wonder. He's one of the most respected Teenage heroes around. Though like every teen, he has a deep, dark, secret. I should know, because I'm one of his teammates. My name is Raven and this is the story when Starfire and the rest of us learned about Robin's secret. Though I'll have to warn you, Robin went completely insane. So if this story seems to become crazier after each chapter you can't say I didn't warn you. Well the beginning of the story starts after we fought Dr. Light.

Chapter 1 Poison of the past

"Well dudes, our work here is done! NOW can we go have fun? PLEASE Robin? PLEEASE???" Beastboy asked annoyingly "Fine, just stop whining." Robin said quietly Raven studied Robin's face. Something was clearly wrong. "What's happening? I keep seeing that night…but why? It's not that day yet." Robin thought "Alright what is it?" Raven asked interrupting his thoughts "What do you mean?" Robin asked in normal tone "You know what I mean. You're acting like I was when I first met you all." Raven said, "Yeah, and when you act like Raven you've either been…. (A) Switched with a robot (B) Had Raven control you with her mind (C) Started following Raven's trends or (D) Something really bad is going on." Beastboy said Raven shot him a look. "It's nothing really. I'm just thinking about my best friend. I miss her sometimes. It's funny she's like all of you mixed together." Robin said quickly "Right that's what he's thinking. What kind of dunce would fall for that?" Raven thought "Wait a minute man. Did you say she?" Cyborg asked Robin nodded "Apparently that one." Raven thought "Oh do please describe her!" Starfire pleaded

"Well she has red hair, likes dark poems, is a tech head, she also likes shopping, video games, and action movies. Plus sometimes is annoying." "Wow, she really is like all of us." Beastboy said

"Yeah and the last one sounded like you. But anyway what do ya'll wanna do?" Cyborg asked "Perhaps a movie?" Starfire suggested "Oh! I got it! The circus!" Beastboy said "Circus" The word seem to poison Robin's heart. Robin could barely breathe anymore. "Circus" The word echoed in his head. But his friends wouldn't understand.

Because to Robin circus meant only one word: death.

Robin shut his eyes tight. He kept seeing images in his head. Two people falling, blood everywhere. A little boy trying to save his parents, shouting for the people to let him go. But the little boy was helpless and all he could say was: "NOOOO!" "Robin?" All the titans asked, "Dude you okay? You look like you just heard a horrifying scream or something." Beastboy said "Robin…" Raven said putting her hand on his shoulder. Robin shook it off.

"I…I have to go. I have work to do. I have to" Robin said "I'll come with you the circus isn't really my thing." Raven said "No you go ahead with them Raven I just…I just can't go." Robin said turning away "Oh I know what this is about." Beastboy said, "You do?" Robin asked surprised "Yeah I feel the same way." Beastboy said "Wow maybe Beastboy and I have a lot more in common then I realized." Robin thought "I'm so glad I'm not alone here!" Beastboy said "Me too." Robin said

"Dude I honestly didn't know you were afraid of clowns too!" Beastboy said "Yeah…. WHAT!" Robin shouted "It's okay dude let it out. Besides EVERYONE is afraid of clowns." Beastboy said "BEASTBOY! I AM NOT AFRAID OF CLOWNS!!!" Robin shouted angrily "You're…you're not?" Beastboy asked "What an idiot!" Robin thought

"Then if you're not afraid of clowns, what is it?" Beastboy asked Robin just stood there saying nothing. "Maybe they would understand…." "Well…" "Tell them…" "Um…" "C'mon tell them already!" "It's..."

"What are you waiting for tell them! Tell them now!!!" "I…." "Yes?" They all asked, "Do it! What's the worst that could happen?" He thought

Just then Robin's head started to throb.

"Robin?" Starfire asked "I need to get out of here. Before I pass out. I see that night so clearly. Why? What's wrong with me!"

"I'm sorry I have to go. I'm so sorry, really." Then he walked as fast as he could away from his friends. Raven turned to them. "Look, Robin's acting weird I'll follow him and you guys go to the circus. If something goes wrong I'll call you on the communicator. Got it?" Raven said they all nodded Raven quickly levitated in the path that Robin took. Then she saw him in a huge alley and hid in the shadows. Robin, unaware he was followed, sighed and began talking to himself. "I made it out of there in time. That was a close one." Robin said out loud

"Oh really Robin? Is that as best that you can do? C'mon for Batman's ex-sidekick I expected something challenging." Said a voice "Who are you! What do you want with me! Well?" Robin said, "You're a smart kid Robin you figure it out."

"Wait that voice…you! You're that new criminal! The one who mysteriously appeared! You've been sending guards to the hospitals. Making them see their worst fears." Robin said "Just what I'd expect from Batman's ex-sidekick. My name is Nightmare and you'll be the next one to go to the hospital!" Nightmare shouted

"So what? Is your goal to destroy me so that my team will fall and then you'll rob everything in the city?" Robin asked "Very good Robin. You are smart, smarter than you look with that outfit anyway." Nightmare smirked "I've got to help him!" Raven thought, but she just stood there in the darkness unnoticed. "What now?" Robin asked "Robin, Robin, Robin. I'm going to kill you of course. Prepare to die!" Nightmare shouted

Robin dodged his punches easy and pushed him against the wall. "Funny. I thought you were more powerful and be more challenging. But I guess not." Robin said smirking "You've seen nothing yet!" Nightmare said He grabbed Robin by the neck and placed his right hand on his head. Soon, a green light surrounded Nightmare's hand and Robin began to sound like he was choking.

Nightmare let go and said: "Well if you're one of the lucky ones you'll just go into a coma seeing your worst fears. And then you'll die!" Then he walked away leaving Robin shivering. (Plus he still sounded like he was choking.) Robin was staring up in the sky and Raven swore she saw one tear go down Robin's face.

She also heard him whisper something. "No."

After that she immediately called the others and tried to snap Robin out of it. "Robin can you hear me?" Raven asked "Robin? Robin! Robin please snap out of it you have to! For Starfire and all of us! ROBIN!" She screamed When the others arrived Starfire cried. They were all shocked. "What happened?" They all asked She told them and Starfire got very upset. "Why did you not do something?? Raven why did you just stand there! Raven you should have helped him! WHY? WHY!" She screamed angrily then Raven asked herself that too. "Why didn't I do anything? I could've saved him. Some friend I am." She thought Starfire glared at Raven then flew home. As Cyborg put Robin on a stretcher Raven whispered: "I'm sorry Robin. I'm sorry." Then all four Titans went home silent. Even Beastboy, who for once had nothing to say.

Chapter 2 Best Friend

Raven paced back and forth across the room. She was still worried about Robin. Two days ago a person named Nightmare, attacked him. So far Robin stopped choking or making that sound but he was still shivering. It was driving Raven over the edge. "Well?" She asked Cyborg "I have really bad news. So I hope you're prepared." Cyborg said

"What is it?" She asked "Well you better get the other first. But for Star I'm not so sure." Raven got them anyway and they gathered in the living room. "Okay I've been giving Robin tests and everything. Good thing is he stopped making that sound but it's also worse. You see he stopped choking because he's getting weaker. Even at this very moment his strength is decreasing. His heart is getting slower and if we don't do something it'll…stop."

Everyone gasped

"Is there nothing we can do?" Starfire asked "There might be but I'm not sure. I got a sample of Robin's blood. That 'Nightmare' guy put poison in Robin's body. The affect is it's making him see things that he fears. He's trapped in his own little world, and he'll die from fear. I'm not sure what to do. It's too late to try and get the poison out its spreading way too fast. The only good thing is that the poison hasn't spread to his brain; if it did he would be dead by now. We still have time to do something but not a lot." "Wait, what if we…never mind." Beastboy said

"What is it BB? Got an idea?" Cyborg asked, "Well I was just thinking…remember how Raven went in Robin's mind and kinda helped him defeat Slade? Well what if she went in his head again and helped him inside his body?" Everyone looked at Beastboy like he was the new Einstein. "Beastboy that is the best idea you've come up with!" Raven shouted "Well I have my moments." Beastboy said proudly "Oh but Rae, you can't go in alone you made need backup." Cy said "Perhaps I could come." Star suggested They all nodded

"I could help too. That is if you don't mind." Said a voice

"Who's there!" Cyborg demanded "Oh I'm just Robin's best friend. Though you can call me Batgirl everyone does." She said smiling as she stepped out of the shadows

"B-Batgirl?" BB said stuttering "Yep that would be me." She said "How did you know about this?" Raven asked "And how did you get in here? None can get through my systems!" Cyborg said "Well I am a tech head. And I must admit it took me a little longer to get in than I expected, but no system can defeat my smarts. As for the info about Robin I have my sources. Of course how I get them to talk is none of your business. But do you want my help or not?" She asked "Right. We want help from a total stranger who wears a Bat costume and claims to be Robin's best friend." Raven said sarcastically "Well then suit yourself. Robin's a very complicated guy. Though I know he told you about his identity, or what his eyes really look like. Am I right? Of course I am! I know he trusts you that much. Even though he's only known you for a few years and me more. I know he showed you the articles and everything right? I especially know he told you about his nightmares and what he's seeing right now. "

They just stood there. "He told you all that and not us?" Raven asked "Wait! If you are telling the truth, prove it!" Cyborg demanded Batgirl pulled out some form of a communicator. "A Bat-Wave!" BB shrieked Batgirl nodded then dialed a few buttons and waited. Sure enough a little beeping sound came from Robin's belt in the other room. She walked over and brought back an identical Bat-Wave. "Proof enough?" She asked, they all nodded

"Good. I'm not going to give up on Robin you got it? He's my best friend and I won't let anything bad happen to him. And I swear if you let anything happen to him I'll kill you all myself. Now let's get started, shall we?" "Wait." Starfire said "If you were able to contact him and he was as well then why did he not?" Starfire asked Batgirl was silent.

"Well because before he left all three of us got into a fight. He felt unappreciated and decided to go solo. Of course he hasn't, as you all know. But another reason is because he thought we were still mad at him. He was too afraid to call." Batgirl finally said "Why would he be afraid of that?" Raven asked

"Because," She said sadly " we were all like family. And if we still hated him we might never be a 'family' ever again."