Back story: Meredith is married to John, her childhood sweetheart. They have lived in Boston since they were in fifth grade. Meredith moved there with her mother when she was 10, which is when she met John. They are now moving to Seattle so that Meredith can go into Seattle Grace Hospital's surgical internship program. John is a very successful attorney, and is moving into a large firm. They have had many bumps in the road that will be revealed. Please give it a chance. It has been in my head a long time!


John: So, Mer, are you ready for the big move?

Meredith: Yeah. The moving company picked up most our things today. I hope they don't break anything. I don't want to arrive in Seattle to a mess.

John: So Seattle? Do they really have the best internship program?

Meredith: That is where my mother did hers. I'm just glad that I got in. We are lucky that the law firm had a spot open there for you.

John: Honey, I can get in anywhere. Did you forget that your husband is a talented, sexy, brilliant attorney?

Meredith: You are so arrogant!

John: So the movers left us a sleeping bag and a couple of pillows? That could be fun. (He reaches over to pull her close, she pulls away.)

Meredith: Not tonight. (She shut him out again. Like she has for the past 6 years.)

John: What time do we need to get up? (He spread the sleeping bag out.)

Meredith: The plane leaves at 5:00 am. We need to be in a cab by 4.

John: Well, good night.

Meredith: Yeah.

She couldn't do it. She couldn't open herself up to him again. He didn't deserve it. Not after what he had done. John tosses and and turns, but he knows sleep isn't coming. Having his wife next to him. So close, but yet so far. Sure he had made a mistake. Who doesn't? He still loved her more than anything. He needed her. She had no idea how much.


Meredith: I'll be back later. I need to help Sam study. (He pulls her into a kiss. The passion between them was unbelievable. They always had a hard time keeping their hands off of each other.)

John: Again? (Frustrated.) You have been gone every freaking night this week.

Meredith: I'm sorry, I just...

John: It's fine, really. (He was angry, and saddened. He felt like she was drifting away.)

John gets a cabs. Part of him is nervous of what he is going to find. It will be nothing, he is sure of it. They are in love, but she had been acting so strangely lately. He had the driver follow Meredith. He sees her get out at a bar and hugs a very good looking guy.

John: Son-of-a-bitch Sam was supposed to be a chick. Three days before they were going to spend the rest of their life together, become man and wife, live happily ever after, and she is out screwing around with some guy. Two can play this game.


Meredith: John, get up! The cab is on it's way.

John: Thanks a freaking lot, like I didn't want to take a damn shower before we left. (he was mad, all he had thought about all night was the past. He hated that chapter of their live together.) Now we are going to get on the plane and I am going to smell like ass! (She laughed, God, it was great to see her smile, like a breath of fresh air.)

Meredith: I'm sorry. Just get dressed, and you can bath when we get to the new house. Oh shit, the cabs here, hurry up!! (She looks around their home for the last time. It was empty just as it was when they moved in. It was their first house together. It was modest, John wanted something bigger, but she refused, she loved this house. Now it was going to be the past. She was moving forward.)

John: Oh my God! (He puts his clothes on it record time.)

Cabbie: Where to?

John: The airport.

The airport was fairly busy, and they had to rush to get to their flight. With all the security measure, it took quite awhile. They had John take off his shoes. It made him mad that he had to step on the dirty floor with his socks. He could be quite a clean freak. It drove him nuts that Meredith wasn't. She loved to walk around in her bare feet.

Loudspeaker: Now boarding flight 622 to Seattle.

Meredith: Come on lets GO... We don't need to be late!

John: Let me finish my coffee, I just paid $5 for the damn thing.

Meredith: Five bucks! My God, you are such a tight ass. You are too much to take, I'll see you on the plane.

(Meredith is walking along looking for her seat. She sees it and a good looking man sitting in the window seat with a couple of tattoos. This could be fun. She loved to make John jealous. She made him pay daily. She reaches up to put her things in the overhead compartment. The hot guy notices her reach.)

Guy: Hey I'm Matt, nice piercing, (he notices her belly ring) you traveling alone?

Meredith: Thanks! (sighs) No, I'm with my husband.

Matt: Oh...

John walks up. He is always well dressed. He's the kind of guy that is always clean cut, shaven, has a fresh suit on. Meredith on the other hand is very free. She wears whatever is comfortable. She doesn't pay too much attention to her looks. She is always clean, but never all dressed up with makeup on.

John: Hey Mer, did you remember to pack my mother's antique lamp?

Meredith: (Raises her voice.) Everything went! How many times do I have to tell you!!?? (It was uncalled for, but she was always on edge with John. She was always angry.)

Captain: Everyone please fasten your seat belts, we are ready to take off.

Flight Attendant: Can I get you guys anything to drink?

John: Yes, liquor, as much as you have on the plane. I'm going to need it to get through this flight.

Meredith: (Rolls her eyes.) I'll have an iced tea.

Matt: I'll have a Sprite.

Attendant: Right away.

John was buzzed and was sleeping. He didn't have the energy to deal with Meredith. Not after the sleepless night he had.

Matt: So what's your story.

Meredith: Oh you know, failing loveless marriage. We are moving to Seattle. I start my surgical internship on Monday.

Matt: You're going to be a surgeon? Hot and smart, the total package. (He gives her a grin.)

Meredith: Ha. You're a brave one, flirting with my husband right next to me. So what about you?

Matt: He's out. I am just visiting my sister, she has lived here for a couple years now. She is a surgical intern too.

Meredith: Don't ever assume that he's out. He is a very light sleeper. So your sister, what a coincidence!

Matt: Yeah. I love to visit her, it drives her nuts.

Meredith: (Yawns.) Well, it was nice talking to you, I am going to try to drown out reality with some sleep.

Matt: You too. I have some work to do. (He pulls out his laptop.)


Meredith: Sam! So you looking forward to meeting Justin?

Sam: Sure, just another guy.

Meredith: He could be the one for you, you never know!

Justin: Hey Mer! So is this 'super, great, nice, wonderful' guy you told me about?

Meredith: Yep, this is him! Look guys, I have been neglecting John lately. I am gonna get going, OK?

Justin & Sam: (together) Sure, see you later!

Meredith drives up to her parking spot, looking up at the light that is on in the kitchen. Maybe he is still awake. God, I love him so much. In three days, we will be bound forever. Meredith walks up to the apartment and puts her key in the door, she thinks she hears talking. She opens the door and hears it louder. She walks to the bedroom only to see him.

Meredith: You have to be freaking kidding me!

John: Mer- it's...Oh my God...wait.

Girl: Who's that?

John: My fiance, get the hell out of here...NOW! Mer, wait!

Meredith: I thought we were happy...we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. You had to sleep with that whore!

John: Me? You! I saw you, you and SAM. The man, not chick!

Meredith: You stupid bastard, Sam is GAY!

John: Oh my God, I...shit...wait.

Meredith: I can't be here, I...I'm leaving, I can't marry you.

John: Please...


Flight Attendent: Please fasten your seat belts, we are about to land at Seattle Airport.

Meredith: John, get your ass up, we are here.

John: I've been up. There isn't enough alcohol in the world to drown you out.

Meredith: I beg to differ, remember our honeymoon?

John: Yeah, I do (He sighs, remembering their loveless honeymoon that they spend separately. Him passed out in the hotel room.)

The ride in the cab was silent. Neither of them had anything to say. Meredith knew she needed to be nicer to John, but she couldn't. The anger held onto her like a vise grip, and wouldn't let go. Finally they pull up to a gated community. They travel down the street with it's elaborate homes and immaculate lawns. Meredith thought it was all over the top. Not what she had been used to the last few years. Her mother had a nice house, but she was never in it. The pull up to the largest house in the whole development. It was a huge red brick mansion with white trim.

John: There's our new house, what do you think?

Meredith: Oh, it's nice...

John: What?

Meredith: It's fine, Isn't it a bit much?

John: I just want to make you happy, Mer.

Meredith: John, you should know by now that a house isn't going to change anything. Maybe you should have thought before you slept with that whore.

Meredith storms out of the cab and walks up to the door. John opens it. The house is already decorated, with their things, and some new. She had no idea how their things got there so quickly. The home was grand to say the least. The window treatments were over the top, and the furniture was beautiful.

Meredith: It's beautiful! (It was, she couldn't deny it.) How many bedrooms?

John: Five bedrooms, five baths, and a master bedroom with a connected bathroom, a formal dining room, formal living room, library, family room. Everything you could want, and more!

Meredith: Well, I get the master bedroom...

John: Well, I thought maybe in this house we could share a bedroom?

Meredith: You mean in the same bed, so not going to happen! Not yet.

John: (Sighs) Well, I am going to take a shower. Especially since I didn't get one this morning!

Meredith: Yeah, well me too. At least now I won't have to wait for you to primp yourself! Seriously, you are almost as bad as a woman.

John: (Walking away.) Am not!


This chapter has been re-vamped because, frankly, the original one sucked! It didn't really represent my writing very well. This is better, but I think the story gets better as it goes on.