Ways to tick off Aoshi

1. Let him know that you told Misao that he had said she looked like a boy. Once you wake up after being punched in the face. Watch out for an angry Misao.

2. Take away his ninja uniform. You just may get to see his special sword and attacks skills. Maybe if you are not unconscious on the floor.

3. Make fun of his dead friends. Be careful you could end up in the same position.

4. Comment over and over about how beautiful his blue eyes are. The more embarrassed he becomes the more he may get angry.

5. Slip some sake into his tea. Ask him embarrassing questions until he passes out. The next day keep smiling and winking at him. He will become upset trying to figure out what is going on.

6. Tell him he will never be the strongest swordsman in Japan. This works only when he is trying to be the best. You will get to see just how good he is.

7. When he is asleep cut off his hair. I'm not sure how vain Aoshi is about his looks. This may make Misao quite mad. Then you have to worry about her.