I couldn't even dream of owning anything here. Not my usual long list, but this one was a little difficult.

Ways to tick off young Kenshin

1. Be his arrogant master. This man will continually harass and abuse Kenshin to get him to learn what he is supposed to do.

2. Give him all sorts of unreasonable chores. Tell him its part of his training. Stifle Hiko's snickers.

3. When he is looking at Hiko in amazement of some great move, say real loud "Aww! How cute." Then make kissy noises. It's really best to try to be hiding first before trying this one and hope they don't find you way up in that tree.

4. Help him plot some really evil tricks to play on Hiko. Leave him to take the blame. If found deny everything and say it was all Kenshin's idea.

5. Help Hiko plot some really evil tricks to play on Kenshin. You won't have much to do as Hiko may have done most to Kenshin already.

6. When he says he is leaving to join the revolution, fall to the ground sobbing hysterically. He will feel really guilty and rethink what he is doing. If you can convince Hiko to do this you will also get the enjoyment of seeing Hiko looking totally stupid. Please use caution if trying this one as both of them are armed. And it may not work.

7. When they go to town point out to everyone around that he really looks like a very cute girl and ask why he isn't wearing a pretty kimono then ask if the big man beside him is his daddy. Or his husband. Have fun laughing with Hiko as you duck into a bar for lots of sake.