Sirius Black was up to something.

That much was certain.

In fact, the majority of students in the immediate vicinity were skirting nervously (afraid something would blow up, no doubt.) around the dusty corner of the library, glancing warily as the dark haired youth pouring over a dusty volume. You see, that this boy was in the library at all was unusual, but that he was reading? Nothing short of phenomena.

Remus Lupin's eyes widened rather comically when he caught sight of the familiar dark head bent over a book in the "Magical Cartography" section. Odd…

"Sirius? He questioned bemusedly "Er… What are you doing?"

Sirius was now flipping feverishly through a rather imposing looking blood-red book, simultaneously pushing a rogue lock of hair away from his face. "'Lo Moony…" He replied absentmindedly, continuing his brutal onslaught of the book. Remus stood there for a moment, one eyebrow raised, watching him as he began tearing through another large tome. Remus cleared his throat.

Sirius paused and looked up at him blankly, before a look of raw horror passed over his face, followed by a slightly guilty looking grin.

"Erm… I had an idea."

"Idea as in an idea? As in a Capitalized idea?

Sirius grinned again, this time, it was simply cheeky. "Yep. Well… sort of."

Remus gestured for him to continue, but Sirius shook his head, cheeky grin still etched permanently to his face. This simply annoyed Remus, and caused a group of third year girls to break into rather grating high pitched giggles.

"It's a surprise…but you'll find out…"

"Sirius," Remus paused, not sure if he really wanted to know. "Is this illegal?"

Sirius simply brought his hands to his lips and made a zipping motion. The lycan sighed, somewhat aggravated, eyes directed at the ceiling. Nonetheless, he let the subject drop.

He could always find out from Peter later.