Pokemon The Next Generation
Melody Of The Heart

Tell me how long till I'm not just dreamin'
How long, till somebody cares?
How long till I meet an Angel?
And give him my heart, when can I start?
How long till I fall in love?
How Long, by Dream
Author's Note: I'm doing this know! I'm going to get this straight now! Ages are being a pain!
Ash: 25
Jamie:18 Now onto the story!

The sweet soft melody of Jamie's flute echoed through the air of forest valley. It had been a month and a half since they all first met and started the journey. Everyone was having their shares of ups and down, especially the girls. Being authors and novices to this strange new world was scary. This was nothing like the video game or the tv show itself; this was real and the rules changed with every corner turned.

Far up in the cliffs that bordered the forest valley, Melissa sat alone, thinking to herself. The whole group was scattered over the thousands of acres of the valley, but since the echo was so great, Arty could call the whole group back to the only little clearing in the valley.

Melissa was purposely alone. She needed time to think, to see if her feelings for Paul were real. Of course they were real, there was no doubt in her mind, but did Paul feel the same way?

Melissa sighed and remembered the first time she saw him. She felt close to him and it felt as if they were meant for each other. Jamie and Katie would insist that she should go up and talk to him, but every time she got up the nerve, she would choke and say something stupid or just walk right by him.
Melissa felt intensely angry with herself, as if she could literally slap herself in the head and she did!

How could she be so stupid? Paul would never want to be with her; what did she have to offer him? For all she knew, she would have to go back to her world at anytime. Or what if Gary came back to get her again? The thought burned in her mind and Gary's named scorched her heart. She didn't even want to think about the stubborn Oak boy. The only one she liked was Eric because he was more sensible.

Down below, hidden by the trees foliage, was Paul. He had followed and was watching Melissa sort out her confusion. He had a look of pity on his face. He looked down to his feet and shook his head.

Melissa, if only you knew, he sighed.


Jamie was intently playing a haunting melody on her flute. Katie was sitting not far from her, staring up at the sky. She sighed to herself, This can't get anymore boring than what it is right now, Jamie.

Jaime lowered her flute a few inches from her mouth and replied, Then do what I do.Take up a hobby, and she raised her flute and started playing again.

Katie scoffed at her friend's idea. How could Jamie be so carefree with all that's been happening? Even though Team Rocket hadn't attacked in weeks, Ash still hadn't found a way to get them out of this world, and they had been stuck in this valley for days. Katie and the others were worried, but Jamie didn't seemed to mind, in fact it was quite the opposite; she was so cool about it that it scared them.

Katie closed her eyes and let her mind drift with the music. The weather was unusually warm for early summer, but it was perfect for the small group of travelers. Tomorrow Jamie would face her next challenge at the first of the main island of the Crystal Islands.

The first of the Crystal Island Gym's was in Sharpe's City. They had no clue who the gym leader was, but the badge was called the Moon Badge. Jamie and the girls had been training exceptionally hard. Jamie wanted to finish this fast but in the heat of it all, Rover had evolved to his second stage, a Quilava. Jamie was beaming from ear to ear; finally her hard work was paying off.

Every so often, Katie and Melissa would find themselves caught off guard when Jamie would have her pokemon attack them. The girls were not always ready and it would scare them pretty good, but Jamie would always say the same thing, What if I were Cid or one of the others? What would you do then?

Jamie had a point. No one questioned her.


Both Jamie and Katie screamed and jumped five feet into the air, literally, as something shouted and grabbed them from behind.

Jamie, in her panic, grabbed whatever had grabbed her, and as she was falling to the ground she used both her hands and feet to push the thing' over her own head and send it flying a good three feet and into the thing' that had grabbed Katie.

Jaime sat up panting, catching her breath caused by the unexpected attack. She was even more ticked to find out who it was. Eric and Mike. Both boys were sprawled on top of each other, trying to gather their senses, when suddenly Eric felt something grab him by his shirt collar and lift him to his feet.
Eric quickly met the angry face of one pissed off Ketchum girl. He grinned nervously and said,

Jamie didn't look amused. If you ever do that again while I'm playing, I will personally sign your death warrant! she said in a low and cold tone.

Eric just smiled solemnly and replied, You know, you're cute when you're mad.

Jamie gave him a disgusted look and dropped him flat on his face with a sigh and started to walk away, flute in hand.

Jamie wait up! Katie called as she ran after her friend.

On the forest trail, Katie was surprised by her now laughing friend.

Do you mean to tell me that you heard them? Katie asked.

I'm telling you, my hearing is nothing to mess with. How do you think I always win hide-and-seek with my friends? I hear them out!

But you were all ticked off back there! What was up with that? Katie asked again.

It was just an act! But I was mad that he made me stop my flute playing, I was having a nice relaxing moment. Man, they need to be more quiet when they want to scare us. Jamie said.

Katie looked away and muttered something to herself, I couldn't hear them.
Big deal, it's over with, Jamie answered, a sly look on her face. She had heard Katie.

Just then, Jamie stopped and she held her arm up in front of Katie, stopping her. Jamie pointed in front of them. There, hidden in the foliage, looking up at something on a cliff, was Paul.

The girls looked to where he was staring and saw Melissa, sitting with her houdour, on the cliffs edge.

The two looked at each other, Katie was the first to speak, Awe, that's so sweet.

Those two are so shy, they wouldn't dare tell each other how they feel. Jamie remarked.

A sly and cunning smile crossed both Jaime's and Katie's faces. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Jamie asked.

Katie only nodded, then both high fived each other as they whispered loudly Match makers!
Gary Oak, deep in thought, sat on the porch of his grandfathers house. He was recalling to himself why Melissa had left his family for another.


Yo!, Gary! a familiar voice yelled.

Gary Oak looked down the road of the small town of Pallet only to see Ash Ketchum running his way, that stupid goofed up smile still plastered to his face. Gary swore it froze that way after they had finished competing in the league and they won. Gary shook his head. For a friend, Ash was alright, but sometimes grew on his nerves.

Gary turned to look at his friend,

Ash caught his breath in an amazingly short amount of time, Did you hear from Melissa yet?

Not a word, she's probably too busy kickin' Jamie and the gym leaders butts! Gary proclaimed in his usually proud manner.

Ash just gave him a blank stare and replied, Boy, she really hasn't kept you informed. Jamie phoned me on her pokegear last night. Jamie's collecting badges and Melissa is just standing off at the side lines. She's helping Jamie out!

Gary felt flushed, he asked.

Melissa isn't collecting badges! Ash repeated.

This got Gary all fired up. It's been tradition that an Oak and a Ketchum are to be rivals. This wasn't going to stop here.

(End Flashback)


The night sky was filled to the brim with dancing stars. Jamie was standing before Arty and Rover, both were exhausted. The reason why was that every night when Jamie left the group, like now, she would train, and she'd train hard. This night though, Jamie just wanted to toughen Arty up for his first battle tomorrow.

Arty was big and strong now, even though he was still a baby, he wasn't the size of one. Arty was definitely big enough to ride, but Jamie wouldn't ride him yet, she thought herself to be too heavy at the moment for the baby.

She called back the two pokemon and looked around. The forest wasn't that scary at night, in fact it was kind of nice. Jamie walked along quietly humming to herself. Suddenly, a low growl was heard from behind her.

She shot around to see a glowing pair of eyes meet hers. She stood frozen to the spot, the air around her suddenly turned unbearably hot, and she wiped the little sweat she had from her brow.

Just then the thing' charged at her and Jamie started to run the opposite way, avoiding the creature. Then it knocked her down and the girl was devoured by pain as she let out a scream of agony, and then blacked out.

Up above in the safety of a tree, a pair of green eyes watched the whole event unfold. A boy, no more than 14 years of age, smiled to himself. This should get interesting Cid thought to himself, and behind him in the same tree sat Angel, Black Swan, Shadow Lord, and Black Demon, all watching Jamie suffer.


Eric shot up from his sleep at the scream that echoed through the valley. Everyone else also woke to the startling sound. Eric looked down next to him to see Jamie's sleeping bag empty. A flood of worry washed over him.

he yelled.

A sweet, familiar voice asked.

Everyone looked to see Jamie emerge from the thick heavy under brush, smiling sweetly at them.

Are you okay? Melissa asked.

Yeah, we heard you scream. Katie added.

Jamie gave them a confused look, What are you talking about? I didn't scream, in fact I didn't hear anything or anyone scream. You guys must have been dreaming.

Jamie plopped herself into her sleeping bag, next to Eric's, and as she huddled herself up, she said, You guys need your hearing checked, go to sleep! and Jamie was out like a light.

The kids passed each other a confused look, then followed Jamie's example and went back to sleep. Still, Eric swore he had heard Jaime scream out his name.