Pokemon The Next Generation
A Rematch To Remember

Jamie was walking back to Gary and Cirrus's room from the gym with Anne and her friends. She was getting a good laugh from Peter's face when he had lost so fast to Rhapsody and Alex.

Jamie would never let Peter live it down, not as long as she knew him. They arrived at Cirrus's old apartment, Gary and her now lived in Pallet but Cirrus's brother still used this old place. Luckily he wasn't here at the moment.

Jamie and the others walked in and they saw everyone but Cirrus and Melissa.

Cirrus is tending to her right now Paul sighed.

Jamie smiled She'll be fine Paul, I promise

Gary looked at the little tiny boppers around the room. That's what he called them. Gary had told the group that Melissa didn't belong with them in the first place, she did belong with Mike and his family. He acted the way he did to force Melissa to leave.

A little harsh though Gary Jamie said.

I know but Melissa is one tough cookie, she can take what ever I dish out Gary replied.

Why didn't you just tell her Hason asked.

She had to learn on her own Gary replied If she didn't then how could she survive here. No one's going to spoon feed her info, and certainly not me

How did you know that she belonged with Mike? Jamie asked suspiciously.

Gary eyes her That's for me to know. You'll learn one day though

Just then Cirrus walked into the room and Gary went all mushy Hi sweet cakes

He's worse than Brock Jamie whispered to the others; they giggled.

Cirrus turned to Paul Someone wants to see you She remarked.


Paul walked into a quiet, lowly lit room. Melissa was lying in bed, all bandaged up, but she was smiling. Paul took a seat next to her bedside. I see Cirrus is taking good care of you he said How do you feel?

she remarked in a raspy voice.

Paul cupped her cheek in his hand and Melissa turned her head to plant a kiss in his palm. Paul smiled I'm glad you're back he said.

I'm glad to be back she whispered.

Just then Paul leaned down and pulled Melissa up a little from her pillow gently then he slowly brushed his lips against hers and they held it there for a long moment.

Jamie watched from a crack in the door, she closed in quietly then went back to others.

So, how is she? Eric asked.

She was smiling gently as she remarked I don't think she'll be wanting to go back to the real world for a long time

Everyone got it, Paul and Melissa had admitted their love to each other and they were finally both happy.

To be continued

Was what Gary did to Melissa a bit to harsh? Who is this legendary Elite?

Author's Note: I'll be gone all all July but I have a laptop and I already have 3 episodes of P.T.N.G typed and ready to go!