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Summary: (suck at summaries)Naruto goes out with Sakura minutes after Hinata had finally confessed to him. She starts cutting herself and gets weaker everyday. Months go by and Hinata has found out she has an arranged marriage to someone. It turns out to be Naruto who she is proposed to, but he says he's already is engaged to Sakura and doesn't want to marry Hinata. So she makes a plan to brake the engagement that leads to suicide. When she fails she runs away as a missing nin. Four years later she is stronger than ever and is part of this new powerful organization with eleven other people.

Lovelyanime: Welcome to my new story! The request to type this up came from Maned Wolf Goddess. I hope everyone likes it. I had another chapter for chapter one, but it needs more time and I wanted to hurry so people can finally read it. So I wrote this instead and just planned on writing the people in the beginning, but since I couldn't make them talk longer I added Hinata at the end. Like I say with all my stories, I hope you like the chapter.

Pairings- Naruhina, slight narusaku, nejten, gaaraoc, ococ, and more later on.

Title- Zodiac U (rabbit)


Chapter 1- The Search has begun

"So that is the plan. Four of us will spilt up into two." a shadowed man said, talking to five other shadowed figures. "Now which two will volunteer to stay here to keep watch and renovate the cave until our return?

The six shadowed figures stood in a dark cave, unable to see each others faces. All they could see was the outline of their bodies.

"I will." A man said while munching on a bag of potato chips. "I (munch) don't like (munch) to travel (munch) to places that (munch) might take months (munch) or even a year. (munch) It's just (munch) to much walking."

"If you stay here you'll eat all the resources around this area. We need them for the future." A woman almost yelled at the man. "I'll stay here too just to keep an eye on you. Besides, this place needs a woman's touch."

"Alright. And I am sure you two want to travel together as well?" The first man spoke again, looking a the form of two people next to each other, holding hands. They nodded their heads and both said yes at the same time. "Fine, I will take the baka then."

"Oi! Don't be calling me a baka!" A young man's voice yelled. "We're all new to each other, so you don't know what we're all made of. Especially me. So don't go calling me a baka!" He crossed his arms.

"Fine. I'll just call you a gaki than." The man smirked when he heard a groan. "Now, one group can leave now and the other can leave in the morning. We can leave together and split down the road which would take about an hour. If we leave all together we might catch some attention be passer bys. We don't want that."

"We will go now." The one of the people who were holding hands spoke up. It was another man. "I think we should get a head star since we will take the longer route."

"Okay then. It is settled. Leave now and return when you have found a new member. Remember, only people you believe you can trust, one you know that will be stronger than their enemies, one that will not betray us, one tha-"

"I think they get it." The young man said. "You told us this speech like 86 times. Count that. 86!

"Grr…I am just saying in case they forgot."

"I'm sure they won't forget when you reach 87."

The man sighed. "I think we should trade partners. Want to?"

The other man chuckled. "Gomen na sai but," He brought the other person's hand he was holding to his lips. He kissed it lightly "I'm not willing to give her up. We will leave now." He gently pulled on the hand, signaling where to go.

They came out of the cave and the man closed his eyes, he was in the dark for so long his eyes needed to adjust to the sun. The woman on the other hand, had a sound hitaiate, which had a gash through it, over her eyes. They walked off in the forest, still holding hands.

"So where are we off to?" The woman asked.

"I was thinking Konoha. I heard they have some good ninjas there." The man responded.

"Are you crazy? We should try somewhere closer. Konoha is to far away from here."

"I guess you're right. We'll check some other villages and then go to Konoha. It'll probably take months getting there if we go to one village after another, stay there for a week each to give us time to search, travel at a slow rate and only travel in day."

"Why do you want to only travel in day and go slow?" The woman asked.

"Well, it'll be easy for you when we walk slow and it'll leave us more time with each other, day and night." He grinned at her even if she couldn't see it.

"You can be such a pervert, but I can't do anything about it." She sighed. "Anyway, what kind of ninja do you think we'll find at the end of this search?"

The man shrugged. "I don't know, but I will when I see them. What about you?"

"I don't really care. I'll just follow your lead if you think the person is right for the job."


Hinata ran as fast as she could. She had over slept and was late for training with her teammates again. She knew they would get mad, they probably wouldn't show it, but she knew they would be. She could tell in their eyes. Last might she had to fight her little sister Hanabi again. She of course lost again earning a hit from her father for being weak. She now had a new bruise on her shoulder.

'Naruto-kun would never be late to training and I shouldn't either.' She told herself.

Hinata was now sixteen, along with the other rookie 9. She still wore her big baggy jacket, even though it was hot outside. People stared at her like she was crazy wearing it as they watched her run by. It was in the middle of July, why would she be wearing something like that? Hinata just ignored the villagers as she continued to run to her team's training grounds.

She ran as fast as she could as she ran past a certain blonde. When she went past him she soon stopped. She stood there trying to hold her breath. She then slowly turned to see the blonde boy looking back at her. Her cheeks went red as she stared into his deep blue eyes she loved so much.

"G-good m-morning Naruto-kun" Hianta stuttered.

Naruto grinned. "Oi Hinata-chan! You look like you're in a hurry. What's up?"

"I-I am suppose t-to meet Kiba-kun a-and Shino-kun, but I-I'm late."

"Okay then. Don't want to keep you waiting."

"Bye Naruto-kun." Hinata waved

"Bye! I'll see you later!" He waved back.

I love you.

Hinata started to run again. It was only brief meeting, but her cheeks were already red as a tomato. Her thoughts were now about Naruto, not thinking she would be late for her training or what had happened last night.

'I need to tell him.' She thought. 'I have to tell him today.' She had thought about it before she went to sleep last night. She was afraid, but knew she had to do it. She was going to tell and all he had to say yes or no. If he said no she wasn't going to fight. If that was what he wanted, she wouldn't be the one to fight, she couldn't. She knew he liked Sakura and knew there was no competition. Sakura would win his heart no matter what.

"Hinata!" Hinata came out of her thoughts when she heard her teammate call her. "About time you gat her! We were starting to think you wouldn't show."

"G-gomen na sai K-Kiba-kun. I-I overslept a-again." She stopped running when she stood in front of her teammates.

Kiba was about to say something about she needed to wake up sooner when Shino interrupted him. "It is no problem Hinata. You need your beauty sleep like Kiba."

"Grr…Lets just train now. We don't have all day." Kiba growled before walking away.

Hinata sighed. She wanted this training to last all day so she wouldn't have to see Naruto. Yet, another part wanted it to just be over with so she could hurry and go see Naruto.

End of chapter
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