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Chapter 14- A Horse's New Beginning

It was cold. That was all she was thinking. Just how cold the ground felt underneath her as the night grew on. She sat there sitting with her legs close to her chest and her arms around them. She stared at nothing with her eyes focused on the other side of the street. The wall behind her was of a store that had closed for the night so no one bothered her to go away. There were people walking by her, whispering to one another how much she smelled or how filthy she was. She hasn't had anything to eat for days, but it happens. She steals from someone so she could eat and then next week she has nothing, not even a bite.

Her black hair was long and ratted. Beside her left ear was a long strain of hair. Her green eyes were emotionless, dirt all over her pale face. The jacket she wore was green and seemed like it was only fit for a boy. A Suna's headband with a scratch on the plate was tied around her neck underneath her she wore a sleeveless purple shirt, along with a purple skirt. The clothes were stolen from an old friend that she wanted to kill badly. Even with so much blood thirst inside her, she made a deal with the girl so she could have her clothes and her teammate's jacket. At the age of he was deathly skinny even though the jacket made her seem a little bit thick.

It had always been like this, ever since she was twelve. She always wondered if things would be different if she had never used her jutsu. If only things could be different, if it had only gone the way she wanted it to.

As she sat on the ground by herself, there were three men watching her. They talked among themselves, but she ignored them. They were nothing worth paying attention to. It didn't take them to make up their minds about something before all three of them surrounded her.

"Hey cutie, what are you doing out here by yourself at night?" The first guy asked with a stupid dumb ass grin on his face. "If you'd like, we can take you to my place for a couple days. Although, it is going to cost you..." His two buddies started snickering with each other, watching with amusement in their eyes.

She looked up with her eyes, her emotionless face never changing. "Have one of your friends let you fuck him in his ass, if you're that horny. In fact, you can have a threesome. Isn't that what all males want anyway?"

The guy became angry as both of his friend stopped snickering. "What the hell did you just say?"

"You heard me." She stood up on her feet, the men backing up a little to give her room. "Now get out of my way."

"I don't think so." He told her. He put his right hand on the wall next to her head. "You see, all I'm trying to do is be nice and kind, trying to help a young lady such as yourself. If you didn't want my help, that was fine...But to insult me, especially in front of my buddies, you're going to have to pay."

"Get. The hell. Away from me. You ugly shit face looser." Something in her eyes changed, they almost seemed demonic. "I don't see any woman in their right mind would ever accept an offer from you."

This only got the man angrier. His friends also were getting angry at how much she was insulting their friend. "You got some nerve girly." He brought his free hand up and squeezed on her cheeks, forcing her to get closer to his face. "You have no idea what I'm going to do to you now."

She didn't fight. She was to hungry and weak to push him away. She would have used her memory jutsu, but he didn't seem to be a ninja so he most likely had no skills what so ever. She decided to summon her sand that was pouring out of her bag. It snuck behind the man and grew hard into a spike. Just as she was about to strike, someone called out to them.

"Get your hands off of her!" The girl looked over to her left, seeing a strange girl in an orange coat standing there.

"Oh look, another one that we get to play with." He grinned once more. "Get her."

The other two men walked over to the girl in orange slowly. They whistled and looked up and down her body. Once they were close, her blood veins popped out on the sides of her eyes, freaking them out. They stopped right in their tracks, so she was able to take the opportunity into her own hands. She started pushing on the pressure points all over their bodies with chakra on her fingertips. When she was able to get them all, she pushed both the men on the ground. They were motionless; they were unable to move a single part of their bodies. They became unconscious as soon as she struck the pressure point on their necks.

"You bitch!" said the guy that was still holding onto the emotionless girl. He was scared out of his wits, but there was no way he was going to let that show. He had now pulled the girl onto his chest, making sure she wouldn't run off.

"I can smell it..."

He looked down when he heard the girl in his arms speak. "Wh-what?"

"I can smell it...I can smell your fear...." She looked up at him, her eyes wide with her mouth making a sort of sick disturbing smile. "It makes me wonder what it would smell like when I kill you." She whispered. The other girl stood there, her eyes going back to normal. She was unable to hear the girl but by the look of terror on the man's face, it wasn't good.

"You monster!" He threw the girl onto the ground. She landed on her rear with her hair now covering her face. "I'm getting out of here, there's no way in hell am I sticking around with you freaks." He ran off, leaving his friends on the ground past out

The girl in orange watched him run off like a scared little girl and then went over to the girl on the ground. "Are you ok?" She asked as she knelt down. She tried touching her arm, but she only pulled away.

"Leave me alone." She said with a cold tone in her voice.

"But I want to make sure you're alright." She then tried to touch her arm once more, this time it wasn't pulled away.

"Who are you? Why the fuck would you try to help me?"

"My name is Hinata." She responded. "I just couldn't walk by seeing someone getting ganged up like that."

"Well Hinata, I could've handled them myself."

"Well just in case you couldn't I decided to step in."

"You don't understand. It's been so long..."

"Excuse me? I don't really understand."

"It's been so long..." Her head snapped up, her hair moving out of her eyes and face. They were a scary green color with her teeth gritted together. "It's been so long since I've been able to kill!"

All of a sudden, Hinata felt her hand rap around her neck with sand over it. She began to gasp for air with her eyes now tightly shut as she tried to get the girl's hand off of her neck. As she tried to get a grip, she discovered she was actually digging through the sand. Every time she dug into the sand and made a hole, more sand would replace it. There was no way she was going to be able to get the hand unwrapped around her neck.

"Now how the hell am I supposed to enjoy the look of terror while they're unconscious or ran off?!" Hinata's didn't give a response; she was too focused on trying to get the sand off. "I supposed you'll have to do for now."

Hinata was about to lose all hope. She was running out of time. There was only one thing she could think of. She snapped her eyes open, veins popping out the side of her eyes like before. She looked down at the girls arm and reached for it. She began rapidly touching spots all over until finally she couldn't move or feel it at all.

Her arm went through the sand and dropped to her side. This surprised her deeply and wasn't focused on her sand anymore so Hinata was able to escape from it and stood up. She took several steps backwards, her eyes never going back to its regular way.

"What the fuck did you do?" The girl stared at her lifeless arm "No one has ever been able to do something like this to me." She looked up at Hinata with terror in her eyes. "I've never been hurt! How the hell could someone like you do this to me?!"

Hinata could see the girl was deathly afraid. She no longer had the look of a killer, but now had the look of a scared child. "I-it will get better. I only made it temporary." Hinata slowly walked over to her, unsure if it was the right choice she was making.

"You'll pay for this!"

Suddenly she saw sand rise from the ground and rush over to her. But then suddenly it stopped only an inch away from reaching her. Hinata looked over and saw her friend Ne with a kunai pushed against her neck.

"Don't you even think about it." He whispered in her ear.

She turned to him and glared at him. "You don't scare me." There was then sand forming all over his body. It formed from his feet and rapidly went up his whole body. He let go of his kunai in shock, as he did she caught it by the handle. "I will kill both of you in seconds." She looked back up at Hinata. "Especially you," she said while looking at Hinata.

Hinata was unsure of what to do. She didn't want to fight but it seemed that she had no other choice. Hinata watched the girl closely, waiting to see her next move. She waited, but it never came. The girl was sitting there, when she had a painful look on her face. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her eye lids shut closed. All of her sand fell to the ground. Ne was now free from the trap and was coughing roughly as he tried to catch his breath. The girl slumped to the ground to the right. Hinata ran over to make sure she was ok. She used her eyes to check for any body or organ injuries. What surprised her was that it wasn't any injury at all; she had simply passed out from hunger.

"We have to take her back to the hotel." She told her friend as she pulled the girl up so she was now in a sitting position. "She needs a place to sleep and needs something to eat."

"She just tried to kill you; do you really wish to make a choice like that?" Ne asked, unsure of what would happen if they took her back. "She was fighting us on an empty stomach. If we were to feed her, who knows how strong she could become with all that power,"

"Please Ne-kun; we can't leave her out like this." Hinata begged. "I promise you that won't happen."

Ne thought about it for a moment. As he did he felt a certain rat crawl out of his pants pocket and climbed up onto his shoulder. "I think she's right. Come on, how would you feel if I had left you out in the woods that one day. You would have starved to death like this girl here will if you don't do something."

Ne looked at the rat and nodded. "Whatever you say Yuki. I believe you are right."

Hinata wondered why was it that Ne would listen to what the rat had to say and barely listen to others. She didn't want to think about it now; they had to hurry to take the girl. She handed Ne the girl so he could carry her. Hinata looked around and noticed her bag so she took that to carry herself.


"Come on Natsume-chan," Said a cheerful young twelve year old girl. "It'll only take a second."

She stirred in her sleep; the events of that day were beginning to play in her head.

"I don't know about this..." said the other girl. She was uneasy about the whole thing.

'I don't want to remember!' She twist and turned around in her the bed she laid in.

"Just as long as you don't move everything will be fine." She made a hand sign and concentrated. "MEMORY!"

'No, why did he have to be there." Sweat covered her body as her face was scrunched up.

"What are you doing out so late and in front of my house?" Came a voice from the left. Both girls looked at him.

'Make it stop!' She started making groaning noises as if she were in pain.

The girl doing the hand seal blushed. "G-Gaara-kun." Then all of a sudden, it happened...

"No!" She sat up and brought her hands on her head. "Make it stop! Make it stop dammit!"

"Are you alright?!"

The girl looked to the side of her bed and spotted Hinata sitting next to her. When she tried to touch her she pushed her away. "Don't touch me!"

Hinata sighed as she stood up and walked away. The girl watched her carefully, making sure she wasn't trying anything funny. Hinata went and grabbed a tray and brought it back to her. She laid the tray on the bed before her, with all kinds of different food.

Hinata sat on the bed beside the one the girl was laying in. "I know you're probably not doing well, so I fixed you something to eat."

The girl stared down at the meal before her. Her stomach was empty. If this Hinata person had poisoned the food she would be dead. If she refused to eat she would die of starvation. What choice did she have, she might as well eat. There was nothing to lose from it. So she grabbed the chop sticks that were on the tray and began to eat. At first slow, but the food was so delicious that she dug into it like a hungry animal. It only took not even ten minutes for her to finish the whole entire meal. Hinata took the tray away and placed it back on a nearby table. The girl looked around at her surroundings. She was in a small room with two beds and a dresser with a TV on top.

"Where am I?" She demanded to know.

"You're in our hotel room." Hinata told her. "My friend Ne left to get us some more food so I can make you something else if you'd like. I know what I gave you wasn't enough. We forcibly gave you some water since I know you haven't had any in quite a while."

The girl glared at her. "Why the hell did you bring me here?"

"I couldn't just leave you there past out on the street like that. I didn't want anything to happen to you."

"You don't even know me, so why the hell would you care?"

"Because I can't stand something happening to someone, while it's in my power to help,"

"I didn't need your help, I was fine-"

"Don't tell me that! You were about to die and you know it!" Hinata yelled.

The girl gave her usual emotionless expression. "I wanted to die."

Hinata was set back by this. "Wh-what? But why?"

"That is none of your concern."

Hinata was about to say something else about it but stopped She sighed to herself and looked down. "Since you're going to die, is it alright if I ask you a couple questions?"

She thought about it. She wanted to say no but thought otherwise after she had given her food. "Fine, but you better make them quick."

"I was wondering when I saw this...I thought it couldn't be possible, but..." Hinata looked back up at her with seriousness in her eyes. "Did you know Gaara of the desert?"

She was silent. It was only a minute later that she responded. "Yes."

"I see...And then I guess that means that is Shino-kun's jacket and Ino-chan's clothes?"

"How do you know that?" She glared at her, but Hinata didn't seemed one bit phased by it.

"You attacked them on a mission. They returned to Konoha and told me about you stole their clothes."

"I did, and? Are they pissy about it?"

"No, they're quite alright about it. Shino-kun bought a new jacket and Ino-chan has plenty of clothing's."

"Whatever," She then looked down to looked at her clothing, noticing that the jacket was taken off. She looked around and spotted it on a chair that was right next to the table.

"When as the last time you ate?" Hinata asked. "You're deathly skinny like you haven't had a bite to eat in months."

The girl glared at Hinata. "That is none of your concern." The girl uncovered herself from the blankets and placed her feet on the ground. "I'm leaving. Try to stop me and I'll kill you." She then attempted to stand but her legs became weak and almost fell. Hinata caught her in time just before she landed on the hard ground.

"I'm sorry but I don't think you have the strength to do anything right now." Hinata placed her back onto the bed. "I have an idea, why don't you rest a little bit longer and have more to eat when Ne-kun returns. Then later you can take a bath while I look through my clothing for something that you can wear. Sound good?"

She glared at Hinata as she covered her back up with the blankets. She was sitting up right as she felt like a child as Hinata covered her legs. "Why are you being so kind to me?"

Hinata sat back down on the other bed and smiled at her, "Simple, because I want to help you."

The girl glared at Hinata more, but became tired again. "Hinata was it?" Hinata nodded in response. The girl looked away and saw the window. It was still night out and she had no idea what time it was. She then whispered to Hinata as she continued to stare out the window, "Very well, I'm Isuzu."

A couple days later...

Hinata continued to care for Isuzu as she stayed in bed for her whole stay. She was finally gaining some of her strength back, but hadn't gained a single pound as of yet. She still looked as skinny as when they first met her. She had been unable to get out of bed because Hinata wouldn't allow her to. Isuzu threatened her several times, but Hinata didn't seem fazed by it at all. The night before Isuzu had the bed all to herself while Hinata had the other bed and Ne slept on the ground. He didn't complain one bit, only saying he was used to it when he lived in a forest with his rats.

"You need to take a bath." Hinata finally told her the next night after their meet. It was night and Ne was away and no one knew when he would return. "I filled up the bathtub with nice warm water."

Isuzu didn't say a word; her only response was getting the covers off of her body and trying to stand. Hinata helped her onto her feet which Isuzu did not like at all. "Don't touch me." She said when she was standing and was able to walk herself to the restroom.

Isuzu undressed herself when she was finally alone. She took off the dirty clothing she had taken from Ino and stared down at them. She placed them on the sink counter and looked at herself in the mirror above. There was steam in the air, making the mirror cloudy so she wiped it so she was able to see. She could see her bones poking out from underneath her deathly pale skin. She remembered when she was young and had a fair amount of chubbiness and beautiful tanned skin. Her hair used to be short and silky black, now it went down to her knees and ratted up with red on one side. If she was her old self she would be disgusted by what she had become, but now after all these years she didn't care about her appearance. Nothing mattered to her anymore.

She walked over to the tub and climbed inside. The water felt nice and soothed out her weak muscles. Usually she would have to go to a stream or waterfalls to take short baths and they would be freezing. She sat in the tub, trying to figure out why Hinata would do this for her. Yesterday she said it was because she wanted to, but Isuzu knew there was more to it than that. There just had to be. There was no way someone would care for her that easily. Ever since she was twelve she was on her own with no one bothering to even glance at her. Every nation that she visited would turn her away or try to attack, ending with their painful, and miserable deaths.

"Maybe she's from the sand." She whispered to herself in realization. Hinata and Ne were wearing headbands so they had to be from the village. They must be trying to gain her trust so they could lure her back. There was no way she was going to let that happen.

As time went on, she just laid there enjoying the warmth. She didn't bother grabbing the soap or the wash clothe. After tonight she was going to end up all bloody so what would be the point? Although she would love to wash her hair. It was tangled with rats, so much dirt her black hair looked brown, and it was so long that it would take the whole bottle of shampoo. So instead of cleaning herself, she plotted on how she would kill the two in the other room.

Ten minutes went back Hinata knocked on the door, asking how the girl was doing. Isuzu refused to reply, so to her surprise Hinata came in. "You haven't even got your hair wet."

Isuzu glared. "It's to long and tangled."

"Oh..." Hinata thought about it. When she got a thought she snapped her fingers and left. Only a moment later did she return with scissors in her hand. "I know you might not like this idea, but maybe we can cut it?"

"Excuse me?" The girl did not like the idea. How does she know Hinata didn't plan on slitting her throat when she got the chance to get near her neck?

"It's going to be hard to brush any of it out, also very painful. I don't think you would like it if I kept pulling on your hair, would you?"

"...I suppose not...But how do I know I can trust that you won't try something?"

"I've seen what you can do, so I don't think you have a problem from stopping me." Hinata smiled gently. "I will be as fast as I can."

Isuzu thought about it, but decided to allow the other girl to approach. Hinata came over and told her to wrap herself in a towel and to sit on the side of the tub. Not being used to being told what to do, she was very hesitant. Yet she proceeded anyway. She sat down with a towel wrapped around her. Her feet were still in the warm water as her back was facing Hinata.

"You really do have long hair, kind of scary that I should cut it. I've seen this drama show where a woman loves this man so much, but she cuts her hair when she gives him up." She tied a hair band in the hair to position it to tell where she should cut. "I think I would cut my hair, since the guy I love won't ever accept me."

"Then why don't you" Isuzu asked, annoyed that Hinata will be chatting away.

Hinata positioned the scissors as her smile grew grim. "Because I can't give up on him. After all that has happened, I can't seem to let go." She snapped the scissors. The long ponytail fell and Isuzu's hair was now at her waist.

"That's pitiful."

"I guess so, but I'm a pitiful woman so it can't be helped."

She didn't expect Hinata to respond like that. She thought she would have fought that she wasn't and it was her who was pitiful. She thought about a love life she hoped she could have when she was younger, but never had the chance to. She grabbed for some of her hair and pulled it so she was able to examine it. The hair she grabbed was the long red strains.

"Did you dye your hair red like that? It looks very pretty."

"It's not dyed, it's natural."

Hinata was shocked by this "Really? I've never seen anything like that before. The rest of your hair isn't red or even have red highlights."

Isuzu said nothing of it. She continued to stare at the red hair that she held. "I have an idea."

"Huh? What is it?"

"I want you to cut my hair as much as you please, but I don't want you cutting the part in red."

"Ok, if that's what you want it. It might look even prettier then."

"Right..." She held on to the red strands, examining it as Hinata cut away. It was a while until Hinata stopped where she thought it would be easier to take out the tangles. She cut up past her neck to where the hair stopped growing at. "I hope this is ok, I mean, I kept asking you if I should continue but..."

"It's fine." Isuzu replied with her head lowered into her hand. Her head was feeling so much lighter than before; her hair had weighed a lot when it was long.

Hinata reached for a brush from the sink and began brushing out what was left of Isuzu's hair. "Now you can wash it. I'll leave you to do that and have a set of my clothes prepared for you." She smiled at the girl and stood up to leave. When she approached the door she heard her name being whispered.

"Hinata …" Isuzu was already in the tub, her knees pulled up to her chest. "Who are you really?" Isuzu looked up with her eyes still cold, but her voice wasn't as harsh as before.

Hinata twisted around so she faced the other girl. "All I can tell you is I used to be Hyuuga Hinata, a run away ninja of Konoha. But now I am Zodiac U of the Zodiac organization."

Isuzu was silent. Hinata knew she wasn't going to say another word so she left. Hinata only returned once to leave clothes on the sink, but she didn't say anything to her. It wasn't until a half an hour later did Isuzu get out of the tub and got fully dressed in a purple long sleeved shirt and grey sweatpants. When she got out she noticed Hinata sitting in one of the bed writing in a journal.

Hinata looked up and smiled. "Feeling better? Did you want something to eat?"

Isuzu said nothing. She looked around and noticed Ne was no where in sight again. She wondered what he was up to every night that seemed so important. She walked over the other bed and sat across from Hinata. She bent her head down low with her bangs shadowing her eyes. "Hinata-san…I must talk to you about something…"

"Hmm? What is it?" Hinata put down her journal, putting her full attention on Isuzu.

"It is about all that you have done for me for these last few days." She lifted her head up and looked Hinata in the eyes with her darkened cold ones. "No other person has shown me such kindness to me for more than five years. For that, I am in your debt."

"Don't be silly. You don't owe me anything. All you have to do is take better care of yourself and promise that we'll see each other again when I go back home." Hinata said. She was quite nervous at the moment. She has never seen the girl act this way before in the few days they've known each other.

"No, you don't understand. I…" Isuzu bent her head back down. "I have never felt this care for in my life, not even when my own mother still loved me." Hinata did not say anything. She had no idea that Isuzu was feeling this badly inside. "Hinata-san…I hope in return that I may protect you until I have decided I have given enough to pay you back."

Hinata shook her head. "No, you don't need to do that." She thought about another way for the girl to repay her. It wasn't long before a thought floated its way to her brain. "I have an idea. Why don't you join Zodiac?"

"Zodiac?" She questioned. She only heard Hinata mention Zodiac when she said her name.

"It's an organization where I live. We've still haven't found one more person to make it complete."

"Very well then. I will join for you, but I will also assist you when you're in danger."

"Ok, I will do the same for you then."

"I doubt that I'll need anymore help, but very well."

"Good," Hinata smiled and held out her hand. "Welcome to the family, Uma-chan."


"It seems on the day of her disappearance, the guards of the Hyuuga family sensed two unknown presence on their territory. Also, Neji heard voices coming from her room before finding her bleeding. The day Hinata woke up, a nurse came to check on her early in the morning and found a man sitting in a chair besides her. She had the chance talking to the man, but when asked what relations he had with Hinata he simply said he was only there to ask her something. While under hypnosis the nurse gave fine details of what he looked like. Enough for a sketch artist to work with. This is the only clue that may lead to Hinata's whereabouts." Tsunade picked up the paper and handed it over the group of young adults. "Have any of you seen Hinata around this man before?"

Shikamaru was the one that grabbed the paper so he examined it first. "Not really, like I said before she was by herself when she came to see me." He handed the paper to Shino and Kiba after he was finished.

"For the past year she has been down," Shino began. "Then for a while she has been in an even darker mood."

"Yeah, Hinata usually tells us anything when something's wrong." Kiba mentioned. "She never explained why she tried to hurt herself. Maybe this guy has something to do with it? I've never seen him before in my life, but maybe for the past year he's been bugging Hinata."

"Please, we all know what was wrong with her," Tenten said as she glared towards Sakura's way. Someone knew what she was after and got nervous about it so they stole whatever it was before she could put a finger on it." She looked over Kiba's shoulder and shook her head. "I don't know him at all either, dammit."

"Tsuande-sama, was there anything else the nurse said about this man?" Neji asked.

"Not really, she only gave us his description. Although…" Tsunade intertwined her fingers and laid her lips against them. "She said something quite odd about what he wore. He had a long dark coat. When she was about to leave she looked back at him for a moment. Because the chair he was sitting in was low she saw the back of his coat. It was kanji on his back for dog."

"So? What's so strange about that?" Neji said as Kiba handed him the sketch. He examined it with Lee peering over him, but neither knew the man.

"There has been an investigation going on about a new organization arising. No one is for sure if this group is dangerous as of yet, in fact we don't know anything about them at all. The only thing that we know of yet is they have been looking for new members and their name. They are called, Zodiacs."

Ino snatched the paper away from Neji so she could have a look. "So wait, you're saying this guy was there so he could get Hinata to join their stupid little group? That's ridiculous!"

"Perhaps, but we have nothing else to go on."

"Humph, I doubt Hinata would ever do such a thing like that." Ino glanced at Sakura and then shoved it into her nearly flat chest. "Although maybe we should ask Naruto, he might give us an answer for the reason."

"Iie, Naruto has been on a search and he hasn't come back since."

As the discussion went on, Sasuke could care less about any of it. He was only in the room because Sakura wanted him to. He barely knew Hinata, only noticing that she was the only girl that didn't go goo-goo-gaga over him."

"Sasuke-kun, you should have a look too." Sakura told him as she gave him the paper.

"Why, if no one knows him how the hell will I?" He muttered.

"True, but you've been away from the village longer than any of us. Maybe you've seen him some other place before."

Sasuke sighed, "Fine." He glanced at the picture very briefly, only to have a double take. "No way…"

Sakura noticed Sasuke's mood change. "Do you recognize him?" Everyone heard Sakura and all stared at her and Sasuke.

He continued to stare at the picture, but closed his eyes with a sigh. "I'm mistaken, it isn't him. The person I thought was much older and is dead."

"I see…" Tsunade didn't know to believe the Uchiha, but also knew he had no reason to lie for a girl he barely spoke to. "Well then, let's continue along with the meeting."

Everyone took their attention off Sasuke and back on the Hokage. As they went on, Sasuke was only thinking about the man in the sketch. The man had spoken to him before when he was younger, but he never cared for him because he was to set on revenge. Although he spoke little to the man, he knew that if Hinata was with him, everything would be ok. Wherever they are right now, they would return someday. They never stayed in one place for long.


"Gaara, we have new information about our top missing nin." Temari said walking in, alongside Kankuro. Gaara was gazing out the window with his back towards his siblings. He didn't turn to look at them and stayed quiet. Temari took this as a way to keep talking. "It seems she was last seen a few days ago fighting a group of men. The strange thing is though, she didn't kill them. This is the first time she let someone off scotch free, that's not including our friends from Konoha. There's also one other thing strange…"

Gaara walked away from the window and went over to sit at his desk. "Just tell me already, I don't have all night for this."

"It seems a woman saved her."

Gaara snapped his eyes up at his sister. "What do you mean she saved her? She has the sand so she doesn't need any protecting."

"But reports say that she was weak and looked as if she hadn't had anything to eat for a long time. So this other woman came and helped her. It looked like our missing nin was going to hurt her, but passed out before she could do anything. A man came and helped the woman take our missing nin off someplace. We checked in with all the hospitals in the region, none has had a patient with any of their descriptions."

"Then there's only one other way. The two are hiding and are trying to take care of her someplace quiet. Tell me, have there been any murders?"

"None that are the same as her past works. Yet, we can't say they are because the reports keep oddly disappearing." Temari set the file down onto his desk.

Gaara saw the way his sister looked at him; she knew what he has been doing for all these years. "I see…I will try to solve the problem of the missing files and look over what you've given me now."

"Right, like that's ever going to happen."

"Excuse me?"

"Don't play like you don't know what I'm talking about! Ever since you became in charge around here you found all of the info we got on her and got rid of them!"

Gaara stared at her for a moment, which gave her the chills. It was quite nerve wracking when under Gaara's deathly eyes. "I said I will solve the problem. Now leave." Without another word, Temari pushed Kankuro as she rushed out of the room. He may have gotten her this time, but she swore to bring the subject back up and win!

Gaara sat there, his expression never changing. He glanced down at the folder that was set upon his desk. "What are you up to now?" He picked up the folder and went through it. There was no photo and was just of people's point of views of the account taken place. He kept reading until he read the description of the woman that saved Isuzu. "The unknown woman got into a fighting stance and as she did veins popped out around her eyes."

"Hyuuga." Gaara slammed the file down and searched on his desk for a notice he received from Konoha. It read that the heir of the Hyuuga clan has been missing and no one knows her whereabouts.

He sat there. Unsure of what to do. All these years he has been trying to protect the girl from a horrifying life in Suna if she ever returned. Yet, it was his duty to report to the fire nation that there has been a sighting of Hinata. Thoughts rolled through hid mind. If he told Konoha about this, then Suna would have to investigate more about Isuzu and her ties with Hinata.

"I can't let this happen." Gaara took the folder and tore it into pieces. He made a mental note to check if there are any more copies to the incident. He stood back up and walked over to the window. "Temari is getting suspicious so this is the last time I can do this for you Isuzu-chan. You're off on your own now.


Ne jumped from rooftop to rooftop. He was finally able to collect all the information Tatsu asked him to. On his shoulder was a cold Yuki as the poor little demon tried to hold on. He noticed Ne was being quiet and thought it would be nice to make a conversation. "Why do you think Tatsu-san wants to know about this Phoenix?"

"I'm not sure. But it seems there are three other creatures like it. They're supposed to be some kind of demons that guard different directions. That's all I know."

"Oh, I've heard somewhat of them. I heard that the Tiger has gone missing for many years now so his territory has been in a war of many regions that want to expand."

"I see. Well Tatsu only told me to see what the Phoenix is up to and if it's ok. He wants me to continue making check ups every two months."

"That doesn't sound so bad. Away from the family would be good for us." Yuki laughed as he thought of the crowded room of rats back at the Zodiac hideout.

"We'll take them sometimes; we just didn't this time because we were just searching for the demon for its whereabouts."

"I see, well then let's get ready for a long adventure my friend."

"Agreed." With that, Ne returned to the hotel and met up with Hinata and his new found teammate."

End of volume 1

ZODIAC U VOLUME 2!!!- A couple years later, Zodiac has become a wildly known organization of thieves. Tatsu sends Hinata to Konoha to collect a forbidden scroll, which will start a wave of incidents. As she deals with her old village, another organization from the west comes out of hiding to challenge the Zodiac and search for the guardian demons. What will happen? Find out and stay tuned for volume 2!

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