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Once upon a time in the magical land of Konoha, there was a small village called, White. In this small village the people lived without sin, enjoying happy and pure lives… all that changed however when an evil invader came to attack the village. His name was Itachi, and he prized taking people's pureness away above everything else. The people wore garments that reflected their pureness, and the villagers wore the whitest garments in the world. The garments were a direct reflection of the people's souls… but once Itachi had invaded the village of White, corrupting and pillaging, the people's pureness began to drift away. Where their once bright white garments used to shine, now their garments were dark, and dull. Children were being born sinful, and their cloaks dirty. Itachi now King of the village was becoming bored with the lack of pureness to be found in the village… although he basked in his accomplishments, he was saddened that he would no longer be able to play.

"God Damn it! Is there no one else out there still wearing white?" Itachi asked, his voice filled with frustration.

"No my lord, you have dirtied every last man, woman and child." A servant replied.

"I am doomed to a life of boredom." Itachi cried, throwing his hands into the air dramatically.

"Actually my lord… I believe that I may have a solution to your problem." A servant remarked.

"Indeed. Step forward. What's your name servant?" Itachi asked.

"Kabuto, sir." The servant remarked.

Itachi looked at the servant's cloak… it was one of the darkest ones that he had seen in a very long time. It almost competed with the shade of Itachi's… almost.

"Go on."

"Well my lord I have heard a tale of a young man who has yet to lose his purity. He stays by himself alone in the forest by the great river. I hear that he stays with a family of foxes, and that anyone he comes into contact with, depending on their time of exposure becomes lighter in shade. I even heard that he had managed to turn a young woman back into white entirely… before the young woman was found by her family and dirtied again."

"Intriguing… Who was that young woman?" Itachi asked.

"Her name is Sakura, my lord."

"Very well… bring me this… Sakura. Then I shall see if your story is true."

"Very good my lord." Kabuto said as he scuttled out of the room.

"A young man that can make people white again… very intriguing…"


A young man sat silently in the forest, allowing the breeze to flow thorough his luscious blonde locks. His hair was long, and slightly unkempt, but he was still beautiful. His blonde hair flowed around his body like a wave, and flowed down to his feet. From his perch on a log, you could see the delicious tan that covered his entire body, displaying his adoration for the outdoors, and although he lived a tough life outside, his skin was nearly flawless. His eyes slowly drifted open, to display wonderfully deep blue pools. There was a sense of tranquility displayed in his eyes that made you just want to jump in. A pair of long white pants adorned his body, but no other piece of clothing was visible. His body was soft and lithe, almost similar to that of a girls, except his body was pure muscle, and a rock hard set of abs, adorned his body.

A girl with short pink locks silently approached the man from behind. Stopping and almost tripping when he addressed her. "Sakura I know your there… nice try though." He let out a small chuckle, while the girl sighed.

"You got me Naruto." Sakura said with a smile before she jumped onto Naruto back, encompassing her arms around his neck. "I missed you." She whispered into his ear.

Naruto slowly detached her arms from his neck, and helped her back to the ground. "I missed you too Sakura. It's been far too long. You should have visited m-… what happened to you!?" Naruto asked his voice filling with worry.

Sakura has a large bruise on her cheek, and her eye was swelling. Her once pure white dress was now a muddled grey, and her eyes held immense sorrow.

"I'm so sorry Naruto." She said, her voice filling with grief. "I tried to stay, but when I came home, and my dress was white my parents were furious… they questioned what I was doing… and if I had bought a dress from one of the other towns. They didn't believe that I had changed. They beat me… and then my brother…h-he… he invited a few friends over to test to see if I had really changed." Sakura now broke down into sobs, her tears running down her face.

Naruto pulled her closer. "So they… I'm so sorry Sakura… I shouldn't have helped to change you. If you hadn't of met me… you wouldn't have had to go through that. Your like my sister, you are part of my family." Naruto said giving her a squeeze.

"I'm so sorry." Sakura said pulling away from Naruto.

"What are you sorry for Sakura?" Naruto asked innocently.

"T-th- THE KING FOUND OUT!" She shouted… her voice breaking. "They brought me to the castle, and questioned about how I had become white again. I tried not to tell them anything… but they threatened me." Sakura said, her cloak getting darker, and darker as she spoke.

Naruto began to back away from Sakura when he felt two pairs of strong hands grip his arms, holding him in place. His eyes filled with grief as he looked at Sakura, who was sobbing on her knees. She was mumbling something along the lines of, so. sorry. naruto. Naruto's eyes filled with sympathy, and he smiled slightly.

"Its alright Sakura… I forgive you, and I understand."

Sakura looked up from her tears, looking into Naruto's eyes she smiled. He as forgiving her for what she had done. She was absolved. Her cloak became a shining white shade. Naruto returned her smile, as the guards looked on at the interaction with amazement. So he can make people white again… The guards though to themselves as they pulled Naruto away, and brought him to the castle.


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