AN: Hi! This is my first Fan fiction and I just want you to know that this chapter is just introducing the new character of Danny Phantom that I wish to put.

This is a DannyXSamXDawn. I own Dawn Gray Manson who is apparently the cousin of Sam. But I don't own Danny Phantom and the other Danny Phantom characters. I was supposed to make this the second story but anyways there are a lot more stories to come so don't worry.

This is just introducing the new girl.

-Dawn Gray Manson

Introducing the Newbie

There is a newbie in this show. If you knew her in the other stories that I wrote then you don't need to read this.

But to know her for sure:

Name: Dawn Gray Manson

Nick Name: Dawn, Gray

Age: 14

Gender: Female, Teen Girl

Birthday: September 19, 1992

Address: California

School: Casper High

Ambition: Astronaut, Archaeologist, Author, Rock star,

Zodiac Sign: Virgo (Not much of)


Food: She is much of an omnivore but she is too much on veggies like her cousin, Sam.

Color: Red, Black, Purple and at times Blue

Book: Paranormal Books and others that interests her.

Songs: Avril Lavigne: Anything but Ordinary, Falling Down, Nobody's Fool, I Don't Give a Damn, My Happy Ending, Losing Grip, Sk8er Boy, Tomorrow, Knocking on Heaven's Door, Why, Nobody' Home. Linkin Park: Crawling, In the End, Numb, Faint, Run away, A Place for My Head, Breaking the Habit. Evanescence: My Immortal, Bring me to Life, Whispers, Haunted, Where Will You Go, Lithium. Simple Plan: Me Against The world, Perfect, I'm Just a Kid, Welcome to my Life. Limp Bizkit: My Way.

Artists: Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Simple Plan, Kelly Clarkson, and Limp Bizkit.

Hobbies: Watch TV, Play guitar/ electric guitar, Sketching, Writing stories, Listening to Music, Meditate, Play in Band, Rebel.

Sports: Soccer, Basketball


Hi I am Dawn Gray Manson! I am the cousin of Sam Manson. I am Gothic n' Punk as always like my cousin. I am the exchange student of Danny Fenton a.k.a. Danny Phantom. They say my cousin is jealous of me but I don't know why. We were great friends but now?! Sure, I am kind of like, like Danny but… (Blushing)…..wait ERASE THAT!!!! Oh men stupid teenage hormones and stupid emotions! I am too a Half ghost and half human. Well, the same with Danny. I know that he has ghost powers when I first fought him which he ends up in the hospital. (Wincing) I don't want to remember that because I always think it is my fault. Well if you want to know the whole story then see the story, "Have No Choice" (AN: That was supposed to be the first story but I will publish it when I am done with it)

What I look like is…um… with short and a little bit find of a frizzy brown hair but with 3 straight streaks in my right red, purple, and ghostly white. I do have purple contact lens looking like Sam but underneath my contact lens are brown. My lips are, of course, the original but covered with black lipstick. I often wear my Goth choker like Sam's and I wear a one long sleeve shirt while the other is short. It is all purple but it says in black "I'm a REBEL!!!" I wear a camouflage cargo pant with lots of pockets of course. And I have a wrist band made out of cloth and it has a logo of a "Naruto" sign which is in my right arm.

-Dawn Gary Manson