Author's Note:

Hi guys…I know I haven't update this for so long. Please keep your hopes up that I'm still going to update this story! But one problem! I have to revise this because it is kind of weird that Dawn will bump to Danny and he would be in a bad condition. That's why I will revise it, ok?

Anyway, give me suggestions to my story if you want. I'll appreciate it but I'm sorry if I don't accept your suggestion. Don't worry. I will be adding a new chapter before all the chapters you have seen. It will be interesting so watch out! And I'll also update after all the chapters you have seen! I promise!

I promise! I promise! I promise! I promise! I promise! I promise! I promise! I PROMISE!

Danny: (covers my mouth) Ok! Ok! Ok! WE get it already!

Sam: Yeah, and keep your mouth shut! We know you'll promise that!

Me: (takes out the hand of Danny out of her mouth) Thanks for the support yet thank you for stating the obvious

(Tucker jumps in)

Tucker: LATER!!!

(Sam, Danny and Me jumped)

Everyone except Tuck: TUCKER!!!!!!!!!

Tucker: What?! I'm saying goodbye to them!

Me: (whisper to herself) Poor Tucker…

-Dawn Gray Manson