Hey guys. This is my first oneshot ever, so don't expect miracles. I haven't seen any good MayXStu fics lately, so I thought I would remedy that! Enjoy and be sure to review.

'You're Stupid' Means 'I Love You'

Stu hurried into the Hot Springs, looking around for his best friend, May. Sure enough, she was seated beside the entrance to the mines, sketch pad in hand, talking to a giggling Popuri. Stu smiled and approached the group. As he did so, May quickly looked up and waved at him.

"Hi, Stu! Isn't it pretty today?" She asked, referring to the week of mild weather that the town had been enjoying. The boy nodded and plopped himself down beside of her. Popuri examined May's picture again before making a comment.

"Your angle is very nicely done, May. You'll make an artist yet." The black-braided girl glowed in the praise and tilted the pad so Stu couldn't see what was drawn on it. He scowled a bit and tried to look over her shoulder. She again moved it out of his view, frustrating him. After four more unsuccessful attempts to catch a glimpse of what was forbidden to him, he sat down and pouted sulkily. May snickered at his face and looked pointedly at Popuri, who accepted the glance and stood up, shaking tiny blades of grass off of her cranberry skirt. A few fell on May's head; she laughed and picked them out, throwing them on Stu who protested loudly.

"Hey! Why are you picking on me today?" He whined, twisting his face into the most displeased look imaginable. May instantly became somber.

"I'm not picking on you. Stop being touchy." She rolled her eyes and began to work on her drawing once more. She was concentrating hard on this one, squinting her eyes at it, drawing a line, erasing it and re-doing the same line over and over again. Stu decided that she must be drawing a landscape; it was her favorite subject. He felt left out of her enjoyment and reached out a hand to pull her braid. She ignored it the first time. Stu pulled it again; she ignored it a second time. On the third time she turned sharply.

"Cut it out, Stu! Can't you see I'm trying to draw here? An artist needs her artistic space." She informed him primly.

He rolled his eyes. "I bet your drawing isn't any good anyway." She looked at him again, hurt written on her face. Stu immediately retracted his statement. "Not that it'd be bad…but it would be better if you'd let me see it My magic would make it look great! Stu-magic." He announced. May cocked an eyebrow.

"What Stu-magic? The magic to annoy? Or wet the bed?" She teased. Stu turned away and kicked a rock into the Goddess Pond. May continued, while turning the drawing to see it at a different perspective. "Elli told me that you wet the bed last night. That's funny." Stu started to get really mad.

"Yeah? Well you know what I think of you? You're…stupid. Really really stupid. And your drawings look horrible. And your shawl is ugly. And I've never liked you! And…yeah." That was all his poor eight-year old mind could think up. After insulting his friend as thoroughly as possible, he kicked off his shoes and dunked his feet in the Goddess Pond. (The Goddess was secretly displeased at this action. She disliked having two muddy feet shoved into her nice clean water.)

May looked unmoved at his angry tirade. She sighed and pulled the sheet of paper out of her drawing pad. "Stu, you can see my picture now if you want. But you have to wait until you count to a hundred." The boy turned around.

"Why do I have to count?" He asked suspiciously.

"Because I'm the artist and I say so." May settled it. Stu began to count in a bored tone while the girl ran out of the Springs as fast as possible, yelling back over her shoulder. "It's for you!" After skipping a few numbers and reaching a hundred, he raced over to the folded picture, expecting to see one of May's beautiful landscapes that she was known for. He gaped at what he saw.

She had drawn a heart.