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It's All On Camera!
By Orange Coconuts

Scene Fourteen: Moon Dance
InuYasha x Kagome
Lots of angst, and some fluff.
There are fragments of Kagome's life that she knows she will never get back. InuYasha tries to soften the blow of this unjust thievery as much as he can.

Scene Fourteen: Moon Dance

There are fragments and times of Kagome's life that she knows will never be returned to her. They have been stolen amidst a flurry of silver-haired heroes of fantastic worlds, antediluvian wishing wells, and the scenes of inhumane horror shows as they play before her, displaying girls maturing too quickly and battling forces beyond her strength. Kagome has never minded, because she firmly believes that this is her destiny (and destiny was something that Grandpa had unwavering faith in, even surpassing that of his indestructible family sutra seals). However, she could not help the traitorous thoughts of rebellion and what-ifs on lonely nights spent underneath dark diamond-twinkled skies, shedding each layer of impregnable mental defense as she is left naked and vulnerable. Missed birthdays, passed-by moment of familial bliss, escaped patterns of dialogue that have left the mouths of her friends-turned-acquaintances.

Yes, Kagome knows she has missed much that her life once offered her. Now, she lives with the fleeting (and often ignored) thought that she might not live to see the day of her graduation, or she may never be able to participate in normal activities such as let's go to the cinema this Friday, Yuka! or oh I hope I was accepted I tried my best and I do, oh yes, I do. Madame Fate was cruel, paving her the path of persecution rather than the road of rights. Then Kagome thinks about what her days would be like, spent not knowing about the Feudal Era or over-modest demon exterminators and lecherous monks (which she never even fathomed existed – paradox upon itself, really). Fox children and jealousy over clay figures were a form of blessing, she tried to reassure herself on those a-many nights.

Unjust as this thievery is, the seventeen-year-old, knowing the maturity and weariness of fifty, places a smile and fights this internal uncertainty with barricades of optimism (subtle denial) and a light heart (that no longer knows the connotation of innocence).

Really. It's destiny.

-- poor excuse, weak in words and conviction.


Fireflies dance just as beautifully as butterflies, jerky wing pirouettes and clumsy formation never hindering their artistic birthright.

Kagome sighed as she turned restlessly in her sleeping bag, fingering the small hole near the top left corner of the material that has been worn by weeks of harsh traveling and unpredictable terrain. Warm summer winds have melted graciously into the atmosphere, providing minimum comfort to the stifling humidity that have been hanging lowly with the earthly occupants. The brilliance of infinite sprinkled nightlights scattered over the expanse of indigo-navy above her, twinkling and teasing. Sweat rolled down the contours of her back, causing her skin and the flimsy material of her baby blue pajama top to stick together in an uncomfortable heap. How the four slumbering companions around her remained – well, slumbering – was beyond her. A cactus, Kagome reasoned, probably wouldn't even be able to survive in this heat.

Carefully dislodging the sleeping fox child from her arms, the ravenette pushed herself up into an upright position, wincing as the familiar pain of blood rushing back into her upper limbs began to consume her flesh like fire, jabbing needles of arsenic pinpointed every single fleeting nerve. Rubbing them profusely, she wiggled her way out of the worn sleeping bag and started south, eyes steady on the towering tree that nested a Knight-in-Red.

"You never sleep at night anymore, do you, InuYasha?" Two gentle, long fingers crept towards the back of her neck, grimacing as she swept away a few sweaty hairs. Kagome decided that it was about time for a haircut.

"Obviously not – not with Naraku growing stronger each fucking day." He gave the woman underneath him a piercing gaze, molten honey eyes gluing her in place. "You haven't forgotten about the recent ambushes already, have you? Even you aren't this oblivious." Dark eyebrow raised in questioning, Kagome senses the tying of knots forming within her gut, swirling and tumbling as she slowly falls into a spiraling lake of nausea and anticipation. "What are you doing up this late, anyway?"

"I couldn't sleep; I still can't understand how you've all survived without air conditioning for all these years. It's killing me."

A rustling of rough material sounds through the night as InuYasha readjusts his position on the large branch. "What's aero-condi…actually, nevermind."

"InuYasha, do you ever wish that things had been different?" The knots were now tied, pulled together with inconceivable strength that have lodged them permanently within her being, making her sides ache as the cancerous tumour begins to eat away at her conscience. "I sometimes look at all this, and wonder why the heck this is happening. What's the point of all this, really? What is the purpose? Wouldn't you rather have done something other than this?" Suddenly it feels colder, and Kagome knows for a fact that it's illogical that the temperature would suddenly drop twenty degrees.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ears alert and golden orbs twinkling with annoyance, InuYasha leaps down and lands in one, graceful movement. Fluidity like a housecat but with an edge of a panther; Kagome often thinks that it would have made more sense if InuYasha were half feline than half mutt. "Have you been reading those shitty "Ferood" books again?"

"It's Freud, and why can't you just think about this seriously for once?" The knot is so tight, it feels as if it's grown a millennia larger, threatening her very lung capacity and oxygen intake. "Actually, forget about what I said. The main reason why I'm here is this: I want to go back four days from now."

Silence hung in the air like a whispering disease, placing its ill hands upon the hearts of its surroundings. Kagome felt strangely minuscule underneath InuYasha's scrutinizing gaze, and wished that she had never gotten up when he replied with, "And why the fuck should I let you?"

"Because…I need this. I miss my family, InuYasha. I miss my friends, my school, and my other life. All I am asking is three days – maximum, five. I'm homesick."

"You can't just fucking leave!" Volume rose with each word that left his lips, targeting the young woman in front of him like a hunter with a crossbow. "You have a mission here, Kagome. Priorities and responsibility and a purpose. Can't your other life wait until after we're finished? Aren't you worried that Naraku might just fucking kill us all if we don't beat his sorry ass in time? You'll have the rest of your life to do whatever the hell you want, and I won't be there to stop you." InuYasha's chest was now heaving, teeth bared and clearly having given the reigns of emotional control over to his temperamental side-persona.

Kagome laughed. "I find this highly ironic that I have to ask you every time I want to do something. You are such a controlling jerk, you know that?" The knot has finally exploded within her. "You're absolutely right, though; priorities first. Responsibility first, purpose first. You first. Okay, got it. Life can wait. Everybody else can just wait." Too bad they'll all be long gone by then.

She abruptly turned around and began power-walking back towards the campsite. "See you in the morning, InuYasha." She left him standing there, bathed in the essence of the quarter moon and drowning in infectious words. Kagome felt as if there was a gigantic, bleeding hole in the centre of her stomach for the entire world to see.

I never asked for this.


The unrelenting sunlight is contagious, dowsing everything its everlasting rays touch with warmth and security. The vegetation thrives under its gentle hands, children tan healthily as they run through the sun's courtyard, days reach longevity with its light potion.

In the daylight, everything is alright, masked with icing flavoured pretense and joyous laughter. Kagome is all giggles, jokes, smiles, happiness, such a stark contrast to her pessimistic self from the previous night. Juxtapose in nature, enigmatic in motive, liar in person. Colourful and glowing in radiance, she walks alongside the demon exterminator, whispering harshly the details of advice into the female's ear, and away from the prying ones of the monk's. Shippo bounces energetically beside her, exclaiming every so often about the most peculiar things, like why the sky is blue, why the birds sing, why InuYasha never smiles.

As the half-demon watches the mural of scenes flow before him, his heart has never ached more. It's like the age-old wound from Kikyo's purifying arrow had once again opened, an invisible object ripping apart his lung and plunging through his ribcage. The muscles tear with every smile, blood flows with every happy-sounding sigh, pain increases with each opening of her arms.

Fake, fake, fake. It was then that InuYasha was blessed with an epiphanic realization: falsehood can always be corrected.

And Cut!

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