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In the streets of Tokyo-2 (I don't know where he was left at); a boy of at the age of six runs through its dark streets, his name is Shinji Ikari. He just couldn't take it, his mother mysteriously disappearing, being left by his father, and now left with a guardian that his father assigned him to. So the only thing he could do before the guardian took him, he fled and cried his hearts out at the things that happened to him. As time progressed, he found himself wondering in the woods,' how did I get here? I didn't go that far, did I?' the young boy thought as he started to get lonelier and frightened each second.

'Come, come,' a voice rang out in a whisper. Shinji looked around for the person speaking, but couldn't find him,' come, come.'

Not knowing what else to do, he did his best to follow the source of this whispered voice. When sometime passed, he heard the voice ringing out from a cave. Though his mind said not to go in, his body was going on its own accord,' why am I doing this? What is going?' the young boy thought as he ventured through the cave.

He noticed it was your typical cave, full of stalagmites and puddle of water with darkness shadowing through out the whole cave. But this only lasted some moments as he continued through, because soon there was a flash of light that blinded him. Once he regained his sight, he noticed he was in a hall that looked like that belonged in a mansion. The halls decorated with pillars that had dragons going around them, walls with pictures of people who seemed to be of great importance, the floor was of some sort of marble with a single long, but expensive looking rug going down the hall, and the ceiling decorated with a painting of a great battle between a demon with bat wings and a fox like demon (the battle between Sasuke in his curse level two seal and Naruto in his single tail form). He looked back to see if the cave was behind him, but to his surprise, it was the same hall, it was as if he was walking down those halls the whole time.

Once he composed himself the best he could, he set out to see what was within the halls themselves,' how did I get here?' he thought as he looked left and right,' I shouldn't have left, I should've done I was told and stayed with that man father left me with,' he thought as he started to get more sad, sad of what his father did,' why father? Why did you leave me?'

'Come, come,' the voice rang out again, but this time, its voice was a bit stronger than a whisper,' come, come.'

As soon as he heard that voice, he resumed his search for this voice, feeling too curious to mind where he was. Once some moments passed, he came upon a door that seemed to be where the voice was resonating from. So, with a little effort, he pushed the door open and popped his head in for a bit to see what was in the room. Once he saw the coast was clear, he went in the room and started look what was in there.

Like the halls he was in, he saw paintings of what seemed to be important figures, marble floor with and expansive looking rug, and another battle between a bat like demon against a fox like demon, but this one was of them struggling for dominance with their respective attacks (this one is with Sasuke and Naruto using the Chidori and Rasengan against each other one last time). The only difference was the scrolls that laid around in glass containers with weapons lying around. Each scroll seemed to have an element to them, or some other word in kanji for signifying what it was. Then there were the weapons, although a lot of them were unique, two caught his eye. Two of them were large blades that stood beside each other; the left one was went straight and curved a bit at the end, with an open circle piece in the middle top end. The right one though was strange, it was partially bandage from the bottom, but that the only thing normal about it seeing as how the blade it self looked like it was made of shark teeth. (Just so you know, Zabuza's and Kisame's swords, there just clones of the swords themselves you could say)

When he was done looking at the various items that were displayed within the room, he looked at what seemed to stand out the most to him. There, at the end of the room, was a large door that had no handles on it with a piece of paper set in the middle of it that had a kanji on it saying 'seal'.

Feeling the need to go back and find a way out of the supposed mansion went back into his mind, but once again, his body wasn't listening to his mind as he walked up to the door. As he walked towards it, his thoughts kept on racing,' why am I doing this? I need to find a way back home…but I feel the need to find out what is going on, why?' he then was only an inch from the door itself and then started to pull his hand towards the seal, when something unexpected happen.

"So the time has come, at last," the voice that belonged to the strong whisper said out loud for once.

"Wh-who's there?" Shinji asked in a scared voice, hoping that he wouldn't be in trouble and be punished for it.

"At ease my child, I am the Guardian of this door, the Door of Shadows. But more importantly now, you should not have happened upon this place, but…" but he was cut off as the boy started to bow in apology.

"I'm sorry, please don't be mad, I'm sorry, I'll be goi…" but this time he was cut off by the voice he was talking to.

"Calm down my child, I was about to say that should not have happened upon this place, but it seems that it is time for you to fulfill your destiny. But in order to fulfill that destiny, you need training and that is why this door was made, so that you may obtain the power you need to save this world," the Guardian said in a calm voice.

"Really? But I'm just a kid, and how would someone as worthless as me have such a destiny?" the six year old boy said in sad tone.

The Guardian truly sad for this boy," my child, don't think that someone like yourself is worthless. You have value, as do all creature within this world and your destiny is to protect these lives from the impending doom that will happen several years from now."

'At least this voice is kind, but still,' Shinji thought as he felt a little brightened up, but still felt like dirt.

Feeling that he at least lightened up the boys spirits, the Guardian continued on," child, I have a proposition for you," the boy then gives his whole attention to him," this destiny of yours is of choice and this choices is simple, but great. Do you want to leave this world and be prepared for what's to come in the future of this world, or do you choose to stay and hope that with what skills you have now would suffice. Either choice will fulfill your destiny, so what will it be?"

'How can this be a simple choice?' he thought at the moment,' but, if I can do something to help someone, would I be able to prove my existence? Would I be able to even make a difference?' he thought as he looked at his hand and also started to think about what happened to him before he found this place,' but I don't want to be here now, I don't,' he thought as he remembered his mother, who mysteriously disappeared, his father as he left him crying on the streets with the guardian he assigned him to. When he thought these things, he knew what he wanted to do.

"I've made my choice…I'll go to this world you speak of, I have nothing here, not anymore," Shinji said as he got a sad look on his face.

Though he felt proud the boy made the right decision, he felt sad about how he said he had nothing," I'm proud of the decision you have mad my child, but do not think you have nothing left in this world. They are things within this world that still hold value to you, whether you believe it or not. You'll find out soon enough when you come back to this world, now direct your attention back to the door my child."

The young boy did as he was told and looked back upon the door. The door was now was glowing in strange tribal marking that were going off and on, while the tag that read 'seal' was slowly being burned off. When the whole tag burned off, the door slowly open with a creaky sound. What he saw behind the door was a portal that seemed to suck into nothingness and was afraid of what might happen if he stepped through. He then remembered the decision he made to the Guardian and regained his composure.

"My child, this portal shall send you to the world that shall prepare you for the challenges ahead. So go forth and be the true warrior you are meant to be when you return," he said with pride in his voice, knowing that the boy would come back to be someone of greatness.

Feeling a little bit of pride himself, he started to walk towards the portal with his head held high. But before he took one last step into the portal itself, he had one last thing to say," I know we haven't even known each other long enough, but thank you for giving me another chance at life guardian."

Feeling a little happy for the thanks, the Guardian replied," No thanks are needed child, I was just doing my service to a boy who needed help. Now go and make me and all the others you're destined to save, proud," Shinji nodded and stepped through,' get through the portal safely my child, you have a tough road ahead of you after you make it through,' the Guardian thought as the whole area disappeared into nothingness and turned back into a regular looking cave.

One thing that went through Shinji Ikari's mind as he was going through the portal, dimension traveling hurts like hell. He felt like he was being pulled in all directions, so he tried to grab onto something that would help him calm down. But he couldn't grab onto anything that would help him calm down. And so, he did the only thing that could help him calm down at all, he screamed his head off in pain. Not a second later, he fainted as his body was flung around like a rag doll and being pulled to the other side of the portal.

Once he was out, he landed hard into the ground outside a certain Hidden Leaf Village. After a few minutes passed, patrols were starting to come around; once they saw the body of the six year old boy, they rushed over to him to see what was wrong with him.

"Hey, what's wrong? Come on kid, wake up," the guard said as he tried to wake him up.

"Stop!" the other guard said. The first guard then looked over to him for an answer," don't you see that this kid is injured, we have to get him to the hospital now."

"But the hospital is only meant for those that are of our village and those who have had clearance to go in Konoha," the first guard said as he picked the boy up in his arms.

"Would Lord Hokage let an innocent kid be left behind in the dust in this sort of condition? No, I don't thinks so," he said as he turned his back to him," look, if anyone gets in trouble, blame it on me, now go get that kid to the hospital," the second guard said as he jumped over the gate and proceeded to the Hokage Tower.

"'Sigh', well, I guess I've got nothing better to do," he then looked at the boy in his arms," well kid, let's get you to the hospital," he then followed his comrades example and jumped over the gate and proceeded to the hospital.

Once the first guard made it, he quickly ran in," HELP, THIS KID NEEDS HELP," he yelled out as the doctors turned their head in his direction.

"What's wrong?" a pink haired woman asked in worried voice, as she ran to the guard.

"Miss Sakura, this boy needs help, he's heavily injured," he answered as he showed the boy in his arms.

"Oh my god, give him to me," she said as the guard complied and handed the boy over to her. She then ran to the emergency room and yelled to the receptionist," get me some doctors to help in the emergency room, NOW," the receptionist nodded and called over the intercom for an emergency.

While this was happening, the second guard made it to the Hokage Tower and quickly ran to the Hokage's office. Once he got in front of the door, he knocked on it," come in," a voice said behind the door. Once he opened the door, it showed a man to be in his mid twenties and yet he looked liked he had knowledge beyond the years of his supposed age. He had long and yet spikey blonde hair, a chiseled face that would make a lot of girls swoon over him and whisker birth marks upon his face. But one of the most noticeable things on him was his eyes. One was his left eye being surprisingly blue and the other, with a scar coming down from the middle of his brow down to the middle of his cheek, was an eye that was totally black, like a dark abyss," yes, what is it that you have come in for?" he asked in sort grateful voice,' please let it be something that I can get away from the terror of these papers,' he thought as he set down the papers in his hands,' and this is what I get for fulfilling my dream to be Hokage.'

"Lord Hokage," he said as he saluted to him," I and another guard have come across an injured boy. I cam here to tell you about him and had the other guard send the boy to be treated for his injuries, the boy seemed to have been mangled, or tossed around carelessly to be in the condition he is in," he said as he kept a straight face on.

"You know that bringing in an outsiders is a dangerous thing to do?" the Hokage said as he leaned back in his chair. When the guard was about to reply, he cut him off," but, seeing if it was me, I would have done the same thing without a second thought, so I'm proud for what you did," he said with a foxy grin," now then, let us go see how this kid is doing," he then got up from his chair and left," let's just hope that it was Sakura and Hinata were the ones who treated the boy, or we might have to wait for a long time before the boy wakes up."

Back within the hospital of Konoha, Shinji started to wake up,' uuuggghh, man, what happened,' he thought, as he felt his whole body was sore with a throbbing head ache,' I feel like a truck has ran over my head,' he then tried to get up from the soft and comfortable bed he was in, but was stopped as someone pushed him back down.

What he heard was a beautiful, soothing voice that belonged to a woman," now, now, don't get up, you're still recovering, but I have to say its surprising that you have woken up now, you must have some good stamina to be able to," Shinji then opened his eyes to look upon what he deemed was weird, but cool and real gentle eyes. The eyes were a shade of a pearl white, and yet, he could not see any sort of sign of pupils in them. He then started to examine the rest the woman. She wore basic doctor's attire for women and had long dark blue hair that stopped on the middle of her back. He then quickly noticed that she had quite the body, but he didn't pay that any mind since he was still just six year old boy.

Shinji decided to speak at that moment, but his voice was a little weak from being dry and injured," ugh, where am I?"

A little confused that the boy didn't know where he was, she decided that it was because he was heavily injured that he didn't know where he was," why you're in Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves," see then gave him a warm smile," now I may ask, what's your name?" she asked as she offered a glass of cold water to him.

He took the glass and drank almost all of it in one gulp. Once he felt his throat was moistened enough, he answered, but in a nervous voice," Sh-Shinji Ikari," he always felt nervous around new people, so he felt that no one could really blame him.

The pale eyed doctor giggled at the boy's nervous answer,' he acts like I did when I was his age,' that made he giggle a little bit more," that is a nice name, my name is Hinata Uzumaki," she then warmed her eyes to him," there's no need to feel nervous around my Shinji, I'm a friend," she gets the desired affect she wanted as he relaxed his muscles and laid back down in his soft hospital bed.

'She's just like mom,' he thought. He remembered how kind, gentle, and beautiful his mom was to him when he was injured. As he thought about that, he started to get sad, but quickly tried to shake it off. He then heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," Hinata said as she turned her attention to the door. When the door opened, it showed a man in a white trench coat with flames coming up from the bottom. He had black pants that were cut off just above his ankles that were wrapped around in bandages with strange looking sandals. He had a black long sleeve shirt that had swirl symbol on both sides with black fingerless gloves. Over that black shirt and under that trench coat, was a green, but thick looking vest. His hair was colored blond, and was long with a ponytail going down his back and had a head band with a leaf like symbol wrapped around his forehead. His face was chiseled and his eyes were very different. One eye was a lighter color of blue than his own eyes were, but his left eye, which had a scar running down it, had the darkest black colored eye he had ever seen. But the one thing he noticed that was the same about those eyes was that they held wisdom and gentleness, and that made him feel safe around the man. (I made him have the attire of the Fourth Hokage, instead of what the Third had, it seemed more suitable to me)

"Ah, I see that he has woken up already, but I guess that's to be expected from the two best medic nins in the world," he said with a foxy grin on his face. He then went over to Hinata and gave a loving hug with a kiss.

"Oh, get a room you two," another person said as she came in. Shinji then looked over to the new occupant of the room. She had short pink hair with emerald green eyes, and the same sort of attire Hinata had.

"Jealous, Sakura?" the Hokage asked in with same grin on his face.

"Oh please, I have my own husband, but you don't see me hugging and kissing him every second we see each other," Sakura said in an annoyed voice,' though I'd wish he would stop crying when I decline to even do it every time.'

"Naruto, Sakura, please, we should not be fighting when we have Shinji here," Hinata said while still being held by her husband.

"Ummm," Shinji was all he could say as he looked back and forth between the three people.

"Oh, hi there kid," Naruto said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Honestly Naruto," Sakura said as she went up to the boys side," hi there sweety, my name is Sakura Haruno, and that doofus," she said as pointed her thumb over her shoulder to the blond," is our Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki."

"Umm, I'm Sh-Shinji Ikari," he replied in nervous voice," uh, what's a Hokage?" he asked as he was a confused by the name.

This kind of surprised the two," you don't know what a Hokage is?" Naruto asks. His answer was made by the boy who shook his head," well, you could say I'm the leader of this village and its protector," he then huffed his chest and pointed his thumb to his chest," I'm the best Hokage there is," but then his face turned serious," more importantly, where is you come from and how did you get so injured Shinji?"

"Well, it all started when my father left me in Tokyo-2…" he then told them where he came from and what happened to him and what he thought may have injured him.

"Hmmm," was all Naruto could say," So, you're from another dimension?" he said as he looked at the boy like he was crazy. Shinji only nodded, even he couldn't believe what happened," well let's see if what you say is true kid," he then turned his head to Sakura," hey Sakura, go get Ino and let's see if the boy is telling us the truth."

"Okay," was all she said as she went to fetch her best friend. Half an hour later, Sakura came back with a girl who had blond long hair, blue dulled eyes, and a purple outfit. (The same outfit she has in the manga when they grow up a bit)

"What is you want Naruto?" Ino asked as she looked at him oddly, all Sakura said to her is that she was needed for something from Naruto.

"Oh, this boy has told us a bit of a story, and we'd like for you to confirm it," he then went up to and whispered the story Shinji told them. Ino then rose and eyebrow at the boy, thinking it may have been just some weird tale.

'Kids these days and their overactive imaginations,' she thought, she then went up to the boy and gave a happy smile to him," now sweety, I'm just going to do a little something, so don't be afraid," she then went through the hand seal needed for her jutsu. Shinji looks at her strangely, wondering why she was doing such a thing, until he heard her yell out her jutsu," Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu," the next thing the boy knew, he was knocked out.

After some moments passed, Ino came back with her mouth gapping open and a confused Shinji who was looking left and right for what was going on. Seeing the look on the fellow blonds face, Naruto put a hand on her shoulder," so, what's the real story Ino?" he asked as he brought her out of her thoughts.

It took a moment for her to speak though," he wasn't lying, he really is from another dimension," she said as everyone looked shocked, they knew she wouldn't lie, so that meant he was actually telling the truth.

Naruto then remembered the part about Shinji's father leaving him, which infuriates how a parent could do that,' what the hell kind of dad does that to his son, just leaving him without so much of a goodbye or an explanation as to why he left,' he then calmed down, he didn't want to turn Nine-Tails in front of the boy. He then focused on the boy in front of him," well, seeing as how your story is true, it means you have no place to live now."

That scared Shinji now, he didn't even think that far ahead. He just went along with what the guardian,' now how am I going to live? How am I going to be able to fulfill that destiny if I die here,' he thought as he hugged his knees and almost started to cry, but was stopped as he was being hugged. He then looked to see who it was and saw that it was the woman who reminded him of his mother.

"There, there, you don't have to worry Shinji, we'll have you stay with us," she then shot a sweet but, dangerous look towards her husband," won't we Naruto?" she asked in sweet and deadly voice.

"Hehehehe, yeah, sure," he answered as he scratched the back of his head. He then cleared his throat for a bit," well, if you want to become a warrior, then you have come to the right place my boy. We'll enter you into our ninja academy and you'll be able to 'fulfill you destiny'," he said with a smile, as he made a mocking sound when he said the tidbit about destiny," and you know, what? We'll be you're new family from now on Shinji, me and Hinata will adopt you into our family."

This stunned the six year old boy," ar-re you sure? I don't want t-to be a burden," he asked in a nervous, but hopeful voice. He really wanted to start over in this world and this just maybe his chance.

His response was a good laugh from Naruto," woo, he acts almost like you Hinata when you were his age. He'll fit fine in our family don't you think?" he asked his wife.

His answer was her tightening her hug on the boy," yes, he'll fit fine in our family."

Shinji felt so happy, that he turned around and returned the hug back to Hinata," thank you, 'sob' thank you so much, 'sob'," he said in happy and tearful voice that was muffled as his head was inside her chest.

Naruto, knowing it would be appropriate, went over to the two and gave them both a hug. Sakura and Ino look upon the scene with warm smiles on their, thinking how sweet and cute of scene it is," no thanks are needed kid and welcome to the family, Shinji Uzumaki."

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