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The next morning, Shinji woke up to the smell of breakfast. His nose twitched at the same time Rei's did, who had also smelt the pleasing aroma of morning breakfast being cooked. The two of them then slowly started to open their eyes and then saw that they were starring at each other with sleepy eyes. Once they got enough of their sense back, they smiled at each other as Shinji leaned in and pecked her on the lips.

"Morning 'Angel'," Shinji said as he stared at her with love in his eyes.

"Morning 'Oni'," Rei greeted back moved her head onto his chest and closed her eyes for a bit.

"Hey, hey, you two better not be thinking of doing anything in front us now," said the voice that can only be recognized as Shinji's dad, Naruto Uzumaki, the Sixth Hokage.

He was quickly bopped on the head by Hinata as she came and placed a bowl of ramen in front of him," now honey, please, stop teasing them."

"But it's so much fun," Naruto pouted as he gave his wife his best puppy fox look.

"That won't work on me honey, besides..." she then leaned in and whispered something to him which made him get a goofy smile on his face with a bit of blood running down his nose.

"Honestly mom, do you have to do that when me and Rei are sitting right here," Shinji said in a bored manner as he and Rei sat down at the table together," anyways, what's for breakfast?"

"Oh the usual, you favorite breakfast, Shinji," she said with a bright smile. (Just come up with your favorite and their you go)

"Really?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"Yup," she answered him with the same smile.

"Thanks mom," he said happily as Hinata bent down and pecked him on the forehead.

"I'll be right back with everyone's breakfast," she said as she went back into the kitchen area.

Naruto then at the moment got out of his fantasy and coughed a bit," Misato has already left for work and said that you guys may have a sync test today, whatever that meant anyway?" he informed the two.

The two of them nodded and then a questioned popped into Rei's mind," Mr. Uzumaki..."

"Please, call me Naruto, or since you're Shinji's soon to wife, how about calling me dad?" he suggested as he got a big grin on his face and started to eat his ramen.

"Naruto..." she said quietly with a blush on her face and got a small thank you from Naruto" did Misato say anything about you and Lady Hinata being able to live anywhere in the apartment building?"

Naruto sighed a bit sadly and set his chop sticks down for a bit," it seems all the rooms in this building are filled up and we can't stay here for more than a night or two," he said and heard Shinji say how much it sucked under his breath," but we'll be staying where Akane and Kazuma are crashing at with Sakura and Lee," he replied to them happily.

"Well, that's not so bad, at least you'll be able to keep in touch with us," Shinji said, when all of a sudden his nose was assaulted with great smell of his breakfast. As he smelled the aroma, he had his eyes closed until a plate was set in front of him. He opened his eyes and looked at the breakfast in front of him and looked up to see the smiling face of his mother. He looked back and ate some of it with a big smile on his face," thanks mom, you make the best breafasts."

"Thank you dear," Hinata replied back to him and sat beside Naruto and started to eat her own breakfast.

Breakfast was then eaten in silence as the four silently planned on what to do that day. That silence was then broken as Asuka came in and called out," morning freaks, what's for breakfast today?"

Naruto was thinking once again about sending her flying out the window with the 'Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: 1000 Years of Death' Technique, but calm waving of Hinata made him ease off a bit. Shinji however just lazily turned his head to her and asked," Hmm? I'm sorry, did you say something Asuka?"

Resisting the urge to strangle the Third Child, she just huffed and sat opposite of Rei and took a plate of her own and ate some of her breakfast. As soon as she took the first bite, her face brightened up quite a bit," ooh, these are good," she then started to chow down on them, forgoing her manner and made her almost look reminiscent to Naruto when he eats fifteen bowls of Ramen," fho mafe fhese?" she asked with a mouth full. (As if you didn't guess, she said "Who made these")

"Uh, I did Asuka, uh, could you please slow down, there's enough for you and everyone else, and there's enough time for you to eat before you go to school," Hinata said as she sweatdropped along with the other's present at how fast she ate her breakfast.

Blinking at her for a bit, she had the decency to blush in embarrassment before she continued to eat, this time at a MUCH slower pace and then took another plate full to eat. She did send the occasional glare at Shinji and Rei for a few moment, but then felt the air around get a bit colder and backed off, knowing for some reason that she might get drenched by a whole bucket of water out of nowhere, even though she still hasn't figured out how it happens when she is drenched by water.

Shinji then took the last bite of his breakfast and stood up and knew Rei was already finished as well since she stood up with him," well, me and Rei will go on ahead, catch up with us later Asuka," he said as he walked off with Rei at his side and took a 'Ranma ½' manga book from his pocket and read from where he left off. Asuka sat there eating and grumbling something about weird perverts reading mangas.

When the two got there, they saw Akane, Kazuma, Touji and Kensuke already at the entrance gates talking and apparently waiting for them since they stopped chatting and turned to to see them," hey man, what took ya so long?" Kazuma said as he smirked at Shinji.

"Mom's breakfast food," he answered simply without looking up from his manga.

"Damn, man I haven't had her cooking in a long time," Kazuma said as he could almost feel the tasty morning breakfast in his mouth," next time, call me man so I can get some," he suggested as he patted his belly a bit.

"Well, come on, let's get to class already," Touji said as he picked up his book bag and headed off to the school. Everyone nodded and went along with him.

"Rei, could you go on ahead," Shinji said as he glanced over to his girlfriend.

"Why?" she asked as she blinked at him with her red eyes and cocked her head to her side.

"I just gotta say something to Kazuma," he replied as he turned his head and gave her a smile and eye smiles," don't worry, I'll catch up."

Rei looked back and forth at Shinji and the Hyuuga, but nodded nonetheless and quickened her walking towards the group. Now it was just him and Kazuma staying at the back of the group.

"You wanna say something?" Kazuma asked as he didn't even looked towards Shinji and kept walking at a normal pace.

"I'm just going to say if Miyuki turns out to truly be on Orochi's side..." he started as he flipped a page on his manga and kept a his eyes on it as he walked by his side," I will have no choice but to kill her," he then turned his eye from his book and narrowed them at the Hyuuga, with a look on his face that meant he was very serious.

Kazuma didn't say anything for the moment until he stopped at the entrance of the school and turned his his head slightly towards Shinji, who had stopped when he was a couple feet inside of the school," I understand, but if you could," Shinji then turned his head and saw the same face of seriousness etched on his face," I'd like to take care of her myself."

Shinji then turned back and walked further ahead of him," we'll see," he said as Kazuma walked alongside him.

Class was the same as usual with the exception of Asuka being introduced to the class. When lunch broke out, the male group of the class started to talk (more like gossip) about the new girl in class, Asuka. They all wondered if she was available and such things.

As Shinji and his friends ate lunch at the school, Naruto was walking around Nerv H.Q. under a transformation jutsu. He was looking for the purple headed woman and wanted to introduce Kyuubi to her as soon as possible. They may have not gotten an apartment near Shinji, but he had made a deal with the woman and dammit, he was going to finish that deal.

He then found her in a room that was shown through a glass window and saw her with a blond woman that had a mole just under her left eye, who he remembered was name Ritsuko and the guy he remembered that reminded him of Kabuto, Kaji Ryoji.

As he got near the door, he heard them talking. So he just stood their and listened to what they had to say," you finished handing over Unit 02 haven't you, what are you still doing here?" he heard Misato asked with a lot heat in her voice.

"I received orders this morning that I'll be staying around," he heard Kaji reply to her. Though he couldn't see it, he could feel Misato getting angrier at that," so gorgeous, we can hang around again, just like we used to," he assumed he was talking to the blond at the moment.

"Grrr, don't flatter yourself," he then knew this was a good time to step in. But before he did that, he popped in a Shadow Clone and transferred a good portion of Kyuubi's Chakra to it.

The change was slow, but sure. The Clones hair changed from blonde to a crimson color, making it a spiky haired red head. The whisker marks on it face started to get wider, but Naruto quickly took those off, so as not to connect the clone to him. The eyes then turned blood red with black slits in them, like the whisker marks, Naruto changed them to a dark jade color instead. He then made a handseal and the clothes on the clone changed from a copy of his to a tight black short-sleeved shirt that stuck onto it like a second skin with a red button up shirt that was open and black pants that were slightly baggy that was held by a red belt with a pair of black and red steel toe combat boots to match.

The clones glazed eyes then brightened a bit, signaling the Kyuubi being conscious in its new, but temporary body. The fox patted his new body and grew a big fox like smirk and started to chuckle a bit. He then turned his head to Naruto," wait here, I'll tell you when to come in," the fox then nodded.

"Hey guys," he said cheerfully to the three as entered, who wore surprised looks on their faces.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?" Misato asked as she looked left and right for Section Two Agents and worried they might shoot the Hokage.

"How did you even get pass security even?" Ritsuko asked in a surprised voice of her own. Kaji just sat silently on the table, minding his own business.

"Oh, I just went under a Transformation jutsu and walked around for a bit, actually, I was coming to see you Misato," he said as he gave his big foxy grin to the purple head.

"Me, why?" she asked as she blinked a bit at him.

"I wanted to introduce they guy you want to go out with," he answered as he crossed his arms and closed his remaining eye.

Now that little piece of information made Kaji almost lose his grip on the coffee mug he was holding. But then he reasoned,' not like this guy is going to be any better than me, so he'll get shot down, just like that rest...except for me of course,' he then mentally wore a smug grin.

"Oh, where is he?" she asked as she was about to go out and meet the person Shinji's father had picked.

"He's right outside, he was surprised when I got him and snuck him past the security, but he said he didn't care if its to at least see you Misato," Naruto said nonchalantly, as Misato wondered if he was telling the truth or not about that," come on in," he called out.

The door opened up and Misato's jaw dropped a bit and Ritsuko once again cursed her friend for getting another handsome guy. Kyuubi walked over to the purpled head and used his index finger to close her mouth," hey, how's it going?" the fox asked in a smooth manner.

Misato's cheeks started to turn red a bit from having the guy close her jaw, and the way he asked just made her wonder if he was just a player like Kaji, but right now, she wasn't really caring," I'm doing good..." she trailed off as she gave him the hint to introduce himself.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot my manners," he then bowed down to her at the moment," the names Minato, Minato Kazama," he said as he glanced over to Naruto, who looked a litte annoyed at him using his father's first name. But the fox ignored him and took Misato's hand as he softly kissed the back of it and smiled at the woman who blushed," it's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Misato Katsuragi."

"Pl-please, just call me M-Misato," she said as she tried to beat down her blush,' what the hell, he just kisses the back of my hand and I'm blushing like a high school girl, what the hells is going on?!' she yelled out in her thoughts at the moment.

Ritsuko was gaping at the sight of Misato blushing, which was a truly rare sight,' either I ate something funny this morning, or I'm actually seeing this happening.'

Kaji though was really gripping the mug in his hand. He was supposed to be the one to do that, but he knew if HE did anything like that, she would try her best to reject him,' and he only comes in for few minutes and has he blushing like that, I'm supposed to be the suave guy,' he mentally shed tears down his eyes, though his physical appearance didn't show out to all of this

Unbeknownst to all but Naruto, whose smelling senses were beyond human means thanks to Kyuubi himself, the fox was emitting a large amount of his pheromones to the woman and making her feel like she was in heat. He knew it was a bit cheap to do this, but he could tell the guy that was named Kaji could probably sink his teeth into the woman before he could get the chance, so a little insurance wasn't a bad thing right now. Just as he was about to say something else, a red alert occurred, signifying the approach of an Angel.

"Enemy attack? Naruto, you and...Huh?" Misato then left and right for Naruto, but he was nowhere to be found, along with the newly introduced 'Minato'," ah, whatever," she then got her cell phone out and dialed for Shinji's cell phone," Shinji, we've got a problem."

Not long after that call, Shinji and Asuka were in their Evas, ready to be launched from their carriers. Rei's Eva was put on standby, because they were setting to the same equipment Shinji's Eva had onto her Eva, minus the energy whips/bands, since she fought just like him anyway.

"The recent battle has severely damaged Tokyo-3's intercept system, only twenty-six percent of our defense capabilities has been restored. In addition, operational capabilities for actual combat is virtually nil. Therefore were going have to intercept the target at the water's edge, right before makes it to the land," Misato briefed from the mobile command center and continued as she stared at the screens of the two pilots," Units 01 and 02 will mount a coordinated attack in a series of waves, in other words, close in and take turns," she commanded as she got confirmation from the two.

"This sucks, my first fight in Japan and she won't let me handle it solo. Why do I have to bring you?" she complained at the situation and complained about who she was teamed up with.

"Well, it's all procedure, you know, that whole bit," Shinji said in a bored mannered as he flipped through another page and chuckled at what happened to Ranma, the main character of manga he was reading.

"Well let me tell you first Third Child, just don't get in my way," she snapped back at him, only for him to lazily look at her before turning off the feed on the pop up screen he used to talk to her with," grr, how can someone like him be selected to be a pilot anyway," she grumbled as she pondered on what she said.

The air carriers that held them then let them loose and let them free fall to the sandy beach below. Asuka's Eva landed with a big quake when it hit the sandy beach near the ocean, while Shinji landed softly without making any noise. With the strong, but subtle use of his Chakra, it was easy to do that.

"Two against one is not a fair fight, not fair," Asuka whined again, but it still seemed like she was complaining about not getting to fight the Angel by herself.

"We don't have a choice, survivability takes priority," Misato said through a pop screen that, of course, popped up on Asuka's side. Just as she said that, the Angel appeared, making a pillar of water erupt from appearance.

The angel seemed to have a body very reminiscent to that of the third Angel, though it lacked some of the bone parts and was hunched over with a silver like body. Its face had a Yin and Yang like face, with the left side being blue and the right side being red.

"Commence the attack!!" Misato commanded into her headset.

Asuka was the first to charge in at the moment," Ok, I'll go first, cover me," she called out to the Third Child as she picked up a Naginata with a progressive edge to it.

Shinji new this was a big rookie mistake. She was charging in blindly into the unknown with no backup plan made if she made a mistake. But if he interfered with her attempt now, she would resent him. Better for her to learn first hand now then to be lectured about it later and not learn at all. He knew this was also kind of cruel himself, but considering her stubborn nature, it was the only thing he could think that might work for her at all. With these thought, he shrugged and deposited a set of progressive kunais from the ejecting wrists and released them at the angel.

He was rewarded with them passing it's AT field and piercing the skin, making its blood spill out into the ocean. Just as that happened, he picked up the rifle beside him and started to shoot a volley of shots at the Angel. While the shots didn't nothing to pierce its ever present shield, it did keep it at bay from targeting Asuka, who made her way to it by, as she would call, playing 'Hopscotch' on the ruined buildings that were sticking up from the ocean.

Once she got in range of the Angel, she let out a big war cry and sliced the Angel right down the middle in half. Shinji blinked and wondered if this was actually an Angel, or one of his dad's pranks," how about that Third Child?" she sound so smug to him now. He sighed and wondered if she would ever let her big head deflate," a battle must always be elegant and without waste."

Shinji though, wasn't listening, it couldn't have been this simple. All the Angels so far had been a lot more difficult than this. Then there was there still ever present Chakra being emitted by the so called 'corpse' too. It then dawned him at the moment what was going on, but before he could voice his thoughts, the 'corpse's' split form turned into two different bodies. They looked smaller, but they had a distinct change to them, the left was still the silver like color while the right had a copper like color to it and the faces were now replaced with a small tone like circle, with three circular holes in them and now they had red cores in them middle of their bodies.

"THAT'S A LOAD OF BULL!!" they heard Misato call out from the radio before the feed was cut off. Shinji knew she must have crushed the hard piece of equipment like a twig.

'How she is able to use Chakra to use her strength is still a mystery to me,' Shinji thought as he absently rubbed his jaw and other painful spot where she had pummeled him when he pranked her. But those thoughts were quickly dashed away as the two Angel single handedly took out an unprepared Unit 02 by flinging up and sending it crashing down, head first, into the ocean ground. If this wasn't a dangerous situation, Shinji would have gotten a camera and took a picture of the hilarious looking scene of Asuka's Eva's legs sticking up comically out of the ocean ground, with the occasional twitch of leg making it even more so.

Shinji then readied himself at the moment, but his brain was going a mile a minute now. With the Angel taking care of Asuka that quickly, it was safe to assume these Angel's relied on coordination and speed. He couldn't use the Shadow Clone, because that would evenly distribute his Chakra, he didn't have the infinite like Chakra reserves like his dad. He could most likely keep up with them, but with the cable that constantly fed the Eva it's power, it dampened his speed it a bit. That's when he remembered when he fought the Fourth Angel.

The Jutsu he had in mind took a lot of control of the lightning element, yet it would also buy him the time he needed to beat, or at least stall the two long enough for Nerv to come up with a countermeasure, if not, he would try his best to retreat with Asuka. He would not be lower than trash. But he also knew he couldn't keep the Jutsu up forever, lest he fall into Chakra exhaustion again, like his first battle.

He could hear Misato ordering him to retreat. But he ignored her as he detached the umbilical chord that fed him the electrical power needed to keep the Eva active.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Misato asked incredulously at the shinobi pilot.

"Just something that might work, or let you guy have enough time to come up with a plan," Shinji answered calmly as he made the Eva build up more Chakra," Chidori Nagashi," the Eva was now emitting little lightning sparks all over its body. Although the purpose of the Jutsu was to shield him from attacks and stun the enemy, it was now serving another purpose, keeping the Eva active. But even if he kept the Jutsu up, he would not be able to keep it up from eating too much of his Chakra.

The two Angel then dashed towards him and started to push him back towards the mainland. He ducked under a quick one-two and jumped over a low swipe. The two then jab at him in the air, but Shnji made himself do the splits in the air and latched onto their wrists. He then flipped over and double kicked them in their faces. But they weren't down for long as they charged back in to attack him.

He dodged, countered, and parried their attacks. It had been five minutes and now he was back to using the Eva back up battery to survive. He ducked down another swiped from the duo by doing the splits again, this time down on the ground. He knew this might be a good opportunity to end the fight, it was actually his only chance now, since the battery was about to go dead.

So he quickly righted himself and hand-springed upwards, giving the two each a good hit in their faces, making them fly high up in the air. Shinji then crouched down on all fours and flashed right behind the two,' Shadow Leaf Dance,' he commented to himself in his mind. He then lashed out the energy bindings he had in his wrists and set them to the highest power they had. As soon as the two were encased in their bindings, while also being gradually burned by it, Shinji bear hugged the two and turned upside down.

While all of this happened, Misato wondered what he was doing," he's going to use a dangerous move right now. He's really risking it when he's using that behemoth's Chakra to boost the Jutsu he's about to use," she heard right behind her. She turned and saw it was 'Minato' behind her, who was smling and waving at her," Hi."

"What are you doing here?!" she asked in genuine concern as the people on the mobile base were eying him and her. Hopefully this won't get her court-martialed for having a civilian on board without her notice.

"Oh, I was in the neighbor-hood and wanted to see what you were up to," he answered as he stepped up beside her and turned his attention to the screen as Shinji finished binding the Angel and hugged them as he turned them upside down, along with himself," now watch what happens," he said in with a serious face and tone that seemed to be beyond his years look. Misato tore her eyes away from him and looked back at the screen of the battle.

'I hope this work,' Shinji thought as he started to spin as the he and the Angels started to plummet towards the earth. As he kept spinning, he poured more Chakra into the move. Even though it was strictly a Taijutsu move, it still used Chakra and the more he used, the better for this situation. Right when he was about to impact, he called out," PRIMARY LOTUS," there than a great explosion that was heard and felt through a good portion of the land and beyond.

Out of that explosion came Shinji, flipping and retracting the energy bindings that were now released from the Angel. When he landed, he slid back a good distance on all fours. He was about to get up, but ended up sitting down on the ground. The cockpit then turned silent and everything was shut-off. He knew it's back-up battery was now dead, he just hoped he killed those Angels.

Moments later, he was in a briefing room, with a quivering Asuka wrapped in a towel, all the while muttering something about water being really cold. To his dismay though, it turned out the Angel survived the Jutsu he had used on it, but it turned out the damage he did to it would take the Angel quite sometime for it to heal while it stayed in a even more powerful AT field. At least he kind of went ahead of the JSSDF's plan to use an N2 mine on them, since he made that much damage and power himself with his 'Primary Lotus', but who's really looking at the details. Now this meant they had plenty of time to prepare, plan, and strategize anything that needed to be done to destroy these Angels, though he had a feeling he knew what needed to be done.

Everyone then took a seat and watched a slide-show that was being showed on the battle, while Maya narrated the highlights of the battle," At 10:58:15 a.m. Today, Unit 02 was simultaneously attack by Target 'A' and 'B', and was sunk two kilometer from the Suruga Bay," she said as a picture was shown of the comical scene of unit 02 being upside down in the river.

'Score,' Shinji's right eye dinted darkly as he rubbed his hand together in a devious manner. Of course, this was all in his head, since he looked at it this with a bored expression that he usually had on the outside.

"Twenty seconds later," Maya continued," Unit 01 was engaged by both Targets," she then turned to pictures of the battle he had with the two Angels. Everyone looked back to see Shinji's reaction, but sweat-dropped as they found him reading his manga again and chuckling at a scene he found particularly funny.

Now Asuka was fuming," what the hell?! How is it that you were able to keep up with those Angels when I didn't even get a chance at them?! How is it that you are able to take them when my training with Eva should outweigh your piloting skills?!" By now she had him by the scruff his plugsuit and held him close to her face," HOW?!"

"Have you ever set foot in a battlefield?" he asked calmly and earned a shocked look from her.

"What does that have to do with..." she was cut off as Shinji continued.

"Have you ever had to fight hordes of enemies who were possibly weaker or stronger than you? Have you ever had to think on your feet at a moments notice, because one second meant the lives of your comrades? Have you ever had to fight with your life on the line?" by the time he paused, he was set down on the floor and was leaning up against the wall in a lazy fashion. He then tore his gaze away from the manga in his hand and look at her with a serious expression that almost made her flinch," have you ever had to kill anyone before?"

"I still don't see what it has to do with this!" she exclaimed stubbornly.

"I'm a ninja with a whole lot experience to boot, do you think someone like me would make such ineffective tactics and charge in blindly without any knowledge of my enemy," he then hardened his eyes at her," at present, you were nothing more than a tool to be used by me to obtain information on my enemy..."

"Shinji?!" Misato exclaimed as she and everyone else looked wide-eyed at the Third Child.

"Is what any other shinobi from where I'm from would have said," he finished his statement with his features softening," but the shinobi where I pledged my allegiance to holds their comrades above anything else. I just let you charge in for your own good. If there was any real danger to you, I would have stepped in and stopped them and retreated. But you got a slap on the wrist at best."

Asuka stayed silent as she listened to the supposedly veteran ninja. From she could tell, he really was a experienced person in combat and that meant he was more skilled because of it, but then..."what about those two stooges and the wondergirl."

"They may have gotten my training, but they haven't got the experience, not yet," Shinji then sighed as he closed his book with snap," the only way for them to become more skilled and experienced is to pit them against multiple types of opponents, and I can't help them with that, not right now," he said the last part quietly.

Seeing as how his dad was here now, he could try and have him help train his team and make him use his Shadow Clone Jutsu to make thousands of scenario enemies for them. This would help them get some practical experience and get some relief for himself. He was worried about what might happen to them since Orochi came into the picture. He knew they could defend themselves, but against shinobi like Kyo Ikuzu, Miyuki, or any other dangerous shinobi like them, they would find it difficult to defend themselves against such skill and experience.

"Let me ask you something," Shinji said as he opened his eye and stared intently at Asuka," what do you think our job is, specifically?" he asked calmly as he waited for her answer.

Asuka didn't hesitate in her answer," to pilot the Eva," Fuyutsuki had to bite back a retort and waited for the seemingly experienced boy to speak. He found it quite intriguing to see what the commander's son would say. So far, a lot of the thing he said made sense and made him seem wise beyond his years. He could even tell the boy was not lying about him killing before, and that made him shudder a bit with a regretful look on his face.

'Yui, what happened to make this boy to do such an action,' he thought sadly to the student he knew resided in Unit 01. For the umpteenth time, he wondered if standing by the commander's side was the right thing to do.

"You're answer is..." he trailed off as he tried to sum it up," completely wrong," he could tell she was about to tell him off, but he quickly butted in," if you think anyone, besides that school, is going to recognize you because of piloting your Eva, than your mistaken. As time will pass, the world will most likely forget about us. At most, we'll get our fifteen minutes of fame before they move right along to something else that is going wrong with the world. To be blunt, after this is all over, after all the fighting with the Angels are done, you'll be nothing more than a tool to be thrown away. So unless you want to live a miserable life afterwards, I suggest you find something that will last and hang onto it, because I know Nerv won't hang onto us when this is all done," he said as he left the room. After a silent moment passed, he popped his head back in," oh, and were supposed to be defeating the Angels, isn't that right sub-commander?" he asked with a light smile. The old man nodded as Shinji left.

As they continued to brief on Shinji's fight, they pondered on his words. What would they do after all the fighting was done? What would they turn to? Would Nerv keep them, or would they throw them to the gutter like he said they would? Like used up tools, never to be used again. They very thought seemed to so cold, but it held the truth in it, considering the commander, it wouldn't be to far off either. While some of the others didn't have to worry about that, they were those that started to doubt their future after the whole incident with the Angels was done.

After the briefing, Misato went to her office and saw the piles upon piles of paperwork on her desk. Right now, she felt what every Hokage and every other type of Kage felt when they went to their office, fear of meeting the dreaded paperwork. She just stood by her desk, looking at the piles with a careful eye.

"Wow, I'm glad I'm not in this organization, or I'd have to deal with the stuff you have here," said a familiar voice behind her. Once again, she turned to see the grinning face of Minato," hey," he greeted as he came over to her.

"How in the hell do you keep coming out of nowhere like that," she asked with a little heat in her voice, but then got suspicious," are you a ninja like Shinji and his dad?" she asked as she slid her hand towards her gun holster, ready to quickly take out this man if he turned out to be an enemy of the two.

"Well, yeah, you could say that, but if your thinking I'm on that snakes side, then your dead wrong," he said as he kept his grin on and leaned up against the wall with his hand stuffed into his pockets," in a way, you could say I'm bound by a sort of contract to 'Naruto'..." he said as he found it hard not to call the blond 'Kit' out of habit.

"Alrigtht," she relented and sat behind her desk with sigh and rubbed the temples on her forehead.

"So, what do you think they all say?" he asked in true curiosity as he poked the stack paper a bit.

"I'm almost certain its, 'if your going to fight here, do it somewhere else'," she quoted to herself as she leaned her head back.

"I see," he could see the woman was really stressed and it wouldn't do good for the Kyuubi to not let his future mate be too stressed out, now would it," how about I take your mind off this stuff and take you out for that dinner I was supposed to take you out to earlier?"

She looked at him with a careful eye as she looked at back and forth between him and her papers. She sighed and decided to go with the lesser of the two evils and nodded," that sounds like a good idea," she said as she went to get her purse.

But she was stopped by Minato," you won't need your little purse, I'm taking you out on a picnic," he said as he took her hand," and since I'm a ninja, I'll be able to take you straight towards it," he said as he and Misato poofed away from Nerv, leaving a sleeping, but also knocked out Ritsuko outside the hall of Misato's office.

It was now night time as the two were in front of Misato's apartment," I had a good time Minato, I hope we can do it again sometime," she asked with a big happy smile on her face. For once someone actually payed attention to her and didn't try to get in her pants at the end of the night.

"I hope so too, I'll come by again to see you," he said to her as he leaned in as started to close his eyes a bit.

"I'd...like...That," she slowly said as she went the rest of the way and kissed him. Even though he wanted to ravage her right now, so much, Kyuubi knew it would mess things up for him and his kit. So he, albeit grudgingly, gently kissed her without trying to turn it into something else.

The two then parted ways and smiled at each other. She then went inside and waved him goodbye as she closed the door. She leaned back and sighed happily and rest her hand on her heart, but then felt something in the pocket of her jacket. She then fished out a scroll. She wondered how this got into her pocket and then remembered the kissing,' that sly son of a...' she trailed off in her thought as she knew he had slipped it in quietly into her pocket.

Outside, Minato just grinned in a fox like manner and poofed out of existence. Since he was done for today, he went back to his prison to get some good sleep and dream about when he could have to purple haired beauty all to himself.

Back with Misato, she opened the scroll and started to look it over. She blinked and then set it down and nodded,' sounds like a good idea, I bet Shinji would have come up with this too,' she thought as she wondered if the lazy ninja could have come up with it.

The next day, Shinji and Rei came back from school and entered the apartment," WERE HOME," the two said at the same time. The two blinked as they saw a whole load of packages outside in the hall. They went to Shinji's room and saw it was filled with more boxes.

"What the hell?" Shinji said as he looked at what was going on.

"How rude, that's my stuff," they then turn to see Asuka, looking as smug as usual, though it was lessened a bit, maybe due to Shinji's talk with her.

"Is that so?" he asked in a lazy manner.

"Yeah...why are you two still here anyway, you're both unnecessary," she said as she stepped up to Shinji," I'm going to be living with Misato all by myself, although I would love to live with Kaji, that'd be so much better," she said as she got a dreamy look on her face.

"Great, fangirl," Rei said under her breath.

"Now if you'll excuse me for a bit Asuka, I've got something to do," he said as he got in the middle of all the boxes that were in his room. He then took out a blank scroll and started to right on it. Once he was done, he went through a small series of hand seals," Seal," he called out as all the boxes turned blue for a second before they poofed out out existence.

Asuka then screeched out at what just happened. She then ran up to him and started to shake him back and forth by the scruff of his school shirt," what did you do?!"

Getting his senses back, Shinji gave her the usual lazy look and showed her the scroll he used," I sealed all of your stuff in here, now unless you want them out, I suggest you find another room to live in," he said as he used his eye smiles when he stopped speaking.

Asuka right eye twitched and was about to pummel the scarred ninja in front of her. That was until she got drenched in water and made her let go of Shinji," oops, they must have a real leaky pipe in this room, you sure you want to live in this room, honey?" Rei asked innocently, which made Asuka turn to her with fire in her eyes. But the German girl just huffed and started to leave the room.

But before the she could, she bumped into someones chest, which made her stagger a bit. She looked and saw it was the 'Bruce Lee wannabe', as she had dubbed Rock Lee as," ahh, it is good to see you my youthful comrades," he said as he gave his good-guy pose with his teeth shining so bright, Asuka made a mental note to get sunglasses when he was around.

"Mr. Lee, what are you doing here?" Rei asked as she looked at him with a questioning look on her face.

"He'll be overseeing the training between Asuka and Shinji for the next battle," said the voice of Misato as she came up from behind him," how you guys doing?" she asked happily as she waved at them with a big smile on her face.

"Is that true Lee-sensei?" Shinji asked as he tore his eyes off Misato and onto the green clad ninja in front of him, while ignoring the twitching eyebrow Misato had at being ignored.

"Yes it is my youthful student," he said as he nodded to himself, he then got a serious look on his face and looked at the two," let us discuss the situation in the dinning room," he then turned and walked off towards the designated room, followed closely by the rest of them.

As soon as everyone sat done, with the exception of Misato, who was getting into her house clothing, Shinji brought up what this was about," let me guess, this is about the next Angel right, sensei?"

"Yes it is, and I'm sure as someone as youthful as yourself Shinji, you figured out the only way to defeat this beast," he said as he nodded to Shinji.

"By simultaneously taking its core out with someone else, and I assume that I have to do that with Asuka here?" Shinji asked as the redhead wondered how this guy would help if that was all they had to do.

"Correct," Misato said as she came in a tight pink tank top that showed a good amount of her cleavage and her breast while wearing a some short shorsts , all in all, she was looking as quite sexy right now and Lee couldn't help be red at the face sitting by her. Seeing this, Misato couldn't help but think that she still had it," you two will be trained in coordination in the style Lee uses. Shinji, I won't have to worry about you since Lee commented how you have a good grasp on it. But Asuka, you will be hard to deal with since you've hardly done any sort of training Shinji has had, so you will be getting the crash course of learning Lee's Goken style, which is roughly translated to being the Strong Fist style."

"I'm not so sure about that, do you really think her body could handle such intense training?" Shinji asked in genuine concern.

"Do not worry about Asuka my youthful comrade, her spring time of youth will explode when the training is done," Lee said as he once again gave his good-guy pose and made his teeth shine again, temporarily forgetting about Misato beside him.

"Ha, like some measily training is going to keep me done, I can take whatever you can throw at me," Asuka said as she then slammed her hands on the table," BELIEVE IT!!" (sorry, but I think that sometime, every Naruto fic, or anything related to it, should have that line)

"Well said my youthful flower, keep that up and do it with as much hard work and determination you have and I know you can do it," Lee said as he smile again with a glint to it once more.

"Yeah, sure thing fuzzy-brows," Asuka mumbled under her breath as she took a swig of pop she got out of the refrigerator earlier.

"Since you have agreed to it, you, Asuka, will be living here with me, Shinji and Rei," Misato said as she took a swig of her own can, but this can was beer.

Shinji eyed the can, but mentally shrugged, he already finished his deal with her on teaching her how to cook, so the deal was done and she could drink as much as she wanted to now,' though if anything, she's at least a much better cook than Akane on 'Ranma ½,' he thought as he chuckled again at a funny scene on his manga.

"What?! Why do I have to stay with these two? A girl and boy shouldn't live under the same room after the age of seven anyway," Asuka exclaimed as she sputtered her drink at the beginning.

"The Angel, as you all know, is regenerating," Misato said calmly, not in the least bit bothered by the outburst," at most, we only have six days, so we don't have time."

"But with the way he moved," she said as pointed to Shinji," how do you expect me to keep up with him," although she hated it, and I mean really hated it, she had to acknowledge his skill as a pilot and fighter," it'll be impossible!"

"Well, to make the impossible possible, you two will be doing katas day in and day out with Lee here until you've got it down so good, you don't even know you're doing it anymore," Misato said as she gave them a firm glare. Shinji nodded and accepted the training, but Asuka just hung her head and mumbled about things being unfair," you will do this in the span of six days."

As the company at the apartment discussed the training schedule, Naruto was at the lodging of where those of the Shadow Dimension were living. He sat on the roof in a deep meditation," you know, you making yourself known too much by hanging around Misato the way you are," he said as he kept his eyes closed as Kyuubi came and sat down on the ledge of the building with his left leg up and right leg dangling off it with his hands on the floor of the roof, supporting his weight.

"Hey, you, kit, said to get to know the woman and I'm getting to know her as best I can," the foxes face then turned a bit sour," but did you have to restrict me from being myself too much, it took so much of my willpower not to ravage her that night," he said as he mentally cried a river of tears.

"She said she had enough of the sickos in her life, so I think someone who has had enough something should at least get something she wanted," Naruto then opened his eyes and stared at the back of Kyuubi's head," I would think someone like you would like the chance to move on anyway," he said in a calm manner.

The fox bit back a retort as he knew the kit had a bit of point. But he still, even now, regretted ever telling the boy why he attacked Konoha," it still feels like I did it anyway," he said with a downcast expression.

"Madara was the one to force you to attack Konoha, you were under the influence of his Mangyeko Sharingan and force to live the pain of seeing your wife die, you need to let that go. Otherwise, her soul will not be put to rest if you keep hanging onto like you do," Naruto said as he got up and started to head back inside.

"You, of all people, should take your own advice kit, seeing as how you keep that eye you gave Shinji was that of your 'brothers'. The only reason you gave him that, besides his protection, was to keep hanging onto the one thing that connects that Uchiha to this world and ours," Kyuubi said as he kept his gaze to the distance ahead.

Naruto stopped at opening to door and kept his gaze forward, the shadow of his bangs covering his eye. He then smirked and said," I know that," is all he said before he opened the door and went inside. The Kyuubi stayed where he was and sighed as he got up and headed back himself.

After three days, Touji and Kensuke were in the elevator of Shinji's apartment," I wondered what happened to Shinji-sensei, I mean, he never misses a day of school, even though he keeps reading that manga book of his," Touji wondered as he and Kensuke rode up in the elevator.

"I know, you don't think he got attacked by one of Orochi's subordinates," Kensuke thought outloud as they stepped out of the elevator.

Before the other boy could answer, they were greeted by the sight of Hikari," oh, hey Class Rep," Touji said as he greeted the pigtailed girl.

"Oh, it's the idiot duo," she deadpanned at them and made them get red nerve ticks on the side of their forehead.

"Why are you here anyway," asked Touji as the girl walked alongside them.

"I'm here to see Souryu, why are you two here," she answered and asked at the same time.

"Were here to see Shinji," Kensuke said as he hid the fact to her he was their sensei, as all three of them stop at the same apartment number.

"WHY'D YOU STOP HERE?" the the two boys and the single girl asked each other.

All three of them then rung the doorbell and heard," COMING," from two different voice, though the female sounded fatigued and the male sounded bored. When the door opened, it showed Shinji and Asuka, but both were wearing identical suits similar to Lee, though Asuka's was red and Shinji's was blue, just without the jacket.

Touji and Kensuke had their hands up in the air and tried to protect themselves from the view while Hikari was just blushing at seeing Shinji in such a tight suit," gah, what the hell are you wearing Shinji," Touji asked as looked appalled by the way Shinji looked in the outfit, though he wouldn't admit that Asuka looked really hot in hers.

"Why are you pair dressing like that, I thought you were with Rei, Shinji?" Kensuke asked as he tried to get the image of Shinji in that suit out of his mind, permanently.

"THAT'S BECAUSE LEE-SENSEI SAID TO WEAR THESE TO TRAIN IN HIS STYLE, IF WE DIDN'T, HE SAID HE WOULDN'T TRAIN US AT ALL," the two of them say in sync. Though Asuka's expression was downright saddened, while Shinji wore a mask of laziness.

"How can you two live with each other like that," Hikari exclaimed as she started to get dirty thoughts in her mind and almost started to have a nosebleed.

"YOU'RE MISUNDERSTANDING," they both said as Asuka wore an angry expression, while Shinji wore the same expression as before.

"Then what is it," Hikari said as she started to freak out, but her thoughts were cut off as she heard a greeting.

"Oh, hey guys," Misato greeted as everyone turned their head toward Misato and Rei. Though everyone could see Rei was not a happy camper with this seeing as how her face was impassive, but if you looked into her eyes, you could see that the rage in her eye when she saw her man with Asuka, dressed together like that.

"Uh, mind explaining this to us Misato?" Touji asked as he thumbed to Shinji and Asuka. Once everyone got inside, Misato explained what was going on," oh is that it, you should have told us that right from the beginning, Shinji," Touji said as everyone was gathered around the table as Lee instructed the two in the next movement of the kata to Shinji and Asuka.

"So, how is the sync kata training going?" Hikari asked as she petted Penpen, who was relaxing on her lap as if he was laying on his own bed.

"See for yourself?" Misato deadpanned as everyone looked at what was going on. Not long after she said that, they heard Lee say to try again with authority, which made them hang their heads down.

Asuka then stomped on the ground with frustration," ugh, this is impossible, how am I supposed sync up with this idiot if he keeps going to slow," she asked in frustration.

"Now, now, my youthful flower, you should not give up," Lee said as he was about to scold the German girl.

"So, are you saying you give up then Asuka," Misato asked as she got a good idea on how to deflate that ego the German girl has.

"Like you have anyone else to do this," Asuka said smugly, which made Misato grin.

"Rei?" Misato said as she got the blue haired girl's attention.

"Yes," she said as she blinked at her captain.

"Show her," she simply, which made Rei wonder what she meant until she herself got a grin and got up to stand beside Shinji. When she stood by Shinji she got a angelic smile on her face as Shinji returned his own smile back at her. Lee looked at Miato and saw her nod, which he returned.

"Alright, now..." he then started to instruct move by move. As he did, the two were in perfect sync, every punch, every kick, every chop, it was as if the two were of one body and mind. Asuka saw this and started to get worried.

"I guess I should hand the other part of the operation over to Rei," Misato thought outloud.

"What?" she asked quietly as she looked back at how the two were in sync. She then started to shake her head in frustration and then stormed out while saying," No, I can't stand this anymore!" and slammed the door as she left.

"A-Asuka," Hikari said in worry as her best friend left. She then growled at the boy who continued to do the kata with Rei," Shinji, GO," the boy stopped and looked at her strangely," you made her cry, take some responsibility," she said as looked at the boy with anger.

Shinji blinked at her and looked at Rei, who sighed and nodded her head. He just shrugged and casually left the room, but as soon as he did leave, he vanished in a poof of smoke. He then reappeared by Asuka's side, who was at a gas stop, with her face close to cold cans of pop while kneeling down with the door open, letting the cool air chill down her body temperature. She didn't even flinch when he did appear, having gotten used to how he got around and appeared around people. She saw him lean against the glass door of another with his eyes close," I know, I have to pilot the Eva," she said as she narrowed her eyes a bit.

"Like I said before, you need to find something else other than Eva to live your life," Shinji said as he opened his eyes and looked at her," for someone as smart and beautiful as you, you would have no problem finding something else to do."

Not the least bit flattered by his compliments, she looked at him with narrowed eyes," and how would you know how smart I am?"

"Hey, give me some credit, I'm not a ninja for nothing," he said as he took a big breath and continue," Asuka Langley Soryu, designated as the Second Child of the Evangelion Project and pilots the Evangelion Unit 02. Your only one quarter Japanese, which accounts for your Japanese name but European appearance. Your a native of Germany, having been raised there, though your nationality is technically American. Your native language is German, and you often have lapses into speaking German words or phrases when your flustered, although you speak fluent Japanese. You're what everyone calls a child prodigy and you have a university degree even though you're a teenager, though it is not specified what field your degree is in. You're very proud of being an Eva pilot, and near-constantly wear your A10 nerve clips in your hair, because you wants everyone around you to know that you're a pilot."

"How do you know all of that," she asked suspiciously.

"I read it off a file on you and is combined with what assumptions I made on my own. If I'm going to work with someone, I'll need to know everything I can about them and not be stabbed in the back," he said as he cast hard and firm stare at her," it's like I said, I'm a ninja and I don't trust anyone at first."

"What about the others then," she shot back.

"I've known about them for quite sometime, and those I've just met were the ones I already read files on once I...did some searching you could say," he said as he left a bit of hint of what he did. He then sighed and looked at the entrance of the gas station," come on, get what you want and let's head back," he said as he started to walk away. Asuka herself just stayed where she was before she went get what she wanted and went to continue her sync training.

And so it went on as Asuka's and Shinji's sync training went through it's ups and down as they did katas together, brush teeth together, watched T.V. together, and slept together, though the last one had Rei close by, in Shinji's futon for extra precautions she said.

It was now the night before the fight with the Angels and Asuka was now just getting out of the shower," hey, where's Misato?" she asked the two who were playing an old PS3 game.

"The captain said she would be working all night tonight," Rei said as she tried to back-up Shinji on the game.

"So that means where all alone tonight?" she asked happily, which made the both of them look at her with questionable looks," not like that," she shot back angrily. She then picked up her futon and put it passed the sliding door," good night," she said as slid the door shut. The two look at each before they shrugged to each other and continued to play.

It was now two in the morning and Misato was about to head back home. She then stepped in the elevator to leave when she heard," hey, hold the elevator," she knew that voice and pressed the button to close the door.

As Kaji was about to slide his hand into the elevator door, he felt something trip him and made him fall on the ground. He got up and looked at what or who tripped him, but found nothing,' what the..' he then remembered he was going to be in the elevator with Misato, but missed his chance as the door completely shut,' shit,' was all he said as he got back up and left, thinking up of another plan to win Misato over.

Misato sighed an air of relief at that moment," it's a good thing I tripped him when he got close, huh?" said a voice behind her. She 'eeped' and looked behind her to see Minato, again," hey," he said with a big grin on his face.

"Don't you have anything else better to do than to sneak up behind me and scare the crap out of me?" she asked as she started to get annoyed at how he was able to always get behind her without her notice.

"Eh," he grunted as he shrugged his shoulder," but more importantly," he said as he went behind her and put his hand on her shoulders and started to massage them," you should relax and be glad I stopped that guy from molesting you," he said happily.

"How were you able to do that and get in here in such short amount time," she asked as she welcomed his massaging and moaned a bit at his magic touch.

The fox grinned at the reaction he was getting by massaging and said," sorry, but a magician never reveals his secrets."

"Your a ninja, I remember you said that before," she deadpanned at him.

"Okay, well, I'm a magic ninja, so there," he said he stuck his tongue out at her, which made her giggle at his childish antics and made him chuckle a bit as well.

Misato leaned back into his chest and sighed. The fox though wondered why she was acting like this all of sudden and blinked a bit at her," you know, your real good guy, I'm glad Naruto introduced me to you."

In his mind, the fox chuckled and wondered how she would feel if she found out he was actually the demon that was sealed inside the person she said introduced him. Not one to pass up an opportune moment to hold a beautiful woman, he drew her into a hug and held her close," this is as good it's going to get, for now," he said as he grinned a bit at her.

"Yeah," she said as yawned and put her hand on his chest," for now," she said sleepily and dozed off into la-la land.

'Did she just go to sleep,' he thought as he saw her lose her grip on the files in her hands and almost dropped, if he didn't catch them in time. He just shook his head and and mentally said,' troublesome,' he thought as the elevator door opened and ran as fast as he could to her apartment, with the Misato safely in his arms. (When I say fast for him, I mean fast, like, Gai without his weights fast)

Later that day, the two pilots, Asuka and Shinji, were now in their respective Evas, as they waited orders from Misato, since they heard reports that the Angel was now on the move," alright you two, right when you two get out there, go through the training you had used during this week to the fullest."

"RIGHT," the two of the said at the same time. Kaji wouldn't voice it, but he wondered why Misato didn't go with his plan when he suggest it later after he heard that Ritsuko wasn't able to get it to her. All he got as answer was a scoff as she turned and walked away.

"Alright, remember the training we had Asuka and we'll be fine," Shinji assured the redhead as he see little doubt in her eyes.

"I know that idiot, just don't stray to far from the plan, okay?" she said as got her confidence back.

Shinji chuckled a bit, but answered nonetheless," right, right."

"The targets are at ground zero," one of the bridge bunny's said.

"Alright, purge the external power supply," Misato commanded as they techs did so on the Eva," Launch," the two Evas were then thrust from the catapults.

When they reached the top, they were launched into the air and got a bird's eye view of the city, with the Angel being in it. They both held their hands up and popped out a stick each that turned into staffs. They both thrust the staff in front and behind the Angel and made it split in two as a shield activated in between the staff and cut them in half.

The two of them landed and were ordered to take the weaponry at their sides. Shinji took a rifle and started to shoot them while strafing around them while Asuka took her own and started to shoot them down while doing that same in the opposite direction. As the shots hit, the two angels started to shoot back with beams from their eyes. The two pilots saw this and started to flip back, avoiding the shots being fired at them. They then stepped on a pad and brought a steel shield that block the remaining beam shots. Shinji quickly popped out a progressive kunai and handed one to Asuka, to which she nodded in thanks. The two of them then stepped out and shot some round from their rifles with one hand each as their other hands held a progressive kunai. The two Angels dodged the shot by jumping up towards them and sliced the shield into slabs of cut steel, which they had abandoned as soon as they saw the Angels were coming for them. The Angels were then a bit distracted as a whole volley of missiles were shot at them from the ground and stationed military.

Now that they got their breathe back and saw that it was pushed back to the mountain area, the two pilots went in for the final strike. They came from opposite sides and gave right hooks to the faces of the Angels. The Angels countered by jabbing towards their faces, but they ducked and were kicked by, what would be assumed, their chins and sent them flying upwards. They hit each other high up in the air and formed back into one being with their cores still slightly apart. The two were quickly up in the air, right under the shadow of the Angel. The two then backhanded the Angel in the face, slicing with the kunai they had in their hands, then hooked it in the same spot from their positions, and then finally, came down with a heel drop, right on the Angels cores," TWIN LION'S BARRAGE," they both called out as the Angel crashed down on the mountain and exploded, while the two slid away from it. Not soon after that, their Evas shut down.

Not long after that, Shinji was getting out of his cockpit as Unit 01 was set back in its place. As soon as he got out, he was nearly tackled by Rei," you did it baby," she exclaimed happily as she had her arms around his neck with a big smile on her face.

"Ow Rei, it not easy doing my sensei's style and not get a muscle cramp, so can you calm down on the moving my body too much, please," he pleaded in a fake manner.

"Yeah right, you fought a lot more better than that, so I know you lying," she said as she saw right through his lie.

"Well, I'm not lying, damn, my legs feel sore," Asuka said as she came up to the two," I think I'm going to take up on that lady's offer and train in your guy's ninja stuff," she then rubbed her legs a bit as she felt how sore they were.

"Speaking of training, Rei, I'm going to need you to get the rest of your teammates and get ready for more training, this time, you'll be training with my dad," Shinji said as he put his arm around her waist.

"Why," Rei asked as she cocked her head to the side.

"He'll be able to help you guys get some real practical experience, I won't say how, just trust me when I say that he'll be able to help," Shinji said with a smile and eye smiles as well. Rei was confused a bit, but nodded and then let got of him.

She then pushed him towards the shower area," now then, off with you to the showers mister, you stink," she said as she pushed him with one hand and held her nose with the other.

"I love you too, Rei," he said as he complied with her orders and walked towards the shower, knowing that afterwards, he would need to train himself, in order to get ready for any upcoming conflicts up ahead that Orochi has in store.

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