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Kaleidoscope - Chapter 1

"Roxas, get out of the mirror. We're gonna be late."

Roxas grinned to himself one more time in the mirror before jumping up and heading down stairs to meet with his brother Sora.

"Hurry up if you want to eat before Cloud comes to pick us up. Leon cooked breakfast so I suggest you get in there and eat." Sora said as he saw Roxas coming down the stairs. Roxas perked up at the mention of his half brother and breakfast.

As Roxas moved into the kitchen he asked, "Is Leon gonna get a ride too?"

Sora looked up from where he was going through his homework at the last minute and nodded, "Yeah he's coming. His bike got put into the shop last night." Sora answered, "But I don't know why," he added after seeing Roxas' inquisitive look. He wasn't related to Sora's other brother by blood but he cared a lot.

A voice floated in from the kitchen, "Roxas! Come eat before Cloud gets here." Roxas shot Sora a look and hurried into the kitchen. "Coming Leon."

Ten minutes later the sound of a car pulling into the driveway sent everyone in the house scurrying for their school gear. When the door opened, the sight of his family running round trying to find a coat, shoe or backpack greeted Cloud. He smiled softly in quiet amusement and went to sit down on the couch. However, before he got there completely, Leon, Sora and Roxas were standing at the door and looking at him as if they really thought he was going to have to wait for them.

He sighed as he walked over to the door, opened it and gestured for everyone else to file out. He locked the door on his way and hopped into his Ford Focus. After checking that everyone was in and buckled up. He turned the car on, revved the engine a bit and backed out of the driveway. As he started the drive the boys' high school he said, "I have a bit of a surprise for you guys after school."

Sora immediately perked up at the mention of a surprise. He loved surprises. Cloud noticed and just smiled. "But I'm going to tell you so you'll just have to wait." Sora visibly deflated a bit but perked up as Roxas drew him into conversation about their friends and their antics the day before.

Cloud looked over at Leon who sitting quietly ion the front seat. "You good, Leon?" he asked softly. Startled out of daydream by the sound of his name, he smiled weakly and nodded. "Just a bit tired, is all." Cloud nodded and looked back at the road. He would drop them off and go pick up his bike so he could get to work.

"Riku! Where is my eyeliner? I can't find it!"

"I don't know! Ask Yazoo!"

"Which eyeliner do you need Kadaj?"

"The gold."

"Use mine." Yazoo offered up his gold liquid eyeliner.

"But, -" Kadaj protested, wanting to use his own

"You guys better get your asses in gear, or you'll be late to your first day at your new school." Sephiroth called from downstairs.

"Please! The only one who cares about school is Loz anyways. As a matter of fact where is he?" Riku said, reclining on his bed.

"Making sure he has everything he needs. You know its about his fifth check." Yazoo said, making light fun of his older brother.

"Yazoo, the eyeliner." Kadaj said, moving towards the bathroom.

"Oh here."


"Anyways, Sephiroth says he has someone he wants us to meet." Riku said.

"What? It's not like he broke up with Zack is it?"

"No, I think it might be an old school friend or something.

"Thanks Yazoo," Kadaj said as he moved back into the room, dropping Yazoo's eyeliner into his backpack.

"You ready to go now?" Riku asked, sitting up.

"Yep, lets go get Loz and Sephiroth and move out." Kadaj said.

They got their coats and backpacks on and trekked downstairs. They found Sephiroth and Loz sitting in the foyer, reading magazines. They both looked up when Yazoo, Kadaj and Riku went in.

"You guys ready?" Loz asked.

"Yes," Yazoo answered.

"Then I guess that we should get going if you want to get everything handled before your late." Sephiroth said as he stood up from his chair. "To the car."

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