"Hey Roxas. Check out the new kid. Funky hair huh?"

"Sora, talking about people you don't know is really rude. Shut up and let me finish my notes-"

"Mister Loire! I suggest you be quiet and do your work before I give you detention." Their teacher, Mister Davisdon was uncommonly strict and moody, causing all the students to wonder about what him all had cranked up. He never called anyone by their last name. Even when they were in trouble.

Sora quickly brought his book up so that it shielded him form Mr. Davis and he gave Roxas a 'your dead' look. Roxas just smiled and took notes form his book.

About 20 minutes later, Mr. Davisdon silently stood up and left the room. Exactly 3 seconds after the door closed behind him, the class surged up to get at the new kid.

"So, what's your name?"

"Are you single?"

"Where are you from?"

"Is that your natural hair color?"

And so on. The new kid held up his hand for silence and they all obliged.

"My name is Riku Destati, yes I am single. I'm from Midgar. Yes this is my natural air color and I would happily prove it to you. I have 4 brothers, no sisters. We moved here because my Dad just got a new promotion at his job." At this Riku stopped an looked around at everyone, his eyes lingering a bit on Sora who was closest to him, being the fastest in the scramble to reach him. "Any thing else you wish to ask?"

Sora smiled innocently and leaned in, "Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

Riku frowned. "I don't go out with strangers."

"Then let me introduce myself. My name is Sora Loire. I have 3 brothers. I have lived in this town just about my entire life and I would one day like to be a Photographer." Riku looked intrigued.

"What kind of photography?"

"Portrait. I wan to photograph models."

Riku grinned, "So since you're not a stranger and not a complete weirdo, I guess I'll be your boyfriend for a trial period to get to know each other better." Sora grinned widely.

Suddenly from the back of the classroom, some yelled "5!" and everyone rushed off to their own seats. Riku looked a little confused until he heard the door to the classroom open 5 second later. When the teacher walked in, he pretended to look at his schedule while sneaking quick looks at his 'boyfriend'.

'I can't believe I just did that. I really just agreed to be some kid's boyfriend. Hella awkward.' Riku thought to him self.

Soon the bell rang and he headed out to his next class.

Irvine knew the routine quite well. He would be walking with Squall to their classroom; Seifer would come up, ravish Squall for about 5 minutes, then tell him a time and place, and walk off.

However, this routine got cut short halfway into the ravishing part as an unfamiliar voice jumped out from the crowd. Seifer broke his kiss to Squall neck and turned to see who had dared interrupt him. However his scowled quickly transformed into a smile as he eyed the lithe figure walking towards them.

Longish silver hair, a stunning face and body, and familiar catlike green eyes sauntered up to them, Irvine taking a mild interest in the proceedings but generally more concerned with text messaging his boy-friend. Squall looked perturbed as his boyfriend stopped kissing him and was now hugging this person like he was some sort of life line.

"Yazoo! I haven't seen you in forever. You've grown up."

Yazoo smiled and replied, "So have you. Geez you're a fucking giant! And you got yourself a lover! Ah, the times do change."

"Aw Angel, I've missed you. Whe-"

"Seifer. Who's this?" Squall finally spoke up. Yazoo looked at him, assessing his posture, face, body and overall first impression. The slight frown on his face did nothing to put off Yazoo and he smiled and held his hand out to Squall.

"Hello, My name it Yazoo. I'm one of Seifer's cousins. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Squall just stared. Irvine, done with texting Zell, notice what was happening, looked at his watch, cursed and started to pull Squall to their next class.

"We're going to be late. Later Seifer. Later Gorgeous." He drawled in his slow country accent, referring to Yazoo as he tried to keep Squall and himself from being late, again.

Slightly miffed, Squall let himself be dragged. He didn't like the way Seifer ignored him.

"Thank you for your order; we'll have your valve and belts to you in about 40 minutes. Thank-You. Bye." Cloud sighed as he looked around the bike specialty shop he worked at as a delivery boy. It was a mess but he ignored it. He went into the back room got the parts he needed, wrapped them and got ready to leave. He would deliver this and then go meet with his long friend, Sephiroth.


Large warm hands wandered up his shirt, tweaking a nipple. With all the friction, Roxas though he was going to explode.


The mouth on his neck didn't relent and was quickly robbing him of all rational thought.

"Axel, lunch is going to be over soon. We have to go."

Axel finished up with a slow kiss on Roxas' mouth.

"If you say so, love." He said, smirking. With striking green eyes and fire red hair, it was easy to believe he was from Ireland as he claimed. In addition to his dead sexy accent and outlandish tattoos, Roxas was on him like white on rice.

"I can still come over tonight, no?" Axel asked.

"Yeah, but we gotta keep it down. Sora looked like he wanted to kick my ass last time for keeping him awake all night." Roxas replied, grinning cheekily.

"Deal, I'll be there at 5. Got it memorized?" Axel said as he walked off, the bell signaling lunch was over, going off.




Reno fell off the couch surprised by the sight of his partner coming into the living room so suddenly. Rude shook his had and grimaced.

"We have a job. Today 4 o'clock at Ragnarok Modeling Studios," Rude said.

Reno just grinned, indicating he had heard and decided to continue his nap. Rude just sighed and left the room. He had a meeting with his cousin.

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