Author's Notes: With a recent spike in interest in Sailor Moon, I've decided to continue and finish this story. It's gone through a lot of changes over the past few years, so if you read it a long time ago, check it out again as it has undergone a completely new story, but retains a bit of the old story.

This story has drawn lots of plot points from Hana Yori Dango, one of my favourite manga series, as well as from other different places, but given a bit of a twist. This story is set in the Silver Millennium where the Moon and Earth kingdoms have been at war for years. It is both a Serenity x Kunzite/Endymion fic, which I think is something that hasn't quite been explored in many stories. I always thought of Kunzite and Endymion being almost like brothers, which is why I thought that naturally they would be drawn to the same woman. I haven't really decided what time period it takes place in, mainly because I never really knew what time period the Silver Millennium was set in. There were medieval aspects, but also the technology seen in the Moon Kingdom was almost futuristic. For this story, I've taken a few liberties with the time period, so if you have any questions along the way, I'll try to answer them.

The story will have adult tones and explicit scenes, so please be aware. If you want to read the uncensored version, please find the link in my profile. I hope you enjoy the story and please leave a comment if you have time!

Update 11/01/15: Revised some of the dialogue, but no major plot changes.

You don't know somebody's aching
Keeping it all in
Somebody won't let go
Of his heart but the truth is
It's painless.

"Love Show" Skye

Chapter 1: Trust

He told her to trust him.

Eyes clenched shut, she struggled against the firm, hardened grip around her neck. The gloved fingers dug into her delicate skin ever so slightly, forcing the air to escape from her lungs.

She said he could be trusted.

His icy blue eyes bore into her with an unreadable expression plastered on his face; something that must have taken him years to perfect.

But the truth of the matter was, she couldn't trust anyone.

"I apologize, Princess." His voice was ever so quiet, like a soft feather floating through the wind. The sincerity could be heard but she refused to acknowledge its existence.

How foolish she was to think he was a good person. A genuine, trustworthy Terran, worthy of the love of her dear friend. They are all the same in the end, she thought bitterly.

Silence fell upon them, unsettling her stomach as his gloved grip around her neck loosened slightly, but did not falter. Her eyes reluctantly glided along his long, wispy, silver hair that framed his unwavering stare. She wanted nothing more than to return home and to be with her mother and friends. Not in some foreign castle on enemy grounds with a man she wanted nothing more than to beat to a bloody pulp.

"If you are going to do it, then do it," she taunted, wondering if he was truly intending to go through with the plan.

His eyes slowly lowered to the hand around her neck. He was careful not to break his hardened stare, but he could not stop his jaw from clenching.

"Believe me, I would rather not have this situation on my hands."

If she had been listening hard enough, she might have heard the remorse in his voice.

"You could have had the decency to inform me of your intentions." Not that it would have made a difference.

"Do you think she would have let you go? I would be holding her right now if that were the case." A weary sigh escaped the tall man's lips.

The Princess bit the inside of her cheek as her eyes grew narrow. She would rather be in this position than to have her here, but it did not mean she wanted this to happen.

"Judging by your silence, you know I am right."

"You will never be worthy of her." She was not sure if she meant it, but the look on his face made it almost worth telling a lie. What did it matter if he was right? At the end of the day, she had been deceived by him after he assured her he could be trusted.

His stone cold, expressionless face shattered for a brief second as her words penetrated through the stoic mask he wore on his face. Just as she was about to deliver her next attack, the reflection off his silver sword pulled her from her thoughts. Bracing herself for the impact, Princess Serenity clenched her eyes shut, praying to the Gods it would be painless.

In one swift, agonizing motion, she gasped as the blade slid across her hair like paper in the wind. Her eyes widened in horror as she felt the weight suddenly drop from her body, like a discarded anchor from a boat. The weight that was once a large part of who she was, what she stood for, and everything she wanted to be, pooled around her feet in a disarray.

His eyes looked down at the large clump of hair in his hands as a frown slowly formed on his lips. He released the grip on her neck before throwing the hair into the nearby fire. The Princess' hands slowly grasped at the ends of her hair, gasping when she felt the length which had been cut near her shoulders. She had never felt so naked, bare, and stripped of what made her who she was. All because of him.

He had not expected her to be so distraught by such an action; it was just hair, after all. He took a chance and peered into her solemn eyes and grimaced when she stared up at him with her eyes full of hurt, betrayal and anguish. "Princess Serenity," he began. "I know this may not be the ideal situation, for either of us-"

"That is the first correct thing you have said all day to me, sir," Serenity replied bitterly as the water welled beneath her eyes.

"Your hair is a dead giveaway of your identity, Princess. If you are to stay here undetected and unnoticed, we needed to get rid of it." Placing his sword back into his sheath, the soldier sighed heavily. "It will be difficult to procure a transportation spell quickly since the King has placed strict regulations on transporting between kingdoms. Especially between the Moon and Earth kingdoms."

Serenity hands clenched at the mere mention of the King. There was no way she would ever seek help from him.

"However, that will not stop me from finding a way to bring you home, Princess. I will need some time to obtain one and until then, we will need to hide you from the others."

Serenity was unable to tear her eyes away from golden strands in her hands. It had been years since she had an a haircut. Her hair had stopped growing after it reached her legs, so there was no need to have it cut. But that was years ago. What if it would not grow back this time? "You do not understand the importance of hair to a woman, Sir-" she paused, realizing she did not even know the name of her captor.

"Kunzite," he revealed, eyes locking on hers. "While I may never understand the importance of strands to a woman, if we had kept it the way it was, the King will surely recognize you." The silver-haired general peered into her wide eyes, his lips settling into a disheartened frown. "If you are caught by the King, even I cannot save you. I need you to trust me, Princess."

There was that word again: trust. He wanted her to trust him? She hardly knew him and not just a few minutes ago, he had betrayed her. How in the world could she even begin to trust him?

"Why should I trust you?"

Step by step, the general began to close the distance between them, slowly backing her into the book case behind her. The Princess let out a small squeak as her back hit the shelf. Her eyes watched cautiously as his large hands slowly reached up to the buns on the sides of her head and gently released them from their hold. Her former long, golden mane slowly fell along the sides of her head just beneath her shoulders as a rush of blood flooded to her cheeks.

When he was finished, Kunzite's eyes met hers and suddenly she became aware of just how close he was to her. Her heart gradually started to beat rapidly against her chest as her face grew warmer from his touch. As her lips parted slightly, Serenity could feel her stomach rolling. Why was it that she was suddenly so nervous?

He was no doubt a beautiful creature. When she had first laid eyes on him, she was unable to look away from the tall figure in front of her. It was his long silver hair that she had noticed first, followed by his large broad shoulders and strong jaw. However, it wasn't until then that she noticed how strikingly blue his eyes were, which seemed to pull her in the more she stared at them. Perhaps a part of her was starting to understand why she was so enamoured with this man, enough to risk everything for him.

Kunzite gazed at the young Princess curiously, his eyes focusing on her wide, bright blue eyes. They had spoken of the beauty of Lunarian women but it wasn't until being up close, he truly began to notice her stunning features. Luscious pink lips, big, doe, ocean blue eyes that stared up at him both innocently and angrily. Her golden locks emphasized her peachy, creamy soft skin, which glowed with a pinkish hue.

He suddenly felt felt his throat become suddenly parched and dry, before clearing his throat. Shaking his head, Kunzite took a cautious step back from the Princess. "Because of some strange stroke of luck, we both want the same thing. Her safety. You and I both know we cannot implicate her into this situation. That would make this entirely futile."

Serenity remained silent as his words resonated throughout her. She really hated that he was right. Serenity knew he was the only person he could trust in this foreign and frightening land. Without his help, she would have to become a slave to the kingdom. Or worse. Then again, she would not be in this mess if he had not gotten involved with her in the first place.

"I do wish that you will someday understand my actions today, and that I truly wish you no harm."

"Sir Kunzite, you are just fortunate that the person whom I wish not to implicate is someone that I truly care about. Otherwise, I would not be standing here, enduring your pathetic attempts at trying to ease your conscience." Her eyes narrowed in his direction and she folded her arms across her chest. "First, you purposely tricked me into taking the wrong vial so that she would escape, and then you cut my hair off!"

"I had to trick you because you were foolish enough to use a transportation spell from the Moon without bringing any means of return!" His face hardened as he saw her scowl at him the first time since their meeting. Why was she so bitter about the loss of her hair? She still looked beautiful without it. Wait... beautiful?

Serenity was slightly taken back by the harsh tone in his voice. "How was I to know that? I was in a rush to save her-"

"She did not need any saving at all!" he bellowed at her, placing a frustrated hand on his forehead. "She was perfectly fine on her own!"

Serenity felt her blood starting to boil as she glared at him. "I thought she had been captured by your men! Had I known instead she was off having a secret rendezvous with a Terran man, I would have tried to knock some sense into her. She just up and left, without bothering to tell her mother, or any of us!"

The silver-haired soldier folded his arms across his broad chest. "Judging by your reaction, can you blame her?"

Serenity's lips pursed into a line across her face. Was he trying to make her feel guilty? She was not in the mood to argue with a man she had only just met a few minutes ago.

A heavy sigh escaped the general's lips before shaking his head. He rubbed the back of his neck, knowing that he was not helping the situation. The Princess was merely concerned for her soldier, and he was taking his frustrations out on her. "I apologize. That was uncalled of me. I understand that she means a lot to you, and you care incredibly for her. But, you need to understand, Princess, that I do as well. Quite possibly even more."

"I find that highly impossible," Serenity retorted, insulted at the idea that her friendship and devotion to her soldier could pale in comparison to his so called 'feelings'.

"I understand you do not approve of our relationship, but you must believe me when I say I truly do care about her, and I would do anything to keep her from harm."

Serenity looked away from him, her eyes focusing on a spot on the wall to her left. Deep down, she was aware of the truth in his words. If he did not care for her as much as he said he did, she would not be currently standing here next to this pompous silver haired general. If it had been anyone else, they probably would have already turned her into the King. "I am just hoping that once Venus finds out about what you did, she does not let you hear the end of it. I, for one, will not be allowing you that pleasure."

"That she will," he mused. "That she will." His lips slowly curled into a smile for the first time and she felt like her heart had stopped for a second. What in the world was that? She brushed it aside.

Suddenly, two large hands gently grasped her shoulders. Serenity looked up at the general beneath her lashes as he stared back her. The Princess felt her heart quicken and wondered why she was reacting so strangely to the general's touch. "You can trust me when I say Princess Venus means everything to me. What is important to her is important to me. I promise I will not let anything happen to you in this castle."

His grip loosened around her shoulders as Kunzite's arms fell to his side. For some reason, she felt a strange comfort in the general's words. Could she trust him as a person? Why would she still be standing here if he did not care for Venus?

Extending his hand towards her, Kunzite's lips curled into a smile that made Serenity's heart skip. Serenity stared at his hand, hesitant to reach out towards it. She hardly knew this man in front of her, who in only a matter of minutes, managed to turn her life completely upside down. Could she truly trust him?

Kunzite's eyes widened in surprise as he felt the light, feathery touch of her soft skin against his hand. The golden haired Princess' eyes met his briefly, before releasing a heavy sigh though her lips. "Do not make me regret trusting you, Sir Kunzite."

Grasping her hand in his, he lead her towards the door. "I will not let you down. And 'Kunzite' will do, Princess."

Trying to fight the blush that crawled its way up to her face, Serenity looked away shyly. "Kunzite," she began, feeling strange to be addressing a stranger so informally. "Do not make me regret trusting you," she repeated. He smiled back reassuringly as he lead her out into the halls.

It had only been a few hours since she had discovered Princess Venus had gone missing. Venus had been by her side since they were children. She was one of her dearest friends and loyal guardians; one of whom she felt the strongest bond to than the others. Serenity had overheard her mother and soldiers discussing the missing Venusian as she stood in the great hall of the Moon palace. She had been missing for weeks without a trace of her whereabouts, all of which they had kept a secret from her. One of them mentioned there were sightings of Venus on Earthen territory and feared that she had been captured and taken as a prisoner.

The relations between the Moon and the Earth had never been amicable. For hundreds of years, wars were fought between the two kingdoms. The Earthlings did not trust the Lunarians because of their reliance on the mysteriously powerful silver crystal, which had the ability to destroy kingdoms and allowed their people to never age. Wars were raged in order to obtain and claim the power of the crystal, but in the end, Lunarians were deemed to be untrustworthy and dangerous by the Earthen folk. She had spent a great deal of her childhood learning about the reasons for war, but found herself not understanding any of it.

It was her father that taught her about the pointlessness and futility of war. The Moon King was a kind and loving ruler, with a smile that brought her nothing but joy. During his time, the relations between the Moon and Earth were slightly more amicable. It was said that the Earth and Moon King were very close friends. Transportation between the two kingdoms was permitted, and the two monarchs often visited each other in order to discuss peaceful terms of agreement. Serenity watched with pride and love as he lead their kingdom into a peaceful utopia. He only resorted to violence when absolutely necessary, and even then he felt remorse in his actions. In the end, he wanted nothing more than to simply co-exist with the Terrans without war or conflict. He trusted them.

She was only six years old when she discovered his cold, lifeless body on the floor of his bedroom.

She remembered looking up at a pair of cold, dark, menacing eyes before the figure turned around and escaped. Her mother told her that man was the King of the Earth, and he murdered her father in order to take control of their kingdom. She couldn't understand at that time why someone would want to do that to someone so kind and someone they had considered to be a brother. All she knew was that the joyful, peaceful smile she once depended on had been taken from her in a blink of a second.

Ever since then, Serenity hatred towards the King and the Earthen monarch had grown, along with the kingdom's distaste for the humans. The Moon Kingdom went further and further away from the peaceful idealism of the King. Perhaps it was because of her grief over losing her husband that drove Queen Serenity to such tactics, but the wars between the Earth and the Moon continued to intensify.

It was only recently that other kingdoms became involved. The Mercurian, Martian, Jovian and Venusian rulers always had peaceful relationships with the Lunarian rulers, and remained more loyal to them rather than the Earthen rulers. As tensions began to grow and resources became more scarce, their relationships with the Terrans became more and more sour.

The only effective way of moving between kingdoms was through a magic spell, which only a selected few were gifted with the ability to create them. Earth was the only kingdom where transportation between kingdoms was highly restricted. The King was the only one with the authority to allow these spells to be created. If any of those part of the Silver Alliance were caught on Terran soil without permission, they would be subjected to imprisonment, enslavement, or worse, execution.

Serenity knew she had to save her. If Princess Venus had been caught on Terran grounds, there was no doubt she would be enslaved. When she had stolen the transportation spell out of her mother's cabinet and had miraculously found herself in the Earthen palace, she had expected to be saving her dear friend from the hands of those heartless Earthlings.

What she was not expecting to see was her in the hands and arms of a tall, beautiful, silver-haired man.

She watched with curious eyes as the two embraced into a heated kiss. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she stood behind a pillar, rooted to her spot. Venus was associating with an Earthen general? Did she not know of the consequences of said actions? Did she not know it was forbidden? Why didn't she tell anyone? Why did she not tell her?

Her heart beat rapidly as she watched the two engage intimately. Being a young Princess, Serenity was inexperienced in those situations. Although she had many suitors approach her, none of them sparked an interest or reaction within her. Blame it on her innocence and naivety, but her idealistic tendencies told her that she would know when she had found her one true love.

However, being young and curious, she became intrigued by what she saw. The passion that emanated from the two made her feel a sudden warmth inside as a part of her yearned to be touched and held like that. She felt her breath becoming tight, her skin becoming hot, and the hairs on her skin pointing up towards to the sky.

It was this small break in focus that revealed her as a voyeur. The silver-haired general's eye shot wide open as he stared at her curiously from across the room. She froze again from shock and curled away, hoping he had not noticed her. She heard him part from Venus and the footsteps that followed.

Serenity panicked and ran in the opposite direction. She ran as fast as her legs could take her, but he was faster. It was only seconds before she felt a large hand wrap around her wrist. Her heart skipped a beat when she felt the electricity run through her arm the moment their skin came into contact. Before she could react, she was pulled to a halt from the force of the man behind her. "Who are you?" he demanded, his voice with no trace of fatigue from their impromptu excursion.

The Princess slowly turned her head to face her assailant. Her eyes gazed over the man and slowly began to take in every feature. His bright, silvery hair shone in the light as it laid gently on his shoulders, framing his face ever so delicately. His fringe bounced over his cerulean eyes that looked at her so captivatingly. His chiseled jaw, slightly clenched, looked as if it had been sculpted by God himself. The button on his slate coloured uniform remained unbutton, which revealed just a glimpse of his taut, defined chest. He was absolutely beautiful.

He stared at her momentarily, before his gaze darted to her fringe. Those large cerulean eyes widened in astonishment as he took a small step back. "You're... you're..."

"Sere!" Princess Venus suddenly called as she stopped to catch her breath. "What are you... how did you...?" Her golden mane, slightly ruffled from the run, peeked out from her brown robe that concealed her body and head. Serenity almost would not have recognized her, if it were not for the fact that she could feel her presence. Serenity's eyes found hers, slightly relieved that her soldier was fine. "Did you... did you see-"

"They shall hang you!" she found herself saying without thinking. She watched as Venus' eyes grew wide at her abrupt interruption. "This is treason... for the both of you!"

The three remained silent for a moment as Venus nodded sadly. "I am aware of that, Sere." Serenity frowned at her solemn expression as she felt her chest tighten. Her face softened as the golden-haired soldier reached out to touch her friend's shoulder. "But, I cannot help the way I feel."

"They were worried sick about you, V! No one had heard from you in weeks! I had not heard from you in weeks. I thought they had you, and were keeping you here against your will." Serenity bit her lip nervously.

The soldier of love immediately pulled the worried Princess into her embrace. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around her friend, finding an immediate comfort in her arms. Placing a soft kiss on the cheek of her comrade, Venus thanked the stars that she was fine and well. If anything had happened to the Princess because of her, she would have never forgiven herself. "I am fine, Princess," Venus reassured, a smile forming on her lips. "I am alive and well. I am sorry for not telling you where I was and for all the worry I have caused you and your family."

"Your mother was most concerned. You could have at least left a note, sent a letter, or told one of us where you were. You could have told me about him, V." Was she more hurt Venus did not trust her enough to tell her, or that she was seeing an Earthling?

"I am so sorry, Princess. I was not intending on staying long, but... my plans changed." Venus briefly glanced behind her at the general and a bright smile beamed from her lips. "However, that does not excuse my irresponsible behaviour."

Serenity's eyes followed their mutual gaze before a frown settled upon her lips. Would she ever find a person she would look at her like that? Shaking her head, Serenity pulled her in for another embrace. "I am just glad you are alive and well, V."

The Venusian smiled sadly. "I have put you in danger as we speak. Your presence on Terran grounds puts you in an incredibly vulnerable position. If they discover you, it would have disastrous consequences. We must return you home as soon as possible." Her gloved hand reached into her pocket and retrieved a clear flask. "Do you have your return spell, Sere?"

Serenity's lips parted and shook her head as her inexperience with the magics immediately caught up to her. "Return spell?" She needed a return spell to go home?

The general scoffed from behind as he stared at her in disbelief. "You teleported to Earth without any means of return? What if you had arrived somewhere else? How would you have-"

"That is enough," Venus interrupted, without looking over her shoulder. "The Princess will use my return spell," she explained, placing the small flask into Serenity's even smaller hands.

Serenity looked down at her hands with a dumbfounded look. She shook her head and held her hand out. "I came here to save you, and return you home."

"My number one duty as your guardian is to ensure your safety, Princess. I will find another way home, I promise." She pushed Serenity's hand back to her, giving her Princess a gentle smile. "Go, before anyone notices you are here."

Before Serenity could argue, the general suddenly walked towards them and grabbed the flask from her hand. He reached into the pocket of his pants and shoved another flask into her hands. "You are lucky that I have one on me, Princess," he revealed, his voice hard and stern. "The both of you must leave immediately. It is only a matter of seconds before someone sees the both of you."

Venus looked up at Kunzite with a concerned look in her eyes. "Why were you carrying a transportation spell in your pocket?"

The silver-haired general cast a stern glance back at the blonde soldier. "In case of emergencies, I suppose."

"Are you sure this will bring her home safely?" Venus asked. There was a glimmer of hesitation, before he nodded in response, and smiled reassuringly at her.

"Trust me." The general reached out to squeeze her hand gently. The blonde-haired soldier nodded affectionately and smiled, before turning back to Serenity. "Princess, you go first. I will follow behind."

The white haired general shook his head at her request. "The both of you must leave at the same time. This will guarantee the proper execution of both spells."

The tone in his voice raised suspicion within Serenity; one that she had wished she investigated further at the time. She looked at her friend, doubt visible in her eyes. Did she really know this man well in front of him? "Can he truly be trusted, V?"

The soldier smiled proudly; a type of smile she had never seen on her face until that very moment. "Yes," she said almost immediately. "I trust him with my life."

Kunzite smiled back at her as he pulled her in for a kiss. He pulled away and his hand gently cupped the side of her face. "Be safe, Venus. I will miss you more than you will ever know."

"And I will miss you as well. I will see you as soon as I can," she promised, before leaning in to kiss him again. Serenity felt the warm blush splash across her cheeks once more as she shied away from them. Venus hesitantly pulled away from him and turned back to Serenity. "Are you ready, Sere?" she asked as she placed her fingers around the stopper. Serenity nodded.

Their fingers gently lifted the stopper off the their respective flasks simultaneously. Two pillars of bright light shot down from the ceiling and encased the both them. Venus glanced over at her with a reassuring smile, before she closed her eyes. The light surrounded her completely before it disappeared faster than it appeared. Serenity closed her eyes and awaited the feeling of disorientation and excitement the spell gave her the first time.

Suddenly, the light that encased her ceased to shine. As she opened her eyes to investigate, she felt two large ropes surround and wrap around her arms and body. She screamed as they bound tightly around her, almost feeling as if it were suffocating her. "What is this?!" she demanded as she struggled against the ropes. She looked up at the man in front of her, hurt and betrayal evident in her eyes.

He stared at her with such a dark and solemn expression that she could feel her pulse racing. Her immediate reaction was to run as far away as she could. However, the moment her legs took off, she forgot her hands had been bound and she immediately lost her balance. She tumbled painfully to the ground on her side with her shoulder absorbing most of the impact. Serenity struggled desperately against the bindings around her which dissipated shortly after as reality began to sink in. She had been deceived and was now trapped on Earthen territory.

The memories seemed so distant, even though they had only occurred a few hours ago. Soon after her capture, Kunzite offered her refuge within the Earthen palace until he could procure her a spell to return home. "It will take a while to obtain one, since I would need to do it without the King's knowledge," he explained.

Each step brought her closer to her new life and further away from her old one. Her heart raced against her chest and she found herself shivering in excitement and fear all at the same time. Would she be able to return home? Would she be able to see her mother and friends ever again? Could she stay hidden without the King noticing her?

Her eyes travelled to the broad shoulders and large back of the general in front of her, wondering where in the world he was going to take her. Remembering the comforting smile he gave her, Serenity found herself feeling less nervous. Perhaps she would be able to trust this man in front of her. And perhaps, one day, she would be able to return home.

Kunzite lead her down the marbled hallways towards her quarters. "We are fortunate that there is a room available for you to take," the general began to explain. "I must warn you; it is nothing that you are probably accustomed to on the Moon. It is, however, close to my quarters, so you may come and find me if you run into any trouble."

As he opened the door and revealed her new temporary home, Serenity's eyes widened and realized he was right to have warned her. The room was as big as her bathroom, with enough room for a small bed, a dresser and a table. Kunzite explained that this was the normal quarters for the servants in the castle, and that even though it was not much, it was much better than the dungeon. Serenity slowly stepped into her new quarters, suddenly wishing now more than ever she was at home in her own room.

Kunzite watched her curiously from the doorway, trying to anticipate what her reaction would be. The general's chest felt heavy for putting the innocent Princess in such a dangerous situation. He did not share the kingdom's views about Lunarians. However, Kunzite was a soldier; the best of the best, and the King's favourite. He could not stop fighting just because he did not agree.

He knew if he had let the Princess escape, Venus would have been trapped and he would not have been able to protect her. Not from the King. Kunzite knew he could not risk it because he would be too consumed in his emotions for the woman to think straight. He knew it would take a long time for Venus to forgive him for deceiving her. As long as he kept the Moon Princess safe and returned her home, she would eventually forgive him, he hoped. His heart dropped at the idea of his Princess never speaking to him again.

Suddenly, a familiar voice called to him, shaking him out of his thoughts. "Kunzite," the blonde called softly. Kunzite turned his gaze towards the Princess, tilting his head slightly. "May I ask a question?" Why are you going out of your way to hide me and return me home? Why do you not offer me to your King? He would provide you a handsome reward in exchange for my head, I would assume."

Kunzite leaned against the door frame, expelling a heavy breath from his lungs. "You were willing to risk everything to save Venus today, were you not?" The Princess hesitated for a brief moment before she nodded. "If you were willing to risk your life to save her, then I should do the same for you," he replied, eyes meeting hers. Her eyes were almost the same colour as Venus, he noted.

"And despite what you may think, not all Terrans hate Lunarians," he revealed, pushing himself off the doorway. "However, many of the people in our castle do, so you must be very discreet with your words, Princess. As long as you are on Terran soil, you are no longer a Moon Princess. You were born and raised in the Eastern continent, and you came here for work. Your name is Serena, the daughter of farmers."

Serenity had no choice but to nod nervously as she took a seat on the bed behind her. All of this was becoming all too real for her. Her hair, her background, her room, her identity; it had all vanished in an instant. "The Eastern continent? Why there, Kunzite?"

"You will see that Lunarians and Earthlings have different ways of approaching things. Westerners are very traditional. The monarch has always been in the west, and so, the kingdom adopted a more traditional way of dealing with day to day events. The Easterners, however, have a... unique approach to life, one might say," Kunzite explained, his lips curling into a lazy smile. "They tend to be more... outspoken, to say the least. Quite similar to Lunarians. Seems quite fitting, does it not?"

Serenity bit the inside of her cheek she squinted at the general. She knew he was trying to lighten the mood, but the Princess was too overwhelmed by everything to appreciate it. "Kunzite, how long will I have to stay here?" she asked sadly, looking up at him with tears ready to fall from her eyes. The tall general could hear the despair in her voice, his chest suddenly feeling tight.

He slowly made his way towards her, a rush surging through his body. He bent down on a knee so that he was eye level with the Princess and reached out to wipe away the tears that betrayed her and fell from her eyes. Serenity's eyes fluttered as she watched him wipe her tears with his gloved hand, staring into her eyes with a kindness she had not seen until that point. Is this why Venus was so enamoured with this man?

"I will get you out of here as soon as I can, Princess, but I am afraid I do not know how long it will take. Until then, you must remain strong and trust that I will do everything I can to return you home. Can you do that for me, Princess Serenity?" he asked as he wiped the last of her tears.

Perhaps it was his words, or the futility of the situation finally started to sink in, but somehow Serenity began to believe him. It was a dangerous thing, trusting a stranger, yet for some reason, she could finally believe his words.

"I trust you, Kunzite."

His lips curled into a smile that made her feel a warmth she had never felt before. "Thank you, Princess. I will not let you down." Smiling back, Serenity began to think that perhaps not all Terran men were such bad people after all.

Serenity spent her first night on Earth in her cold, small and dark room. After Kunzite left her, all she could remember was crying in her room until she fell asleep. Her dreams that night plagued her with old memories of happier times on the Moon with her friends, her mother, and her father, when he was still alive. Being ripped out of her dream state and waking up to the unfamiliar environment around her was too much and she started to cry again until she was too tired to do it anymore. How many times did that happen last night, she wondered.

Staring at her swollen eyes and puffy cheeks, Serenity found it hard to recognize herself in the mirror. Her hair, parted on the side, curled out slightly at the ends; something she hadn't been used to. Who was this person sitting in front of her, she asked herself, as she reached out to touch the reflection she couldn't recognize. Princess Serenity would not cry this much. Princess Serenity would not have cut her hair. Princess Serenity would not have-

Three roaring knocks shook her out of her trance. Covering herself modestly with the night gown Kunzite had given her, she made her way to the door, opening it slightly. Relieved to see the argent-haired general, she looked at him from beneath her lashes and smiled shyly. "Good morning, Sir Kunzite," she greeted, instinctively doing a curtsey.

For some reason, that action made him chuckle. "No need for the formalities, Princess," he reminded her. "Again, you only have to address me as Kunzite when we are alone." He sighed, realizing the own hypocrisy of his words. "I suppose I should be addressing you as Serena, shouldn't I?"

Her lips slowly curled into a frown as she backed away slightly from the door frame. "I suppose, since that is my name now," she said sadly as he stepped into her room.

Her eyes wandered to the garments in his hand, her eyes widening with intrigue. "If it were up to me, I would rather keep you in this room, but I believe it would be more suspicious if I were to do so. It is better to hide you in plain sight." The silver haired general handed her the clothes, which Serenity received reluctantly. "These are the servant garments," he explained.

Serenity cleared her throat, her eyes blinking rapidly as she stared at the soldier in utter disbelief. She glanced down at the object in her hands as if it were something that had burned her. "You wish to have me... serve my enemies? Wait hand on foot on the men who... the men who..." The Princess' hands wrapped tightly around the material as the sound of her heartbeat pounded in her ears. This was all too much!

Kunzite stepped forward. "I understand your frustrations, Princess-"

"Why do you still address me as 'Princess'? I am Serena, am I not? Serena. My name is Serena. And no, Kunzite, you do not understand my frustrations at all!" she retaliated bitterly, wanting to throw the robe at his feet. She felt the tears burn at the base of her eyes, wanting desperately to escape. "I agreed to you cutting my hair, and I agreed to being patient, but this, I did not agree to!" she cried, shoving the clothing in his direction.

"Princess," he repeated again. "I do not know how you feel in this situation at all, but," The general took a step towards her and gently placed his hands on her shaking shoulders for the second time since meeting her. Serenity's eyes met his silvery blue eyes, and for some reason, she felt her muscles relax and her roaring heartbeat slowly began to steady. "I do not wish for any harm to come to you, and this is the only way to do so. I do not know how long it will take for me to find you a return spell, and if I keep you here in this room, it will be too suspicious."

Deep down she knew he was simply trying to help her and that he was right. If she had stayed in this room, eventually someone would grow suspicious of both her and Kunzite. At least with this, she would be able to walk around freely, and perhaps get information on how to return home. "Fine," she agreed with reluctance. "But do not expect me to show any gratitude for this!" Walking towards the bathroom, Serenity stared at the uniform incredulously. "And what kind of garment is this? Am I to work in a brothel?"

For some reason, her words made him chuckle. The Princess was proving to be quite an interesting character.

Moments later, the Princess emerged from her room, her cheeks flushed with a bright red hue. Her garment was a short sleeved, black maid's uniform, with a fluffy skirt that was adorned with white frills peeking out beneath. A white apron covered her front, just below her chest. Accompanied with thigh high black stockings, Serenity began to question the moralities of the Terran men. Did they honestly expect their servants to be able to work effectively in this attire?

While the Princess' mind went one way, the silver-haired general's mind went south. Kunzite had not expected the Princess to look so mesmerizing in that outfit. The frills added to her natural innocence while the black dress emphasized and clung to certain features of the Princess he had not noticed until then. His eyes betrayed him even more by wandering down to her long, toned legs that appeared to be endless. If Venus had seen him now, she would have tore him apart with the way he was staring at the Princess in front of him so hungrily.

Luckily, Serenity had been too caught up in her own thoughts to notice Kunzite's wolfish stare, as he began to eat her up with his eyes. Perhaps this was a bad idea after all. There was no doubt people would be drawn into her beauty and would want to talk to her. What if someone recognized her?

The golden-haired Princess was about to put her hair up in a bun, but Kunzite held out his hand to stop her. "It is best if you keep it down. If you put it up, someone may recognize you," he warned.

Serenity looked at him suspiciously before letting go of her hair. "I did not know you had taken the liberty of dictating what I do with my hair," she mumbled bitterly. "What kind of King would allow their workers to wear this garbage?"

"Surprisingly enough, it was not the King who decided on the uniforms," Kunzite mused. Before Serenity had a chance to ask about what he meant, Kunzite placed a gentle hand on her back, motioning for her to move forward. "Shall we?" he motioned towards the door, while trying to clear his parched throat.

As he lead her throughout the castle, Serenity was amazed at the beauty of the Earthen castle. High pillars adorned almost every room with the ceilings covered in majestic paintings of previous Earthen rulers. Even though she too was highborn and also was accustomed to the royal lifestyle, she was still amazed by the beauty of their architecture. Everything seemed so ancient, as if they were trying to preserve the history from a thousand years ago. The Moon Kingdom had greenery and nature, but not as luscious and rich as the Earth Kingdom, which surrounded the palace in the form of a vast forest. How could such a beautiful place house such cruel people?

"Your first task of the day will be breakfast duties. There will be list of tasks on your door that need to be completed by the end of the day, or your food privileges for the next day will be revoked."

Serenity almost wanted to laugh at that stipulation. "I am starting to see why Terran people are so unhappy and stressed, considering the work conditions you place them under," she noted bitterly, thankful that her mother at least showed her servants a bit more respect. Kunzite tried to hide the amused smile that adorned his face, but Serenity managed to get a quick glimpse of it.

Kunzite's eyes glanced across the room as he watched several passer-bys point in their direction and whisper. At first Kunzite was worried it was because she was being recognized as the Moon Princess, but he soon realized that was not the case. They had been admiring the golden beauty next to him and realizing they had not seen someone like her before.

And neither had he, Kunzite realized. She shared similar qualities to Princess Venus in terms of their beauty, but Princess Serenity was a little different. She was feisty, a bit brash, opinionated, strong willed, and at the same time, fragile, vulnerable and completely innocent in her actions. There was something about the look in her eyes that stirred something within him he had not felt in a long time. As his eyes roamed over her mesmerized face, he felt a slight tug at his heart. Shaking it off, Kunzite continued to lead the Princess to the kitchen.

"I am afraid this is where we must part." Serenity watched as the general took her small hands in his, before placing a small white button in her hands. The Princess inspected it curiously and held it between her thumb and forefinger. "If something should happen to you, press down on the front immediately," he explained. Serenity hesitantly pressed down and saw the button on his uniform light up with a red colour. "It will work in all parts of the castle, so do not hesitate to call me if you need help."

Serenity took one last look into the silver-haired general's eyes. The more she looked into his eyes, the more she found herself being comforted by them. She held the button close to her and nodded. He really was trying to look out for her, she realized. Perhaps he cared more for Venus than she thought he had...

Kunzite gave one last smile before turning around and leaving in the opposite direction. Serenity watched as his figure disappeared down the long and marbled hallways. Staring down at the button, the golden haired Princess suddenly felt a little less alone and far away from home.

Breakfast duty was simpler than she thought it would be. Worried that it would involve interacting with the recipients, most of them just asked to leave the food by the door. She was worried about someone recognizing her, but perhaps with her new hair, she just seemed like a normal person. That saddened her slightly that her entire identity could be wiped away with just a mere haircut.

The last recipient on the list had no name, but only a room number. As she stood before it, Serenity stared at the door in front of her in awe. It was larger than the others, covered with a golden coating and was adorned with roses at the top. Who in the world could it be behind it?

She brought a hesitant hand to the door and knocked gently on the golden doors. After no response, Serenity knocked a few more times. Still, no response. Growing impatient, she gave the door one last loud and powerful knock, surprised at her own strength as the door shook from impact.

That was when she heard the faint sound of female laughter from the other side. Her eyes narrowed at the door in front of her. Surely they must have heard her! Just as she was about to give up, she stopped in her tracks when she heard the sound of a long, pleasurable feminine moan; a sound that made her face heat up immediately.

She heard scrambling and suddenly Serenity realized she did not want to know what was going on in that room. Getting ready to turn around, the flustered Princess was about to leave when the golden door suddenly swung open.

"I was wondering how long the food was going to take to get here," a low, masculine voice growled from the doorway.

The Princess' eyes grew wide with bewilderment when a pair of dark, cerulean eyes met with hers, looking suspiciously at her. In nothing but a linen sheet covering his torso, Serenity found herself unable to tear her eyes away from the marvelous sight in front of her.

His short, raven hair shined from the light of the room, as his fringe dangled dangerously over his dark, piercing eyes. His defined jaw was similar to that of Kunzite's in that it appeared to be almost perfectly sculpted by the Gods. With arms folded across his defined chest, his deep blue eyes gazed at her curiously and intensely as a jolt ran throughout her body. She had seen beautiful men before, but nothing like this.

Flashing her a devilish grin that made her heart flutter, the raven haired creature placed a hand on his hip as he leaned against the door frame. The dark blue eyes that reminded her of the vast oceans of the Earth she used to see from the Moon pulled her in. His body was defined in all the right places but not too muscular, and the way his hair hung over his eyes... Serenity was certainly captivated.

The blonde Princess watched with anticipation as he slowly walked up to her, closing the distance between them. His eyes too, wandered up and down her body, examining her in a similar fashion as she just did to him. Who was this exquisite creature in front of him? Beautiful wide eyes, luscious pink lips, supple breasts, and legs that went on and on. Was she new to the castle? He definitely would have recognized her if he had seen her before.

"I am so glad father left me in charge of these garments," he mused, as the pink flesh from his mouth darted out to lick his lips.

A small gasp escaped her lips as the figure's hand gently grasped her chin, pulling her face towards his. Eyes burning into her soul, Serenity could feel her heart beat rapidly against her chest. All from a mere touch? "Are you here to bring me my breakfast, sweet kitten? Or do you intend to stand there all day? Or, better yet, how about joining us?"

Serenity gazed into his eyes and found herself getting lost in them again. There was something so alluring and so captivating about this stranger's eyes, yet the more she stared into them, she could sense a coldness and emptiness that she swore she had seen before somewhere...

Suddenly, Serenity squealed as he released her chin and reached for her hand. The devilishly handsome stranger brought his lips to her hand and her body froze as another shock ran throughout her body, but this time, straight to her core. Lips gently grazing the top of her hand, the creature in front of her flashed a mischievous grin. "I have not seen you around here before. Tell me your name," The man requested, voice low, husky and dripping with seduction.

"I..." Why was she at such a loss of words? She must have looked like a tomato to him because her body felt like it was on fire! "My name... My name..."

The more he looked at her, the more he felt a pull towards this golden haired beauty. He felt a stirring in his pants as his eyes roamed over her supple breasts. "I most definitely have not seen you before. I would have remembered someone as beautiful as you."

Serenity stiffened as his seductive voice and sweet words pierced into her. His hand gently brushed the hair from her eyes and she found herself blushing even more from his touch. "Nothing to say? No worries, my sweet. We can do other things than talking," he replied, voice dripping with an allure she couldn't put her finger on. His hand returned to her chin and began to gently pull her towards him.

The blonde Princess found herself being drawn further and further into the pull of the raven haired man in front of her. As she watched his lips move in closer to hers, Serenity's eyes widened, suddenly realizing what he was about to do.

"Endymion," a female voice from behind called towards him. "We're hungry," the woman whined, a playful teasing in her voice.

The voice ripped Serenity out of her trance; the name ringing several times in her ears. Endymion was his name? Where had she heard that name from? Endymion?

Suddenly, the blood drained from her face as her heart dropped in her chest. The golden doorway, the mention of his father, the cold and empty eyes that sparked a sense of familiarity within her. It couldn't possibly be...! She suddenly backed away from his cold touch, her hands flying to her mouth. "You are... you are his son."

Slightly offended by her pulling away, Endymion's eyes narrowed at the woman in front of him. "Prince Endymion is how one should address their royals."

Serenity's eyes widened in horror. This was the Earth Prince? This alluring man in front of her was the son of the man who killed her father? Serenity immediately reeled herself away as any attraction she had once felt for him died in an instant. She should have seen it in his eyes; frigid, hazy and empty just like the ones she had seen the day her father died.

Serenity felt sick to her stomach. The tone of his voice in an instant changed from sultry and seductive to harsh and unrelenting. She could not believe she was looking at this vile creature for a few minutes with anything but hatred.

The Princess had learned about the Prince from her mother when she was young. From a very young age, Prince Endymion had proven to be the most skilled swordsman in all of the lands. The broad shoulders and arms she had once admired were responsible for the deaths and imprisonments of many of her people and soldiers during battles. That face she once thought was sculpted by the gods was known to seduce and break the hearts of many women. Those eyes she had gotten lost in were known to stare at his enemies with no mercy or sympathy before he murdered them.

The dark-haired Prince took another step forward, closing the newly made distance between them. His arm suddenly snaked around her tiny waist, yanking her towards his body. A tiny squeak evoked from her lips as suddenly his entire body was placed up against hers.

"Let us continue this chat in the bedroom, shall we?" Endymion grinned, while running a long, slender finger over her lips. He was growing tired of just standing there, especially when she was looking all flustered in front of him.

No longer drawn in by his seductive words, Serenity reeled herself away from his vice-like grip. Without thinking, she brought her hand back and slapped it across his angelic face; the sound echoing off the walls.

Endymion immediately fell backwards, his cheek burning bright red. She could hear the gasps of horror from the women inside, but she did not care. How dare he hold her in such a manner!

The Earth Prince held his cheek, mostly out of annoyance rather than pain, as he leered at the golden menace in front of him. How dare she strike him so calmly? Who exactly did this woman think she was?! Did she not know that many men had lost their lives for attempting to commit similar acts? "I will have you hung for this, wench," he cursed, eyes flaring red.

"Do not think because you are highborn and male, you are entitled to treating me the way you have," Serenity glared as she placed her hands on her hips. "I will not have you touch me like that."

Endymion glared at the defiant woman in front of her, amazed at how brave and idiotic the woman was. Never before had anyone stood up to him like that. Well, not since... he shook the plaguing thought in his head. Now was not the time to think of her.

"Just exactly who do you think you are? Why do you speak like you yourself are highborn? And what makes you think you can talk to your royals with such defiance?" Endymion demanded, slightly intrigued by this feisty beauty in front of him, but now so more annoyed.

Serenity stared in shock at her hand for a moment. For a brief moment, she had forgotten who she was supposed to be. She was supposed to be a maid, a servant to the kingdom, and most importantly, a Terran. And yet, she had just struck the Prince of the Earth. Her Prince. However, something about the way the Prince spoke to her made her so angry that she could not control her actions and words. She needed to though, otherwise he would no doubt recognize her.

Clearing her throat, Serenity looked up at him from beneath her lashes, her face becoming suddenly warm. "I... I am from the Eastern continent."

"You are from the East?" Endymion shook his head. "Explains your lack of respect and uncivilized manner. Do you not know that assaulting a Prince is considered treason?" he reminded her, taking a step forward.

Eyes narrowing at him, Serenity bit down on the inside of her cheek. How infuriating he was! His arrogance and smugness made her insides boil with anger. The way he looked down on her simply because he was a royal; it sickened her to her core. Yet, she knew she needed to play this role until she could go home.

"My sincere apologies for striking you, your highness," she said with a bow. "We Easterners are not... aren't used to being around royals such as yourself. I... just wished that you wouldn't put your hands on me like that."

After a moment of silence, the Prince slowly walked up to her, closing the distance between them. Serenity looked up at him standing tall and arrogantly as she desperately tried not to glare at him. His hand reached out again to touch her hair and ran the long, silky golden strands in between his fingers. Serenity watched him with disgust as Endymion eyed his fingers curiously. "Such pretty hair."

His hands clamped around her hair yanked it towards him. Serenity screamed in pain as he roughly pulled her towards him. His other hand grabbed her forcefully by the chin, forcing her narrowed eyes to look into his. Serenity's eyes widened as his dark, emotionless and chilling eyes bore it's chilling gaze into hers so coldly. Her hands lips and hands trembled as her heart roared within her chest, squeezing her eyes shut when the pain in her scalp was becoming too great.

"Listen wisely, maid," he growled through gritted teeth. "You are Terran property, and therefore, you are my property. You are to show your Prince respect, no matter what he does. You are simply fortunate enough that you are a woman and are pleasing to my eyes, that I will let you off this one time. The next time you lay a hand on my face, it will be your last."

Serenity's eyes glared daggers into him as he held her gaze. How in the world did she ever find him attractive? He was filth to her. The way he held her and the way he spoke to her was so disrespectful and chauvinistic. She didn't care what he would do to her, but she would never be his property!

Endymion furrowed his brows as he scanned her face. He felt her soft, peachy skin beneath his fingers. Her full lips trembled slightly, and her cheeks splashed with a fiery hue. If she hadn't been so annoyingly defiant, he would have been bedding her in minutes. Such a shame, he thought, as Endymion fought the urge to see what lied beneath her dress.

He released her chin abruptly. Bringing her hair to his face, he grinned at her as he inhaled the scent. As the smell of lilacs and lavender filled his senses, Endymion felt entranced. "Such a shame," he repeated, as he released her hair. Serenity immediately grabbed her hair and held it possessively to her chest.

The Prince glanced at the food in her hand and nonchalantly motioned for her to leave. "Tell the cooks to send for another plate of food. This one is tainted."

Serenity gawked at him, her mouth dropping wide open. He was going to give up perfectly good food simply because she spoke back to him? The nerve of this pompous Prince! "This is perfectly good food, your highness. There are people in your kingdom who would have loved to eat this!" She found herself saying without thinking.

"You dare council me, woman?! My patience with you is growing dangerously thin," he said coldly. "Bring me another."

"You need to show more gratitude for the things you have, Prince. You are fortunate that someone in this castle is putting up with your existence and is even giving you food!" She blurted without thinking. A gasp escaped her lips, her hands flying to her mouth. She did it again!

The raven haired Prince seethed at the annoyance in front of him. Who in the world did this woman thing she was? Perhaps it was the way people spoke in the East, but he did not like that not only did she defy him, but she reminded of a past he did not want to remember.

"Say that to me again, maid," Endymion demanded, taking a step forward once more.

Her body trembled in rage as she held on tightly to the plate of food in her hands. She had enough of his arrogance! Prince or no Prince, no one should ever talk to anyone the way he spoke to her.

Her free hand lifted the dome off the plate, throwing it aside. Before she could even process what was happening, it was too late. With a forceful shove, Serenity threw the plate of food at the Prince's body and watched in satisfaction as scrambled eggs and sausages adorned the Prince's hair, face and body.

She celebrated her small victory for a moment, before reality suddenly dawned on her. Serenity's face softened when she saw the white rage that flashed through his cold, empty eyes. That arrogant grin that she wanted to smack off his face was nowhere to be seen. He bared his ground teeth, like a wild dog being unleashed for the first time. If anger had a face, it would look like the one sneering at her.

Endymion's free hand wiped the eggs off his face. Before Serenity could even say a word, Endymion's hand grabbed her forcefully by the forearm. "I gave you a chance to walk away, but you stupidly chose not to. Prepare to pay for this, maid," he vowed, as he dragged her forcefully and roughly down the halls. Serenity flinched against his vice-like grip, immediately regretting her words and actions. Why didn't she just keep her head down? Where was he taking her? What was he going to do to her?

She struggled desperately against his grasp, demanding that he let her go. Several people stopped to observe them, surprised to see their Prince behaving in such a heated manner. The Prince did not say a word to her as he dragged her along side; his grip not faltering at all.

Before she knew it, Serenity's eyes widened in horror as she realized where he was taking her. The long corridors, the ruby red carpet, the guards in front of each door they passed... he was taking her to the royal chambers. But that could only mean one thing..

"Let me go!" Serenity screamed, trying harder to shake his grasp, but Endymion was relentless. Reaching for the button in her pocket, she began to press it in desperation, hoping Kunzite would come to her aid. Would he come and save her? Could he do anything against the Prince? Or worse... the King?

The Prince lead her through the royal throne room. A long, windowless room with red and golden walls. Golden chandeliers hung from the ceilings, giving the room an overwhelming brightness. The red carpet lead them towards the front of the grand hall, where a large, golden and royal red throne stood, similar to the colours on the wall. As they drew closer and closer to the throne, Serenity's eyes grew wide in fear as her eyes laid upon her the man that ruined her life.

Dressed in a white plated armor, the King sat proudly in his throne, watching with amusement as the two approached them. His hair, jet black as his son's, was a bit longer and went past his neck, with specks of white hair peeking throughout his strands. His dark, heavy blue eyes pierced into hers with a frozen emptiness that she instantly recognized. The King and the Prince shared a similar face, but years of experience and war had aged the King to the point where he looked listless and tired, but still held that stern and powerful visage. No matter how many years would pass, she would never forget those eyes.

Endymion halted immediately in front of the King and pulled her forward by the arm. "Who is this new maid you've hired, father?" The hot blooded Prince demanded angrily.

"Would it hurt you at all to at least put on some pants, boy," the King replied, unamused by his son's antics. The King seemed unphased by his words; as if he had seen and done this all before. Serenity's eyes avoided him, worried that if he looked hard enough, he'd be able to recognize her. Her hands curled into tiny fists at her sides. Serenity clenched her teeth and looked away, wanting nothing more than to not be anywhere near this man.

King Endymion's eyes scanned the fuming maid up and down as his brow furrowed slightly. "I have never seen this maid before in my life," he informed, his voice as low and menacing as his son's. "Are you new here, young one?" he asked, slightly intrigued by the girl's sudden appearance.

Serenity's eyes widened at the sound of his voice. He sounded similar to the Prince, just older and much lower. She had been clenching her fists so hard, she could feel her nails pierce into her skin, drawing blood. She tried desperately not to have anymore outbursts. As much as she wanted to take that staff and pierce it through his body, she knew she could not. Serenity needed to play her role.

Uncurling her fists, Serenity put on her kindest smile, one that made her want to kill herself. Serenity bowed in front of the King, something she wished she would never have to do in her life. "Yes, your grace. I started this morning," she replied, trying to make her voice as sweet and respectful as possible.

Endymion scoffed at the sudden change in her voice and demeanor. How dare she try to trick his father into thinking she was sweet and well bred. Stepping forward, his vice-like grip latched around her arm and yanked her towards him. "She disrespected me in front of my women! I demand that she be thrown in the dungeon for not showing her Prince the proper respect I deserve," he demanded, releasing her immediately afterward.

Serenity glared at him as he released her so roughly and she rubbed her arms. Suddenly, the King stood up from his chair. She watched as he took a small step forward and examined the Princess' form. His ice-cold stare bore into hers which Serenity wanted to avoid, but knew it would be more suspicious if she looked away. His stare sent chills up and down her spine, as Serenity shivered.

"Your name," he spoke softly, but his voice still alarming and prominent. "What is your name?"

She remembered the tales her mother had told her about the King. Ruthless, stern and merciless with his enemies. Known to be the greatest soldier in the Kingdom, enemies would cower in fear beneath his sword. He had slain many of her people in battle and was known to be an avid hater of the Moon Kingdom. Serenity remembered the Queen warning her that she ever had the pleasure of meeting the King of the Earth, to run away in the opposite direction, for his distaste of the Moon family was immeasurable.

"My name... is Serena, your grace," she finally replied.

"Is this true, Serena?"

Serenity nodded nervously as she stared into the eyes of the man who murdered her father. "Yes, your grace, that is true," she said.

"Were you provoked, Serena?" the King asked, head tilting to the side as his eyes roamed over her hair and face. Serenity looked at him with confused eyes. She had not been expecting that question.

"Words... were exchanged, your highness, but-" Serenity's mind scrambled trying to figure what to say next. But what I really wanted to do was take your son's sword and lop his head off?

Without warning, the King turned away from her and back towards his throne. Sitting back down, the King rested his head in his hand, his eyes returning back to the blonde maid. "Then, I see no problem here."

Endymion's jaw dropped as he stared wide-eyed at his father. "Are you mad?! You are letting her go, unpunished?!"

King Endymion sighed heavily, placing a finger on his frustrated temple. "If the maid is somehow helping me keep you in line, then I do not see the need to punish good help."

Serenity tried her best to hold back her laughter and keep her composure. Oh, if the arrogant Prince could see his face now! He looked like someone had taken his favourite toy away. "Serena, please continue to keep my son in order. I apologize if that is asking too much of you."

"It is no problem at all, your grace," Serenity replied, giving another respectful bow. Who would have thought someone hated the Prince more than she did? She certainly had not expected the King to be so malicious towards his son.

Endymion threw his hands up in the air as, letting out a frustrated growl. "I cannot believe you are siding with the help, father. She disrespected me in front of my women today!"

The King gave him an unamused glance before pulling out a file folder from the table next to him. "I am sure you can just find more, since that is all you seem to be doing these days, Prince."

Serenity stifled her laughs of triumph as the Prince's face turned bright red. This was certainly not what he had expected to happen! The nerve of his father to embarrass him in front of this wench! "Treat the staff with a little bit more respect and perhaps someday they shall respect you too. Now go, I have things to attend to."

It was only for a brief moment, but Serenity's victory came to a brief stop when she her eyes caught glimpse of Endymion's face. For a brief moment, she swore she saw a sadness glimmer in his eyes, but as quickly as it appeared, it vanished, only to be replaced with the cold, frozen stare she was accustomed to. "This isn't over," he growled, giving one last seething glare at the Princess before storming off.

As Serenity watched the Prince sulk off, she could not stop thinking about what she had just seen. What was that she saw? Shaking her head, Serenity berated herself for even thinking about him like that. She could not allow herself to feel anything remotely positive for these royals. She would play his game and do her curtsies until the time came where she would escape and finally seek revenge for her father. But until then...

"If you will excuse me, your grace," she spoke quietly, giving another bow. Before she could turn around, the King's hand wrapped around her wrist gently, causing her to gasp in surprise.

Staring up at her from beneath his lashes, the King gave her eyes one last glance. "Where did you say you were from, Serena?"

But before she could reply, the door swung open and an out of breath Kunzite came rushing in. Serenity's eyes widened as she saw the white haired general approach them, bowing apologetically. "My apologies your highness for Serena's behaviour. It shall not happen again," he vowed, keeping his head low.

The King smiled as a hearty chuckle escaped his lips; something Serenity thought she had imagined. "No need for apologies, Kunzite. I appreciate a woman who stands up for herself, especially to my worthless excuse for a son," he revealed, as he released her wrist. "Kunzite, make sure Serena is familiar with her way around the palace." His lips curled into a lazy grin as his eyes laid upon the Princess. "She is interesting, this one."

Kunzite bowed once more, before nodding. "Yes, your highness. If you will excuse us." As the general lead took her by the arm and lead her out of the room, Serenity wondered where this sudden kindness came from? Why was his reaction to Kunzite completely different to his son's? Was this the real King that laughed in front of her? Or was the real King the one who murdered her father?

Once they were out of the vicinity of the the throne room, Kunzite let out a heavy sigh. "I got here as fast as I could. I was so worried he would have recognized you," he said, giving her a worried look. "How did you end up meeting both the Prince and the King?"

After explaining the events of her day, Kunzite could not help but laugh as well; a reaction she certainly was not expecting. What was with Terran men and their reaction to strange news? "I have never heard of anyone standing up to the Prince like that; well, not since..." Kunzite trailed off, realizing it was neither here nor there to speak of the past. "I am not surprised by the King's reaction though. He will take any moment he can to put the Prince in place."

Serenity remembered the look of sadness on the Prince's face and could not help but frown. Why was it that the King was so cold to his own son, yet smiled proudly when Kunzite had walked in?

Serenity jumped when she felt a heavy hand on her shoulder. Glancing up at him shyly from beneath her lashes, she blushed when she saw Kunzite's kind smile. "Do not worry, Princess. As long as you keep your interaction with the two to a minimum, we should be alright. Next time, please do not do anything rash to the Prince, alright? No matter how much he tries to get under your skin," he told her as his hand fell to his side.

Serenity clutched her chest, wondering why her heart was beating so fast from his touch. As they walked down the halls together, the Princess could not help but wonder why she felt so calm and nervous all at the same time around the silver-haired general, and also wondered why she could not shake that saddened image of the Prince out of her head.