A/N: Before I begin: I've never written anything in the Buffyverse before. Don't hit me for it, I'm just branching out a little bit from my usual universes. Secondly, this is set...well, it references things in 'The Initiative' but I wouldn't necessarily say it takes place during it. It's just Willow's reflections on my favorite scene.


Ok. Yes. So it's stupid.

And kinda weird.

And...a little creepy.

I admit that.

But...there's still this part of me...

A little, tiny, completely ignorable part...

It's deep down and I don't really like to acknowledge its existence, at least not...out loud...but it's there and it makes me feel...


No...that's the wrong word.

Not thrilled.


Close...but not quite.


Yeah, that works. Pleased.

There's this part of me that's pleased.

Now that I'm saying it, I realize how not-sane that sounds.

Being pleased about the fact Spike was going to bite me is...well...it's definitely not normal, even I know that.

But in my defense it's not so much the idea of him biting me that pleases me, so much as the fact that he wanted to.

Mister Tall, Bleached And Broody would have bitten me if he could have.


Not Buffy.

Although he probably wouldn't have passed on that if she'd offered...but that's not the point.

He wanted to bite me.

At first I thought he was just settling. That I was just a convenient pre-packaged happy meal that he could tide himself over with until Buffy came backÔÇŽa diversion until he got to the main course.

An appetizer.

But then he couldn't...and then he said...

It still makes me smirk a little to think about it.

Not that I'd ever admit it of course. No, I'd never admit it...

But it does make me think.

I'm going to have to wear pink and fuzzy more often.