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Pairing: KuroxFay

Spoilers: Chapitre 119 and up.


The love for sushi

His problems had started long ago, from the very beginning of their travel. He had started to worry there was no solution; that he might just have to live with it. Then he had finally found it. Now it was standing there in front of him on the table. He smirked and picked it up. He would have never thought he would feel such appreciation for sushi before. But now that he had learned the true value of the piece of raw fish; for him it had become holy.

"Kuuuuro-taaaan!" Fay jumped into the room smiling. "Want a kiss?"

"Behold!" Kurogane held the sushi in front of Fay, an evil smirk spreading across his face. It took a second before Fay's nose started twitching.

"Ewwy! It smells sourrr!" Fay swayed and moved away with unsteady steps.

"Why are you holding a piece of sushi like that Kurogane-san?" Sakura had entered the room and looked confused at the ninja.

"To keep that fool of a mage away!"


A/N: My first drabble! Yaay! I don't like the ending though. Oh, well. Thought I should start writing drabbles as well as long stories to satisfy my need to write KuroxFay stuff when I have little time or is just too lazy to write longer stuff. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and please review! Thanks ria-chan for betaing!