Chapter 10 - Unwritten

Leo orned her and Graice home with his arms still around her, Prue nad Phoebe orbed with Paige. Piper got the vague feeling he didn't want to let her go, but after a long hug he finally did.

"Thanks for gettting them there." She said finally.

"How did you know where to go?" Prue asked. "You said you couldn't sense her."

"Yeah, how did you? I cast a spell..."

"I couldn't." Leo said. "But I felt you get stabbed-"

"Felt it?"

"I felt it like it happened to me." He nodded. "And I felt you dying...I nearly lost you..."

"How did you sense her though?" Phoebe asked.

"I didn't. I just orbed." He admitted. "I don't know how I knew where to go."

"It's cos you love her." Phoebe smiled.

"That's so sweet." Paige beamed, and Piper felt annoyed at the blush that crept onto her face.

"Maybe we should leave these guys alone for a while." Prue said slyly. "Come on. We'll go find and Andy and my boy." The three of them left, grinning away, and Piper dropped onto the sofa, holding Gracie tight. Graice closed her eyes and was asleep in seconds.

"I'm sorry I wasn't more help." Leo said finally.

"What? You were loads of help, you saved my life!"

"In the begining..."

"I can understand that." Piper said. "By the end of it, I wasn't sure if I even believed it. I'm sorry I blocked your senser thing. It was stupid. But I just wanted to run..."

"I know. I understand."

"And I'm sorry for waht I said... about me and you... I didn't even mean it..."

"It's OK. It doesn't matter."

"I want you to know... I just wanted to protect you. You shouldn't have to deal with all my's not fair to you."

"I'm your whitelighter. It's my job." He shrugged, and she felt crushed. Just her whitelighter? Was that all?

She had really messed it up now.

"Well, um, thanks." She muttered.

"So where does this leave us?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... are we ever going to go on this date? Or just you just want to stay friends?" He looked nervous, she thought. How adorable.

"I think...if you want...we could give that date ago." Piper said. He smiled and nodded.

"How about now?" He asked suddenly.

"Now? Right now?"

"Yep. We're alone anyway. And it's the perfect time." She didn't know what the last remark meant, didn't really think about it.

"What about Gracie?"

"Bring her. She's part of the package. You guys come together." He said. Piper smiled.

"Yeah. Yeah, we do. OK, let's go. This way I get to wear my own clothes."

"True." He stood up, pulled her to her feet and orbed them...

She smiled as she realised where they were. The cliff, their cliff.

"The sun." She murmured. It was low in the sky, just begining to set.

He just smiled.

"This is it, now." She said. "No more messing about, I promise. I love you, and that's it."

"Are you sure?"

"More sure than I've ever been about anything."

"I love you too." He whispered.

"What if... what if something else happens to Gracie? Would you still stick around?"

"I'd never let anything happen to her, I promise you."

"The future -"

"Is unwritten. Let whatever comes come. We'll deal with it."

"OK." She said softly, and linked her fingers in with his as the both sat to watch the sunset...


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