Medea and Fanta baby sitting

"why do I have to work with you!" yelled Fanta "I should be asking you the same question!" bellowed Medea back "its only baby sitting" said Ryang "ONLY BABY SITTING!" Fanta and Medea both yelled "look just do it for gods sake" said a tired Ryang "ok" sighed Fanta

"stop it Medea you will scare the baby to death" yelled Fanta "what's wrong?" asked Medea "one look at your face and that baby would fall dead"
then Medea grabbed a handful of Fanta's hair and Fanta grabbed a handful of Medea's and they started yanking each others hair then they got into a massive cat fight

"what are you doing?" asked the five year old one of the children they were meant to be babysitting "oh nothing… er what are we doing Medea?" asked Fanta "we…we are playing a game that big girls play"
"Medea you havent looked up what little kids like doing have you"
"we don't need to it will be fine"
"I don't think it will be fine because you are forgetting the tiny little fact that we are not human we are faeries"
"cool you are faeries"
"you've done it now Fanta"
"there's only one way to do this"
Fanta took her hair out ant thought stasis there was a flash of white light and there were strings all over the place Fanta pulled out a sword and cut the piece of string tying here and the five year old

two hours later

"have a good time ladies?" asked Ryang as Fanta and Medea came through the door his answer was a punch from Fanta "guess not then"