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Chase's dark blue eyes glinted with anger as he glared up at the charred remains of the Putnam barn. He recalled the battle three weeks ago. He hated Caleb Danvers and the rest of the Covenant. Their forefathers had banished his ancestor centuries ago. Caleb Danvers had defeated him three weeks ago.

The defeat angered him the most. He should have won the battle. He had had his father's Power and he had Ascended. Caleb Danvers had the gift of his father's Power at the last minute. He had lost the battle and lost that chance to possess more Power than before.

However, a small smile formed on his face when he remembered one thing. He knew Reid Garwin had Ascended a week ago. Reid was the one closest to the addiction of Using, and the one least able to control his Power. Chase could make Reid will him his Power easily enough. Yet he knew the Garwins were, once every few generations, first or second in strength in terms of Power. This time, Reid was the strongest next to Caleb. Chase knew much.

Chase also knew another thing. There was little he could do but wait. He would have to bide his time and wait for the right time to strike. Plans to destroy the Covenant he so hated were formed in his head, except that the time just wasn't right to execute them. With a resigned sigh, he started along the path back to the woods that concealed his house.

"Chase!" a voice suddenly called out. The voice was familiar, and it was a girl's. Chase stopped in his tracks and turned around.

He almost let out a gasp of surprise when he saw the one standing on the path outside the barn. There was absolutely no mistaking the long, wavy, raven-colored hair, the small slender frame, the tanned skin and the slightly large blue-grey eyes that belonged to the girl.

"Hey, Icera," Chase called back, the hard look on his face softening ever so slightly.

Icera Williams was his one true childhood friend, a year younger than him, and the only one he had ever trusted for his entire life. He had a soft spot for her, although his mind was now predominantly ruled by thoughts of destroying the Covenant. For many months he had forgotten his past life – his past life where ignorance was bliss, except that the knowledge of his Power stayed with him for life.

Icera ran over to him and hugged him. Chase felt inclined to push her away, but he thought better of it. He had liked her since he first knew her, and the feeling continued into his teenage years, until he began to know of his family history. It was then that he began to change for the worse.

"How have you been? I haven't seen you for months," Icera smiled, looking at his face.

Chase decided to tell her what he had been up to since he discovered his family history. After all, he did have implicit trust in her – even if his emotions were usually anger and hatred, and rarely, if never, trust. He began to speak.

"I was in my… father's study room one day. He allowed me to use it for a school project. Then I saw something sticking out from the drawer. It was my birth certificate. It was then I discovered I wasn't Chase Collins. I am Chase Goodwin Pope. I set out to discover who my birth parents were. I disappeared months before my eighteenth birthday, remember?"

Icera nodded, listening attentively. She had missed him, and she finally found him again, purely by chance. She never expected to meet him on one of her fortnightly walk in the woods and the area around the woods.

Chase continued, "I finally found my birth parents. My biological mother had died. My birth father continued to live, although he was weak. He told me the history of my family… It turned out that centuries ago, five families formed a Covenant of silence. The firstborn male of each family had the Power, and still do. My ancestor, John Putnam, however, wanted to expose the Covenant. He wanted more riches.

""Not long after, he was accused of witchcraft by a woman, Goody Pope. She claimed that he had been coming to her as an incubus in her dreams. My ancestor was hung, although the ones who sentenced him knew not of his Power.

"Everyone thought that the Putnam bloodline had vanished without a trace. But it survived. Goody Pope gave birth to his descendant. I am the descendant of the last bloodline, the Putnam bloodline. It shocked me that while every one of my forefathers knew of the terrible history of our family, none bothered to take revenge. I chose to be the one. I wanted the Covenant to pay for what they had done – they cast out my ancestor.

"I made my father will me his Power. He died immediately, and I began to execute my plans. I killed off my adoptive parents by causing a so-called car accident on my eighteenth birthday. I Ascended that night – my Power fully matured. No, don't speak. I transferred to Spenser Academy, where the descendants of the other four families studied. The Danvers, Parry, Garwin and Sims bloodlines' descendants. I ingratiated myself with them."

"But the one of the Danvers line – Caleb – discovered that I was the descendant of the fifth bloodline. It happened that it was his eighteenth birthday the next night. I hurt the girlfriend of Pogue Parry, the one of the Parry line. I used Pogue as bait to lure Caleb. I partially succeeded.

"On the night of Caleb's birthday, Caleb and I had a fierce battle here in the barn. I abducted his girlfriend to make him will me his Power. But his own father willed him his Power after he himself Ascended. He defeated me. I nearly died, but I had created a shield around me to protect myself from the flames in the barn. I fled into the woods after everyone left, to recuperate. I regained my strength in there for three weeks."

"I return three weeks later. I sought revenge, and I seek it still. Reid Garwin Ascended a week ago. I want to make them will me their Power. I want to destroy that cursed Covenant so that my own bloodline will flourish. I want to make them sorry for what they did – what their ancestors did."

Chase ended with a short, harsh laugh. Then he looked closely at Icera. There was sorrow in those misty-blue eyes of hers, and they were bright, bright with the threat of tears. Chase felt a pang of remorse in him. Icera had respected him, had loved him wholeheartedly, he knew that. Yet he had disappointed her.

"You've changed so much, Chase. How could you? I knew and remembered you as the boy whom I loved because of his wit, his charming smile, his cheerful disposition, his always-forgiving nature. You've changed…" Icera whispered hoarsely, her tears beginning to fall.

Chase bit his lip, then said harshly, "You never knew how it was like growing up like me! Do you think I enjoyed it? I will finish what I started – and you can't stop me!"

He fled. Somehow, somewhere, he knew he would meet her again. He just didn't know how and where.

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