Title: Curse of Fate: Outtake Ten, Severus Verses the Chocolate Frog
Author: Mistress Nika
Rating: G-ish
Summary: Severus knows what he sees. Why will no one believe him?
Pairings: none
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.
Notes: Part two of the "Things Chasing Severus" series.

Severus Verses the Chocolate Frog AKA Harry Takes Full Credit For This

Minerva felt a headache coming on as someone attempted to beat down her door with their fists.

"Not again," she muttered, flicking her wand around the room a few times before spelling the door open.

As expected, Severus burst threw the door in a wide-eyed panic and rushed her desk. He ran straight into the chair she'd preemptively placed in his path, tripped and went tail over head onto the floor. Not one to be stopped so easily, he did a strange kind of forward roll right back onto his feet and continued towards her. He skidded briefly across the room on the sherbert lemons she'd trapped the floor with, arms waving wildly to regain his balance, and did an amazing leap across the pit of rabid licorice snaps. Racing the last few feet to his destination, he slammed face-first into the shield she'd placed around the desk and fell heavily onto his back.

Peering over her spectacles at him, she raised an eyebrow as he dazedly raised himself onto his elbows. After shaking his head a few times to clear it, he leaped to his feet and declared, "I'm being followed around by a chocolate frog!" He ignored her dropped jaw and continued. "Everywhere I go, it's right there!" he exclaimed, waving his hands as if to indicate that it could pop up at any moment. "Staring at me with it's beady little chocolate eyes, croaking it's horrible death threats!"

Minerva sighed. "Severus, you must calm down."

"Calm down!?" he demanded in a particularly high, terrified shriek. "Easy for you to say! You're not the one being stalked by a snack food!"