Title: Satisfied

Author: Zalia Chimera

Pairing: SeiferXZell

Summary: Zell gets to do something he's always wanted to do.

Hope you like!

It had been stupidly satisfying.

Sure, it had only been sparring, not a proper all out battle, but that didn't change the fact. All those years of bullying. All those taunts and mocking words and finally, finally Zell had done what he'd always promised himself he would, and had punched the bastard in the face.

"You don't have to be quite so happy about it," a petulant voice reached his ears.

Although Seifer didn't quite share his enthusiasm.

Seifer raised his eyes to meet Zell's, wearing an expression that on anybody else would have been a pout. But Seifer Almasy would never pout. It made Zell laugh anyway. Seifer looked at him mournfully, rubbing the spot where his cheek was starting to darken with the bruise.

"What did I ever do to you?" he asked, glaring.

Zell smirked. "You want the list?"

Seifer muttered under his breath, something about abusive boyfriends.

Okay, so maybe he felt just a little guilty. The bruise looked kinda' painful and Seifer had always been just a little stuck up about his looks. A scar, fine. It added to his aura of mystery and rugged charm, or so he said anyway. But a bruise? Had to hurt his pride just a little.

And now he was sulking. Not that he'd ever admit it. Zell supposed that he should be the better man and try to make amends. Even if it was funny.

He leaned over and pressed his forehead against Seifer's shoulder for a moment, then twisted and brushed his lips gently over the forming bruise. Seifer looked round at him in surprise, raising an eyebrow at the slight smirk on Zell's face. "I'll make it up to you..." he said, nuzzling at Seifer's neck, enjoying the shiver it elicited.

The kiss he got then convinced him that making it up would be even more satisfying.