Title: 5 Times Eclipse Wished He Hadn't Grown Tomatoes

Author: Zalia Chimera

Notes: Gen, humour, oddness.

Summary: Eclipse's tomato growing escapades.

1 - Really, it wasn't his fault. How was he supposed to know that the council of the highest demons had decided to drop in unexpectedly? They weren't even due to meet for another century or so!

It also wasn't his fault that they'd demanded to see him and scared someone into taking them into the greenhouse where he was.

And it especially wasn't his fault that they'd seen him there, pink gardening gloves and all, talking soothingly to the tomato plant that wasn't growing quite as well as it should be.

2 - "You did what?"

Raenef stared up at him with huge watery eyes. "I only did what you told me! Two tablespoons of the green powder from the red jar."

Eclipse closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. He could feel a headache coming on.

"I said one teaspoon of the red powder from the green jar."

Raenef blinked and stared at the floor. "Oh. I'm sorry!" He looked fearfully back at the greenhouse where the shadows of twisting writing vines could be seen. "What do we do?"

Eclipse rolled back his sleeves preparing a killing spell. "I'm going in."

3 - Raenef had insisted that he share the bed with Eclipse after the tomato plants had attacked. Eclipse had agreed. It was his duty after all, and he could never resist those pleading eyes. It was a good thing he had really. Raenef had had terrible nightmares.

He sighed and pressed the bag of ice against his swollen and bruised eye.

He just wished he'd known that Raenef was that violent while asleep.

The tomato plants would have to go.

4 - "Why are you here?"

"...I'm allowed."

"You aren't welcome."

"You can't order me around. I'm one of the five greatest demon lords!"


"And come work for me."


"I'll make it so you do."

sigh "No."

"Why not?"



"You knew the answer. Why are you really here Krayon?"

"...I like tomatoes."

5 - Eclipse sighed and patted Raenef's back, keeping his other hand free to hold the demon lord's hair away from his face. He shouldn't think it really, but he looked rather pathetic, throwing his guts up. Quite undignified for a demon lord.

Who was to know that Raenef was actually allergic to tomatoes?