Title: My Empire

Author: Zalia Chimera

Pairing: LingXEveryone

Notes: Humour, crack ;

Summary: Ling and his harem.

Ling sprawled back on the cushions that covered his throne, smiling smugly. His throne. The Throne of Ling. Wait... the Throne of Ling, the Emperor. It sounded just perfect. Exactly how things should be.

"Master Ling," Ed said, nuzzling his thigh. "May I be permitted to feed Master another grape?"

Ling smiled down indulgently at the boy, appreciating the sight he made; nude except for a silken lincloth and bejewelled golden collar at his throat. "Of course, Edward," he said graciously. Edward smiled joyfully at receiving the smile from Ling's wonderful self and pulled one of the plump grapes from the crystal bowl that sat beside him, peeling it carefully. He placed it between his lips and then leaned up to kiss Ling, pressing the fruit into the other man's mouth.

Ling held him still for a moment, capturing his lips more thoroughly, making the boy blush. His innocence was so endearing. When he was released, Ed settled back down on the pile of cushions next to Alphonse, cuddling up to the other boy and sharing the taste of their emperor with him.

He spared a moment to admire their nubile young bodies and then his gaze moved to the plinth upon which sat the most preacious treasure of his empire; the perfect flawless stone that he had created single-handedly. It's guard felt his eyes on her and she blushed demurely, turning to favour him with a small bow. The blond woman was perfectly elegant, the gun holster matching the skimpy lingerie that she wore, the straps outlining her perfect round breasts that moved appealingly as she rose. His lovely Riza.

Maybe he'd ask to see Riza with the other blond girl tonight, his delightful Winry. Their lovely young bodies pressed together as they fondled and caressed each other teasingly, entirely for his pleasure.

He must have sighed in delight, because suddenly Roy was there, the dark man lapping at Ling's fingers, drawing them into his mouth slowly and sucking. Ling gripped his hair, pulling him up to kiss him hard. This one always liked it rough, enjoying the domination that Ling provided. An to think he'd held out for so long.

"You are such a pervert."

Ling looked up, blinking in startlement. Who would dare to speak to him in such a manner? Ed glared at him darkly, arms crossed over his chest. He was very clothed.

"Huh?" he said intelligently. Where was his throne and his philosopher's stone and his harem?

"You say such sick thing when you dream," Ed muttered, turning back to his brother and continuing a hushed conversation.

The shaking of the train brought Ling back to his senses after a moment and he looked around the small cabin, lamenting the loss of the rather delicious dream. Ah well. He slid down in his seat, watching Ed with narrowed eyes.

One day. One day.