Title: 20 secrets that Hinamori knows

Author: Zalia Chimera

Pairings: Mention of Kira/Hinamori and Renji/Hinamori

Notes: Angst, introspection, humour.

Hope you like!

1. Renji was her first crush, but Kira her first kiss when he'd tripped and knocked them both against the wall. It had been a romance novel moment until Kira's hair in her face had made her sneeze.

2. She wished she'd been able to record the look on Renji's face when she'd asked, all sweetness and wide eyes and innocence, just how far down his tattoos went.

3.Hinamori never really knew Rukia. They were in different classes and Renji hoarded his time with her. And once out of the academy, their paths crossed even less frequently.

Hinamori has never really hated anyone either, but seeing the look on her friend's face when Rukia became Kuchiki instead, brought her close.

4. She felt the same emotion when the execution order came, but this time she wasn't sure who to direct it at.

5. Even after he got into the academy, even after he became captain, in her head, she never stopped calling him Shiro-chan.

6. In her head, she never stopped calling Aizen 'Captain', either.

7. She'll never admit it, even under torture, but she was the one who told Vice-Captain Matsumoto exactly where Toushirou was ticklish.

8. She's fairly sure that he knows this anyway and she's waiting for the inevitable revenge.

9. Hinamori has only met Captain Ukitake a handful of times, but the way she's seen him treat Toushirou makes her love him a little.

10. Her taste for watermelon has lessened over the years and she never loved it as much as Toushirou anyway (who could?), but she still buys them 'just in case'.

11. In a way, she's almost glad that Aizen nearly killed her because if he'd asked it, she would have gone with him.

12. On the nights when Renji or Kira or sometimes Shuuhei come calling for her to go drinking and she has revision or paperwork to do, she wishes that they didn't know her well enough to know that she can't refuse them.

13. On the mornings after, when they beg her to close the curtains to soothe their aching heads, or regale her with tales of their drunken exploits, Hinamori wishes that they'd decide whether they want a friend or a wife.

14. They still hadn't figured out that she was the one who used up the painkillers. Instead they just congratulated her on her luck in having an iron constitution.

15. After being friends with Renji and then Shuuhei for a while, Hinamori decided that maybe she should get a tattoo as well. She'd picked out a design, a simple one of a plum blossom branch, and gone to the shop before discovering that she really didn't like needles, so all she had was a small spot of black on her shoulder.

16. She wishes she understood how the lower levels of Rukongai that produced people like Renji and Vice-Captain Matsumoto could also produce people like Captain Ichimaru.

17. She knows that Captain Aizen was right about her and hates herself for it.

18. It makes her feel a little left out when she's told about everything that happened while she was asleep, but she likes to hear the stories anyway.

19. She misses everything about Captain Aizen, but the one that always comes to mind immediately is his tea.

20. The worrying thing is, if she had to live it all again, then she would.