The beginning Yeah there are more stories or…

Well back to the story: So he walked and he wanted to find a boy Named Ronald so he thought:

This boy is making me sick I must admit if I didn't find him Josh will be kill me must hurry or else…

(A boy voice appear behind me) Boy: or else what? (He turned and found Ron) He said: so we meet

again I've been looking all over for you. He said: No problem man I just show up and take this. Rax:

What's this. Ron: It's a ticket to Kim's party your coming right? Rax: I wont miss it. (That night in

Kim's party) Guard: Welcome sir. (It was a big one there is a buffet there is a training room and

there was a… a stage then I saw Ron)Ron: Hey Rax where were you its about… (A man in the

stage interrupts him) Man: Please sir be quiet because Kim is about to sing. Ron: Oh really? (Then

Kim appeared in the stage) Kim: Welcome ladies and gentlemen I'm happy that all of you came to

my party and we are about to make a break dance contest and sign there if you want to be in the

contest (and she sang so Rax signed for the contest). So Kim stopped singing and said: Let the

contest begin our first customer is Josh Wendell Mankey (Josh begin dancing the break dance) Kim:

Stop please your result is 9/10 thank you. (Customers dances and now its Rax turn) Kim: Last but

not least Rax…(Before she says the rest of Rax's name he got up and danced the break dance)

Kim: Stop please your result is 10/10 YOU'RE THE WINNER CONGRAGULATIONS. Rax:

You knew that I'm goanna win in the first place. (There was a sound kimuncatern) Rax: What was

that? Kim: Oh please that's my kimuncater(Opens call) what's the stich? Wade: Hello Kim new

crime its Drakken and Shego there on the museum. Kim: I'm on it. Ron: Were on mission again.

Rax: A mission huh can I come? Kim: Its dangerous. Rax: Are you afraid of I'm getting hurt by

losers? Kim: No your not goanna get hurt by drakken but shego. Ron: Yeah she need me not you

got that boy. Rax: Whom are you calling a boy? Ron: You. Rax: Get real kid shego is going down.

Kim: Ok you can come but I deal with shego. Rax: bla bla bla.