day) Rax: Way too go. Ray: Well let just say I did what you told me. Ron: Hey kid stop dating KP.

Ray: Its not a date. Ron: Don't say more I don't want to hear your voice or… Ray: Or what. Ron:

Or you'll be grounded ok. Rax: Now you will make a big trouble Ron you don't now him so well.

Ray: His right you know. Ron: I'm not afraid from anybody(taking a sleepy voice to Rufus)not to

mention the monkeys' right buddy. Rax: Ok Ronald you and your chum go to Bueno Nacho and get

something to eat while me and my friend here Ray will go… Ron: With us(pulls them till Bueno

Nacho, In Bueno Nacho)Rax: The new nacho with cream? Ron: Not exactly. Ray: Then what is it?

Ron: Its cream. Rax: But you said not exactly. Ron: I hate to say not exactly.(Kim enter):Kim: Hi

guys ready for our last mission. Rax: Alright! Ray: Yahoo. Ron: Last mission consider it done. Kim:

Good lets go. Ray: But you didn't tell us what's the last mission objective. Kim: We defeat Drakken

for once and for all so we can have a vacation now lets go.(InDrakken lair)X: Were under attack.

Rax: That's right, shoot!(Kim, Ron and Ray fires) X: GUNS! Kim: This is for throwing blood on

me(throws grenade)X: Take cover. Drakken: What's… BOMB!(Shego throws the grenade

outside)X: You will never take me alive. Rax: Hold your position. Kim: Roger that.(X throws

grenade at them)Rax: In coming sisters.(Ray turned into a Devil)Devil(Ray): Ill handle it(Throws the

bomb away)X: That's it.(Turns into ifrit and jumps at Devil and they fight)Kim: Destroy him Ray.

Drakken: Get in the secret room X.(X went to the room)Ray: He got away. Rax: Actually they didn't

they just sit there, everybody have a break have a Kit Kat I mean Chocolate. Ron: My sunglasses

are cool and my magazine is super cool. Rax: Its about girls.

Ron(Talking fast): That's correct that's absolutely correct. Ray: Whoa

stop talking, now what commander? Rax: I don't know lets wait till they

get out from the room.(In the room)Drakken: They are still outside. X: I

got a plane. Rax: What taking them so long. Ron: Maybe they suicide.(Everybody stares at

Ron)Ron: Maybe not. Rax: Maybe they are planning something awful.(Behind them were the villains,

X is pointing a laser at Kim) Kim: Laser!(X shoots Ray pushes Kim and the shot came to Ray it

wasn't a bullet it was a Laser beam)Kim: Ray! Rax: My pal. Ron: My nephew.(Rax looks at Ron)Ron: What? X: Good bye

Ray.(Pointing the laser to Ray's head)BYE(He shoots Rax threw his sword the laser hit Rax sword

but it didn't effect it). Rax: Your Doomed. X: Lets do this. Rax: Get the heck out of here. Shego:

Hey Kimmie oh she's sad cause Ray got killed. Kim: You shut up. Shego: But… Kim: You shut up.

Shego: But… Kim: You shut up. Shego: But… Kim: You shut up. Shego: But… Kim: You shut up.

Shego: But… Kim: You shut up. Shego: Who had a recorder? Kim: You shut up. Shego: Why I

always bother.(Jumps at Kim and they fight)Rax: Ladies ladies. X: You shut up.(Hits him with the

laser, Shego Throws Kim to the pipe)Kim: Oh my back is broken. Ron:Hey.(Shego gives X a chair)

X: Look behind you Rax.(Rax looks behind him and BLAST right on the face) Ron: I'm

coming.(When he came to help Rax another shot from X to Ron by the chair on his stomach and

then in his head) Kim: Ron! X: Kim your turn. Rax:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO(Rax turns into Sparda)Now you'll

see AGHHHHHHH. X: NOOOOOO(Rax made an explosive wave and it blew the hole building)

X: Ouch well meet again.(The villains ran, Rax was on the ground tired)Rax: At least I won I think

Kim is fine, I'm broken but my friends are okay I think our last mission was

over time for our vacation on Hawaii its paradise and the important thing I like to hear people

chanting my name((Rax won Rax won Rax won…))That will make my dream come true(Kim woke

up)Kim: What happened? Rax: We won. Kim: You're my special powerful sidekick get ready you

know we got another adventure coming..