Hate has a Song

Hey, people! I'm back! I'm sorry… The Artist is now on hiatus. I think it is verging on cliché, lol. Therefore, I am starting a new fic. You will see that Sakura's personality is semi-similar to that in the Artist. But only semi-similar!

I'm gonna try and keep each a/n brief, they kinda got out of hand last time. Lawlz.

An girl lay on the bank of a river, mud-soaked and freezing. She sobbed.

A soldier stood over her. He pulled her upright by her hair roughly.

Holding a large knife to her throat, he brushed away her golden-brown hair for minimum mess.

Tears leaked down onto the curved blade. The soldier gritted his teeth.

I can't do this…

Thought both of them.

But I have to.

As the soldier's knife was brought back, ready for the swing, the girl drew a tiny dagger from her belt and parried the blow. Dipping the blade into a pouch of black goo, she dashed around the soldier, pressed a spot to paralyze him, pricked the back of his calf so that the venom would creep through the vein into his body, and she ran.

Sakura Kinomoto was ten years old, and an only child. She was only an only child, no longer a daughter, a sister, or a relative; she was alone.

Alone in the world torn by war.

Wow… officially the tiniest taster first chapter I've ever had.

I'm gonna try and jam some inspiration into my head for the Artist, just so that well yeah. Anyway… Signing out. Gollum.