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Chapter One

Well, I love the way you look,

Love the way you feel

And the way you roll your eyes at the kisses that I steal.

Love the way you stare

When you're staring right at me.

-Keith Urban, "Tu Compañía"


My eyes snapped open. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, my eyes widened in surprised when I saw a pair of eyes staring back at me. I couldn't help but smile back at that chubby little face with chocolate brown eyes.

"Jack," I whispered. "You're up early."

My son shook his head, his mop of light brown hair falling into his eyes. I couldn't help but giggle at the sight of him.

"It's not that early, ma," he said. "It's almost eight in the morning."

"How many times have I told you not to call me ma?" I reprimanded gently. "It makes me feel like those poor women who live down on the streets with a brood of children about. You must remember to call me mother or mama."

Jack sighed. "But none of my other friends call their mothers that."

"Well, I am not like other mothers. I still wish to see at least some decency in my household," I said.

"Is dad up yet?" Jack asked, climbing up onto the bed.

I groaned and rolled over onto my back. I was going to get no more sleep this day. Glancing over to my left, I could see that Will was slumped over on his stomach, his face pressed against the pillow. To the naked eye, he appeared to be asleep, but I knew better.

Snuggling closer to him, I blew gently in his ear, trying to make him move. Smiling when I saw Will move his head to try and get away from me, I shook his arm gently.

"Will, darling," I said in a sweet voice, "your darling boy's awake and requests your audience immediately."

Will grunted. "Tell him I'm still asleep and that I'll see him in an hour."

Jack laughed and before I could do anything to stop him, he leaped over me and landed squarely on Will's back.

"Arrgh!" Will shouted. "Jack Henry Turner, you're not going to hear the end of this one!"

Twisting around, Will pulled his son off his back. Pinning him to the bed, Will grinned mischievously as he tickled the boy mercilessly.

Giggling uncontrollably, Jack rolled away, his head resting gently against my chest. I couldn't help but smile at the boy's antics and I kissed him gently on the top of his head. Jack pulled away, rubbing his head in disgust.

"Ah, mama, did you have to do that?" Jack complained.

I pointed a finger at him. "Well, you deserved it. Jumping on your father like that."

Jack pouted, his small arms folding stubbornly across his chest. I couldn't help but be reminded of how much he was like his father. Someday he was going to grow up into a fine young man, just like my husband. Yet I wanted to keep him a boy forever. I never wanted him to leave.

"I just wanted to see if he was awake, mama," Jack stated. "He promised me to take me to the harbor and see if we can spot Captain Jack. Father told me he'd be here any day now."

I couldn't help but roll my eyes and trace my son's cheek lovingly. "I'm sure Captain Jack will be here in his own good time."

Jack frowned. "But father said—"

"I'll tell you what, son," Will said, sitting up and pulling Jack close. "You go down and have your breakfast and finish your chores and on my way to work I'll take you to have a once over down at the harbor. What say you?"

Jack sighed exasperatedly. "But that's more than two hours away."

"And that should give you more than plenty of time to finish everything you need to get done," Will pointed out.

I could tell that Jack didn't like the arrangements very much, but he knew he couldn't get a better deal than that. Climbing off the bed, Jack gave Will a big hug before coming around and kissing me on the cheek.

"I suppose that will be alright," Jack said cheerfully. "I'll see you later, mother and father."

As I watched him leave, I felt Will's hands curl around my waist. Sighing happily, I snuggled back against him, allowing my head to rest gently against his chest, feeling his cheek rub against mine. Everything felt so right that I could barely remember the time before I was with Will, or before having my son, for that matter.

As Will kissed the nape of my neck, I let my hand wander up and run my fingers through his tangled hair. He needed a haircut, desperately.

"I think you spoil our son a little too much," I finally said, breaking the moment. "He's going to start thinking he's able to get whatever he pleases."

Will sighed and pulled away from me, one finger lingering across my face. "What's a small trip down to the harbor every now and then going to do to him? He's not going to be spoiled by going to the harbor. A little curiosity isn't going to hurt him."

"That's what concerns me," I said. "Curiosity is what landed me into trouble, if you remember. And look where it got me."

Will laughed and pulled me closer to him. "A scoundrel for a husband and an energetic boy who wants to know how the world works."

I smiled and kissed Will passionately on the lips. Soon we were falling over one another, entangling ourselves in each others clothes and in the bed sheets. Laughing, I held Will close, savoring the moment that I wanted it to last forever.

"I can't believe that Jack is ten already," I said, rubbing my hand along Will's jaw line. "It seemed only yesterday that he was born. He's nearly grown up now."

Will smiled and kissed me tenderly before getting up and pulling his clothes on. "Aye, that he is. Soon he will be a man and making his own way in this world, just as I did when I was only a few years older than he."

"Don't I wish he was still a little boy, constantly running under my feet and stealing the food from the kitchen, always getting into trouble and causing me a headache," I said with a wistful laugh.

Pulling his shirt over his head, Will leaned against the bed and pecked me on the cheek. "Don't worry, Elizabeth, boys don't grow up that fast. Jack still has many years to go before he has to grow up."

I sighed and stood up, going to the corner cupboard to rummage through and find a dress to wear. As I did, I felt a single tear trail down my cheek and I wiped it away furiously before finding the dress I wanted to wear and turning quickly around.

"I thought we'd have more by now," I said softly. "I love little Jack with all my heart, but it breaks my heart knowing that we never tried again for another one. I know how it felt growing up not knowing what it was like to have a brother or sister and I don't want our son to go through the same thing."

Will looked at me with sudden sympathy, tenderness etching through his face. Walking over to me, he hugged and kissed me gently, keeping his arms wrapped around me.

"I am sorry for the pain that this has caused you," Will said softly. "I know how difficult it is for me being away in town, I never seem to have the time to spend with you and Jack."

I smiled and gave Will an encouraging hug. "Don't worry about it, Will. You're only trying to support us here. I was just reminiscing."

"Are you sure, Elizabeth?" Will asked, brushing my hair out of my face.

I nodded and gave him a smile. "That I'm sure of. Don't worry about it. You better get yourself ready; I have a feeling Jack isn't going to be patient with you for much longer."

Will studied me for several moments, and then gave me a quick hug. "You're right. I don't really want to be on his bad side today. I'll see you later, Elizabeth. I love you."

"I love you, too, William Turner," I said softly as he headed out the door and closed the door behind him. A hint of a smile showed on my face as I began to get dressed for the day. Life certainly wasn't dull when you were the wife of Will Turner. But I would never change it for the world.


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