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Cheering Up Audrey!

"Hey James, what's wrong with Audrey?" asked Remus.

"I don't know she won't tell me." James replied with concern in his voice. "She usually tells me what's wrong I mean we're twins we don't have secrets between us."

"What's wrong?" asked Sirius walking in the boys' shared dormitory.

"It's Audrey, ever since that day we saw her run into the castle crying she's been depressed and she won't tell anyone why. Not even me!" James replied almost in tears with worry.

"I'll get to the bottom of this!" replied Sirius and with that he left the room.

Sirius walked down the stairs to the Common Room and found Audrey to be the only one in it. Good now I can get her to talk. He thought as he walked up behind her.

"Hello Leetle Girl! Sirius said wrapping his cloak around him like a vampire. "I am Count Seereeus!!"

"Go away Count!!!! Do us all a favor and jump out the window!!!" Audrey yelled turning away from him.

"I vould but I fear eet ees too high and…. All of who, do you have multiple leelte girls in there?" Sirius asked pointing to her cloak.

"No I don't now go away!!!!" Audrey replied yelling but trying not to laugh despite how angry she was.

"Unfortunately I can not do that because I have been ordered by pain of death….." Sirius fell down like he was dead. "To cheer you up!!"

"Just go away Sirius!" replied Audrey and she turn away and began to cry.

"Come on sis don't be like that all kidding aside we're all really worried about you especially James you've never kept anything from him and it worries him that you won't tell him what's wrong." Said Sirius cradling her in his arms like a big brother would his younger sister, even though they were the same age. "Please Audrey just talk to me you know I'll listen."

"Oh all right. A few days ago I was walking around the grounds because I wanted to be alone and unfortunately I came across your little brother and his friends. And they started in saying the foulest things about me and Remus and James and everyone. Like that because Remus and I are werewolves than we must eat little children and that we're murderers and just the foulest things you could think of. Then they started talking about Lily and Adrienne and how they were filthy and didn't belong here and I just couldn't take it. I'm so sick of people only looking on outside and not the inside," cried Audrey burying her face into Sirius's shoulder.

"Well sis unfortunately not everyone is as understanding and open minded as we are. Besides none of us think those things about you and Remus or each other for that matter. So don't pay them any mind, by getting upset about the things they were saying you gave them what they wanted." Replied Sirius hugging her.

"I guess you're right, which is a first, we better mark it on the calendar!" Audrey said playfully pushing Sirius away from her.

"Ahh, wounded!!" said Sirius holding his hands to his heart and falling to the floor, Audrey just laughed. "You wounded the Count's heart!!"