Rukia Baby



Chapter Four

- The Parents? -

To say that Ishida and Inoue were uncomfortable was the understatement of the century; the two teens much to their dismay were now seated in the Kurosaki living room and given a detailed education on sex which entailed pictures and various horrible stories concerning the birds and the bees. Feeling the need to entertain his audience Isshin had added sound effects to enhance his tales, going so far as buzzing like a bee and cawing or chirping like a bird.

Karin and Yuzu had been spared the lecture as they had left to tend to the small toddler. Chad however was not as lucky and had been forced to partake in the small gathering. He sat stiffly alongside an irate blushing Ishida and a very flustered Inoue who chuckled nervously every now and then. The tall teen glanced to his side where Ichigo was. He was tied up with medical bandages looking more like those ancient Egyptian Mummies as he too was forced to sit on the sofa and listen to his father's ramblings. His earlier death threats and curses had gotten his mouth sealed with medical tape.

As the lecture continued in the living room, Karin and her sister were upstairs in their room searching their closet for their old baby clothes. Yuzu sat on her bed with Rukia in her arms, while Karin searched the shelves.

"Where the heck is all our stuff? Did we give it away or something?" the older girl asked feeling irritated at not having found anything. She hated having to look for things and often grew impatient quickly, especially since she had pulled out her clothes to delve deeper inside to find the baby ones. Yuzu who had been smoothing Rukia's hair down glanced at her sister.

"NOT THAT SHELF!" Yuzu exclaimed seeing a pile of clothing on the floor.

"You could have told me that earlier," Karin retorted. Yuzu sighed realizing that she would be putting everything back by herself. She pointed to the lower shelf and watched as her sister grumbled muttering strange phrases while pulling out the clothes beneath. The soft giggles caused her to look back on the bed and grin. She placed her finger in the toddler's hand and pushed back her soft bangs. Rukia kicked her legs excitedly and pouted her lips causing hearts to appear in Yuzu's eyes.

"Kawaii!!!!" Yuzu squealed; Karin looked up at her. A small smile graced her lips. It had been so long since Yuzu had acted her age; normally she took charge of the family, doing the laundry, washing the dishes and cooking all their meals. Karin's eyes reverted to the small toddler; she wondered if the girl with the huge rack and the specs guy were really her parents. There were some similarities between the toddler and the potential father, but she noticed that the small child remained in her arms when faced with her 'parents.' Wouldn't children normally jump into their parents arms? It also seemed that both the supposed 'parents' were stunned at the sight of the toddler. Karin sighed and shook her head; the whole thing was unsettling. Instead of questioning the duo her father had ushered the entire group into the living room for sex education, she had taken her cue to leave dragging her sister with the excuse of finding clothes for the three year old. Karin huffed and tucked a few errant strands behind her ear. The baby clothes were no where in sight and she had made yet another pile of clothes to the side. She looked at her younger sister who was cooing and cuddling the small child.

'Why does she get to have all the fun?' Karin thought irately.

"YUZU!!!" she shouted catching her sister's attention immediately.

"Uzzu," came a chibi voice. Both sister's eyes widened and Karin was immediately beside the bed, while Yuzu looked down at the giggling baby. She caressed Rukia's plump cheek and Karin leaned in closer.

"Yuzu," Karin called out and immediately chibi Rukia pouted her lips, "Uzzu." The two sisters exchanged glances and grinned in anticipation.

"Now say K-a-r-i-n," Yuzu grinned as bright violet eyes looked up at her.


Karin balked at the name.

"Did she just call me cabin?" the raven haired girl questioned as her sister chuckled. With the baby clothes forgotten, the two girls went about teaching the small child. Rukia was soon lifted off the bed and placed on Yuzu's lap. The toddler surveyed her surroundings. Her violet eyes twinkled as she spotted something yellow near the open bedroom door. Wanting the new toy, she jumped up and down on Yuzu's lap while pointing in its general direction.

The small toy in question quickly zipped behind the door out of sight. Karin seeing an orange ball lying on the ground grabbed it thinking the toddler wanted it. When she walked back to the bed a small yellow head peered into the room. Black beady eyes took in the small form that bit into the ball.

'Nee-san,' Kon thought.

He looked up at the small form, her bright violet eyes met his and they looked at each other for a few moments.

"Daa," Rukia giggled and pointed to the stuffed plushie spying on her. Karin turned her head and looked to where the toddler was pointing, only to find the place empty. Rukia's attention was soon diverted to the younger sibling who was waving the bright orange ball.

"Ball," Yuzu voiced and soon the toddler was repeating the name. After a few more lessons, the sandy blonde aided her sister in finding the clothes, while Rukia was left to crawl on the floor. The toddler swiftly crawled to door where she had spotted the plushie earlier.

Kon deciding it was safe enough for another peak, turned and faced a pair of violet eyes. The lion squeaked at the close proximity and placed his hands on his mouth when he heard Ichigo's sister enquire about the noise. Not wanting to be caught the plushie took off not noticing that the toddler was crawling right behind him. He ran into Ichigo's room and slammed the door behind him before diving beneath the bed. The door hit the unsuspecting toddler on the forehead knocking her off to the side.

The sound of the door being slammed followed by a wail had the Kurosaki sister's scrambling out of their room. They found the injured toddler in front of their brother's room. Yuzu picked up the child, while Karin quickly inspected the area. She opened her brother's door and glanced around the room. She spotted three more ugly plushies on her brother's bed, but other than that everything else seemed fine. A cool breeze flitted in through the window and Karin swiftly crossed the room and slid the window closed. She shook her head wondering how the door had slammed and had an inkling that it may have something to do with the wind coming in from outside. She shook her head and shut the door retreating to her room where Yuzu was rocking the chibi form. Rukia's wails died down to small choked sniffles. The sister's had found a pile of baby clothing. Among the clothing was a small white t-shirt with a cartoon bunny dressed in a pink dress holding a sunflower, they also managed to find a pair of overalls. With Yuzu's expertise, they managed to put diapers on the toddler, courtesy of the clinic, and a pair of beige overalls on top. Once finished, the duo noticed the slight bruising on the right side of Rukia's temple.

"We better get Dad to look at her," Karin stated and Yuzu nodded.

Meanwhile in the living room..

Ishida had faced down shinigami and hollows, yet despite his training and his ability to turn enemies to ash, nothing had prepared him for a sordid evening with his classmate's father. He thought his ears had burned off from all the sexual scenarios Ichigo's father had gone through. It hadn't helped that Inoue's nervous chuckles or awkward applause had encouraged the man to continue. He paused in his musings and sighed inwardly. Inoue was so wonderfully innocent that the Quincy felt the whole encounter had somewhat robbed her of some of it. Pushing up his spectacles, he glared at his orange haired nemesis. If looks could kill, Ichigo would be ash by now, better yet the Quincy would prefer beating him an inch away from death.

"Ahh to be young and so hormonal," Isshin grinned, while fluttering his eyelashes.

"Having a child at such a young age must have been hard on you," Isshin shot out as he placed a hand on a nervous Inoue's shoulder. Ishida pushed up his spectacles as he wondered just what the heck Ichigo's father thought of him and Inoue. It was character decimation. The old man knew of Inoue's situation and probably thought he had taken advantage of her, worse yet the Quincy realized that the man probably thought very little of Inoue, branding her as a girl who slept around. The thought aggravated him; he couldn't tolerate his girlfriend being branded because of Ichigo's stupidity and selfishness. Making up his mind, he pushed back his spectacles and cast a glance at Ichigo before turning to the doctor.

"You're wrong Kurosaki-san."

"Eh?" Isshin adjusted his glasses and turned to focus on the tall teen who had been quiet until this moment. Even Ichigo, Ishida and Inoue blinked several times as they looked at Chad who sat with his arms folded across his chest.

"She is Kuchiki Byakuya's younger sister. He had to go out of town and requested us to take care of her." Before any more words could be exchanged Karin and Yuzu entered.

"DADDY! Ichi-nii's door hit chibi's head and she's got a bruise," Yuzu shot out. Isshin quickly stood up and took the toddler from her arms. The two swiftly entered the clinic, while Karin paused and looked at her mummified brother with raised eyebrows. Shaking her head sideways, she went towards him and began the cumbersome task of taking off his bandages.

Fifteen minutes later Ichigo was finally released from his bonds and Karin had explained what happened to the toddler. His eyelids lowered as he had some idea on how the door had magically closed. He made a note to wring Kon's neck later. His father entered the room with Rukia in his arms and Yuzu trailing behind him.

"Nothing to be worried about, just a small bruise," Isshin grinned rubbing Rukia's back gently. Rukia rested her head against Isshin's chest, her keen violet eyes watching the various occupants in the room. Suddenly she lifted her head, her violet eyes sparkling at the sight of her beloved toy. Pointing a chubby finger out, she cooed "Baall."

All eyes shifted from the toddler to the orange haired teen whom she pointed to. Ichigo frowned as the tiny tot raised her arms and jumped wanting to go to him.

"Baall," she called causing Ichigo's frown to deepen. Just what the hell was he, an inanimate object for her to play with.

"Ichi-nii carry her," Yuzu exclaimed chuckling slightly, while Karin had a huge grin plastered across her face. Reluctantly the teen stretched out his hands and was rewarded with the small tot. Rukia was so light. She fit easily in his arms and seemed to be climbing up higher. A few seconds later he realized just what the toddler wanted as he felt her small hand tug his hair.

'Some things never change,' Ichigo thought. The older version of Rukia had used him for piggybacks and now the chibi version of her was plucking out his precious hair.

To be continued..

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