Meant to Be

""Hey Yami whatcha doing?" asked Malik as he walked into his room. Marik was sitting at Malik's desk fiddling with his Jade necklace again. "You ok Marik?" asked Malik.

"I'm fine hikari" Marik said forcing a smile as he laid his necklace on the desk "I just need some air I think I'll take a walk ok?"

"All right but are you sure you're ok?" asked Malik worriedly.

"I'm fine little one" replied Marik as he kissed Malik on the forehead.

A few minutes after Marik had left there was a knock at the door. "Coming!" Malik called as he walked to the door. "Hey Bakura!" Malik managed to say before his lover gave him a passionate kiss.

"Hey baby!" replied Bakura a bit breathless.

"Where's Marik?" asked Ryou looking for the spirit.

"He went for a walk he does that a lot lately" replied Malik clearly worried.

"Who is this Marik anyways? I've heard Ryou talk about him but I've never met him" asked Bakura curiously.

"He's my yami" replied Malik

Just then Bakura noticed Marik's necklace he'd left on the desk. "Where did you get this?" asked Bakura picking it up.

"It's my yami's he said he's had it since he was like five. Pharaoh gave it to him as a symbol of being his personal servant and most trusted friend. Pharaoh even remembers giving it to him". Malik replied. "Why?"

"Because my lover in Ancient Egypt had one just like it" Replied Bakura, his eyes filling with tears of a long suffering sorrow.

"What was his name?" asked Ryou curious now he'd never seen this kind of softness in Bakura.

"Merenkhonos" Bakura replied still fighting back tears.

"Bakura I can't be your lover anymore I can't keep you two apart. Why didn't you tell me? Merenkhonos is my yami, Marik is his modern name." replied Malik hugging Bakura tightly. Just then Marik walked in the door.

"Mer…Merenkhonos?" cried Bakura

Marik was shocked not many people knew him by that name but the white haired man looked familiar he really looked the man over and then he knew who it had to be.

"Baku?!" Marik almost pleaded. When Bakura nodded his head Marik crossed the room in three leaps and tackled Bakura to the floor with a kiss so passionate it shook Bakura to his marrow.

"I love you too Koichii!" replied Bakura still quite breathless. "I've missed you baby!" Bakura said his eyes streaming tears of happiness as he started running his hand through Marik's hair like he did in Ancient Egypt.

Marik simply smiled and cuddled up to Bakura glad to finally be back in his arms once more.

"Aww aren't they cute?" Asked Ryou as then dodged the pillow that Bakura threw at him.

"Sorry I cost you your lover hikari." Said Marik looking over at Malik.

Don't worry about it you two were together long before Bakura and I besides I'll find another." Replied Malik smiling

Ryou tapped Malik on the shoulder, when Malik looked Ryou kissed him then gave Malik a shy smile. "Sorry it was spur of the moment I didn't have the courage to ask you"

"That's ok love, I understand." Malik said hugging Ryou.

"It's like we're watching ourselves at that age. You know what that means!" Marik said looking at Bakura then at the hikaris.

"WHAT!?!" they said together.

"You're soul mates, meant to be together, and together you'll stay forever. Like we have, 5,000 years has done nothing to they way we feel about each other, we long for one another and no one else." Replied Marik.

"Oh great you mean I'm stuck with him!?" teased Malik. Ryou pouted "I'm kidding sweetie!"

" I know!" Ryou said and snuggled up to him.