Ever so gently, she slid the back of her index finger over his cheek.

The slender digit slipped softy over the arch of his cheekbone and the curve of his jaw, tracing a gentle path that left his skin tingling.

Surprised by the feel of Dr. House's skin under her finger, Allison Cameron traced the pathway one more time, just for good measure. But this time, instead of using the back of her finger, she used the tips as she traced the path in the opposite direction. Her padded fingertips slid gently over the plains of a jaw and into a rough sideburn.

Compared to the sensitivity of her fingertips, the back of the digit must have been completely numb because it failed to let her in on how positively electric House's skin really was when traced by a gentle finger.

Slipping and sliding over the arches and curves, her mind cataloged every inch of his skin as if she were doing research on the specimen before her.

His skin is softer than expected. At least, softer than she had expected. It was hard for her to believe that such a harsh man could have such soft skin.

The sensation was electric as the stubble grazing his jaw scratched over her fingers sending tiny chills up her spine.

When she was a little girl, Allison Cameron would scold he father for not shaving on the weekends and then trying to give her a kiss of the cheek. i "It scratches daddy! It scratches!" /i She would make vain attempts to push him away, but he'd always win out, placing a kiss on one cheek and the scratching his stubbly face down the other.

She had never truly understood why her mother never complained about it, but, looking down at House, she understood.

The arch of her palm was pressed ever so slightly against his face, and when he gave a small snore and twisted into the contact, she couldn't help but smile slightly to herself.

Cameron would have been content to spend the rest of her day standing over House, watching him as he slept, but a warm voice coming from near the door broke her out of her dreams.

"He's beautiful when he's asleep."

The young woman looked slowly around at Cuddy and was amazed to see a look of understanding in her eyes. "Yes, he really is." Sparing one last look at the man before her, she withdrew her hand and made her way out of the room, he palm still tingling from the touch.

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