It was just a strap.

A thin strap of elastic covered in the softest shade of pink lace imaginable.

House knew that Cameron wore bras. He had just never truly realized that she I wore bras /I . But now, on a sweltering hot day in Princeton-Plainsboro, in her gray tank top, he could see the soft material biting into her well-muscled shoulder and it held him transfixed.

Mixed with the cotton strip that was the strap of her top, the pink managed to hide beneath the modest material in some places while peeking out mischievously in others.

When Cameron had reached over to set his daily mug of coffee on his desk, the gray had slipped down the soft curve, completely exposing the lace that was nestled beneath.

The woman had pushed the outer strap back up with an unconscious hand, as if it were a routine occurrence, once again shielding the lace from view.

As she made her way back to her seat at the other side of the table, he inhaled the rich, scent of the fresh coffee. It was a smell that he had come to associate with the young woman and, now it was beginning to weave its way through the tiny eyelets of the lacy material.

Reaching out for the mug, he felt his fingers close over a ceramic handle that was definitely not made of lace.

Sitting across from the brunette, House let his eyes fall upon the material, imagining what the lace felt like and wondering if she wore it to feel sexy.

Her reasons for wearing it didn't matter.

Letting his eyes fall closed for a fraction of a second as he sipped his coffee, the man could feel the stretchy material slipping over his calloused hands, not rough enough to irritate, only strong enough to tickle.

He could just imagine the stretch of the elastic as her shoulder moved with her reach.

But none of that mattered.

The strap didn't matter.

What mattered was the soft skin that lay beneath.

Normally white, House could only imagine that it was the same shade of pink as the strap itself. His skin may not have been affected by the heartless intrusion of the binding fabric but hers certainly would be.

"House! What is your problem?"

Broken from his daydreams of elastic and lace, the man realized that he was still staring at the baby pink strap. "I've never seen you in a tank top before."

Rolling her eyes in a manner that suggested that she knew exactly what he was staring at, Cameron self-consciously adjusted both of them competing straps that graced her left shoulder. "Oh grow up. It's only a bra strap."

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