It was just a tiny sprig with a few leaves and berries on it. Nothing more.

But they couldn't help but stare at it as if the thing were about to explode.

Occasionally they shot one another a meaningful look or two. Sometimes it came with a sly grin, and other times it was fully of worry. The mistletoe had only been there for a few minutes, but the tiny green branch was already driving them nuts.

Other doctors had walked by and looked up at the tiny branch hanging over Dr. House's office door. Some had smirked while others had run away in fear.

Cuddy had stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the two people sitting on the edges of their seats at the conference table. She even offered the pair a few words. "… Good luck."

Laughing to themselves, they watched Cuddy leave, even more anxious than they had been moments ago.

"So what's so urgent that I got a page that was "double stat"?

"What's going on?"

Chase and Foreman almost jumped out of their seats when House and Cameron's voice mingled together as they tried to push their way through the door frame at the exact same time.

It wasn't a large door. Really, just average in size. And it certainly wasn't meant to be walked through by a small woman and a tall man with a cane.

Just as they had one foot into the office, they stuck, pressed side to side, between the confines of the frame.

Cameron chuckled softly to herself and House tried to move forward again, but it seemed as if she were caught on something and so he was stuck in the middle of a step, half balancing on his good leg.

The woman had noticed that the man next to her was caught and tried to look around behind him to see what it was. Mid crane, the gruff doctor looked over at the two remaining ducklings.

At the look of manic glee that adorned their anxious faces, he couldn't help but wonder what was going on. If it hadn't been for Chase's eyes flickering upward, he may not have caught on.

Tilting his head back a few inches, his bright blue eyes fell upon a single, tiny sprig of mistletoe.

A sound that was a dangerous mix of sigh, exasperation, admiration, and anger slipped form the man's lips, and he re-doubled his efforts to break free.

The sound however had caused his door mate to look up as well.

The silence that followed was deafening, and the slight pink twinge to Cameron's cheeks spoke louder than anything than either of them could have said.

Seconds away from doubling over silent fits of laughter, Chase and Foreman were practically clawing the table in anticipation.

"Oh, get over it you two. It's not going to happen."

The moment that the last syllable slipped from his lips, Cameron tugged at what he had been caught on. The pull had been accompanied by a slight rip and House knew that he wasn't going to live that comment down.

Rolling his eyes in exasperation, the man pushed his way in before Cameron, not wanting to see the look on her face.

Even though the two sitting at the table knew that there would be… repercussions, they didn't care. It had been worth it to see the two doctors squirming in the door.

Cameron's animosity, however, was not aimed at her co-workers but rather at her boss.

Pointedly pushing her way past the limping man, she looked back over her shoulder as House looked to Chase.

"What? Was that to much sexual tension for you?"

Both of the ducklings had been eyeing House, but at the words, their heads snapped directly to her tiny form.

"Nope. I just didn't want these two to get jealous." Tearing his eyes away from the quietly seething Dr. Cameron, House looked down to find a sizeable hole in the bottom of his favorite t-shirt.

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