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A Hard Walk's End

She wasn't sure which of what she felt was worse.

"What did you tell your dad?" "Excuse me?" "Whose side are you on?"

Calleigh couldn't believe they'd had that conversation. What had he expected her to do?

"You're worse than Hagen." "Did he ask you to do this?" "Actually, he told me not to bother." "Really…?"

Now that was interesting.

The way from Eric's lab down to the police department was long. It should have bothered her regarding her intention. But her thoughts now had enough time to run through her head over and over again and her conscience had her strengthen her determination with every step she took. She needed to see him. It wasn't that she wanted him to apologize or even give an explanation. All she wanted to do was talk. She thought about giving him the chance to justify his actions, but pretty quickly decided not to.

Turning around wasn't an option now. Not anymore. She walked straight up to the group of detectives and asked him to step aside with her.

She was clear, clearer than ever. And so was her mind. Questions came, arguments hit just the exact right seconds. Things were on her side – until the person she never thought she would have an argument like this with brought up the one topic that she'd always avoided to discuss with him.

She stood steadily, but her inside was spinning. He couldn't see it. Right at that moment he seemed to be oblivious towards her feelings. When he realized what he had just said it was already too late. She had her emotions under control and her mind was already racing for the appropriate answer. It was hard to find, but she managed to do so anyways.

Overplaying the actual reason for her reaction, all she said was "I don't think Friday night's gonna work."

He couldn't agree more. And she wasn't sure what she would have said if he had given her a different answer.

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