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The Spirit Fox

Chapter 1: How it all started

Deep in Fire Country in the village of Konoha the village hidden in the leaves a lone boy was sneaking through the forest. Now normally people sneaking through the forest wouldn't be such a strange thing. Konoha being a shinobi village and all but when it's a 4 year old boy and not a shinobi that's strange. Especially since Konoha is known as the strongest but most peaceful shinobi village in all of the elemental countries, however for Uzumaki Naruto it was not the case.

The villagers as well as some of the shinobi's of the village see Naruto as nothing more but a demon. You see sealed inside of young Naruto is the great demon Kyuubi no Kitsune which attacked the village 4 years ago. Because of this many of the people believe that he is in fact the demon himself and have taken it upon themselves to make his life a living hell.

So here he is using the best of stealth he developed over the years as a result of years of mistreatment. He was sneaking through the forest towards the village gates the reason he was getting the hell out of there. He had already made his plans of escape the day before after another painful beating at the hands of the villagers.

Naruto had always been rather smart as well as tricky so it would be quite easy for him to get out. However there was one thing he needed to make it out new clothes. He knew that if he even tried to leave in the bright clothes he had he'd be spotted so he did the only thing he could he stole them.

He had picked a shinobi store breaking in had been simple enough. You see he knew that all shops in Konoha had a small window in the back corner in the bottom of the wall being as how he had used them to hide from time to time from the villagers. So at about 10:00 pm he went to one of these shops knowing that nobody would be there seeing as how the shops close at 6:30 on most nights except for the weekends.

So with nothing but a flashlight he went in the first thing he grabbed was a map of the Elemental Countries, then a duffle bag and loaded up with 4 packs of kunai and shuriken each. 8 pairs of chakra fused weight bands, some bandages, 3 black shirts, 3 blue shirts, 6 pairs of black paints. Then some black shinobi sandals a black face mask, and a black rag to cover his bright blonde hair plus 2 pairs of fingerless gloves 1 black 1blue, 8 pairs of boxers and 4 jutsu scrolls and he was out of there.

After storing the stuff at his apartment he took a few blank scroll and made his way to his next stop the Hokage Tower the reason to copy some jutsus he heard the Hokage talk about. Sneaking in to the Tower also proved easy since he'd been doing that for years to be in the safety of the one person he trusted in the village the Sandaime Hokage, Surutobi who was also the only person he told that he knew how to get in.

After arriving at the scroll room he stopped to take a look around then he found the scroll he knew would be good the forbidden scroll. After rummaging the scroll he used one of his blank scrolls and copied down the Kage Bunshin related jutsus. The next scroll he copied down the "Raimei Oru" (Lightning Breaker) and finally he copied down a jutsu called "Rei Gun" (Spirit Gun).

After looking around a bit more he spotted 2 scrolls with his name on them so he grabbed them and left the vault headed back to the apartment the same way he came in. Once back in the apartment he stuck the scrolls inside of the duffle bag checking the time he saw it was 12:00 so he grabbed the bag and set out to his exit.

Which leads us to now sticking to the shadows he was making his way out of the village he spotted someone else leaving only this person was caring someone who was tied and gagged over their shoulder so Naruto being Naruto decided to help the person out. Moving as fast and as quietly as he could around the person who had stopped and sat the other person a small girl he noticed on the ground.

Naruto took his opportunity. Focusing on the wind around him he willed it to obey his commands a power he had always had making it as strong as he could he forced it at the kidnapper hitting him hard and knocking him unconscious, taking the opportunity to free the hostage he saw he was right in thinking it was a girl after untying her and making sure his opponent stayed knocked out as well as tying him up he decided to talk to her.

"Hey are you alright, I mean he didn't hurt you did he" he asked.

"N-no I-I'm f-fine, t-thank you for s-saving me" she responded shyly.

"No problem what your name anyway" he asked

"H-hyuga H-hinata" she stuttered "a-ano w-what's y-your n-name" asked Hinata

"I'm Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto" he respond they heard voices coming so he decided it was best to leave but he checked with her first.

"Hinata do you recognize any of those voices" he asked

"y-yes one o-of t-them is my o-otosan" she replied

"OK good cuz I've got to get out of here" he said. She looked at him after that then spoke up.

"A-ano are y-you f-from here I t-thought maybe w-we c-could be f-friends".

"Yeah I'm from here but I'm gonna be leaving for a while but take this to remember me by" after saying that he reached in his shirt and pulled out a locket on a chain and gave it to her.

"There now I have a reason to come back especially since my only friend is here" he said then continued.

"Listen Hinata-chan don't tell anybody but your dad and the Hokage I was here alright if they ask here ask them if you 3 could talk in private ok, oh and when I get back I hope your hella strong cause I will be gotta go bye" and with that he was gone back in to the shadows, he grabbed his bag and took off using the wind to enhance his speed.

Meanwhile back with Hinata her father, uncle and some other members of her clan as well as the Hokage had just arrived and what they saw shocked them seeing as Hinata was sitting on the ground and her kidnapper was tied up. The first to speak up was her father, head of the Hyuga Clan Hyuga Hiashi

"Hinata are you alright, what happened" he asked.

"I-I'm f-fine o-otosan" she replied

"this is a cloud shinobi Hokage-sama" spoke one of the ANBU members with the Hokage.

"Take him to Ibiki tell him anything goes just don't kill him" commanded the old Hokage after turning to Hinata he spoke again this time gently.

"Hinata-chan can you tell us what happened"

"h-hai but can we t-talk in y-your o-office I want to g-get out of h-here" she replied and just like that Hinata, Hiashi, Surutobi and Hiashi's brother Hizashi went straight to the Hokages office.

After telling them what happened it was quite until Sarutobi spoke up

"Hinata did Naruto say where he was going?" he asked in a tired voice

"n-no he j-just said he n-needed to get out of the v-village" replied the young heiress

"w-why is he in t-trouble" she asked while holding the locket

"no he's not in trouble I'm just worried" after noticing the locket he continued

"Hinata-chan where did you get that locket" he asked

"N-Naruto-kun g-gave it t-to me he s-said it gave h-him a reason to c-come back" she paused and then continued

"He also s-said I w-was his o-only friend h-here" she said still holding the locket. After a moment of thought Sarutobi called in one of the ANBU outside

"Get Kakashi here and I want him here within the next 15 minutes and if he's not tell him I'll have him doing D-Class missions for the next 5 years" he said after a moments pause he spoke up again.

"Hizashi can you take Hinata and wait outside" he asked.

"Hai Hokage-sama" replied Hizashi, after they walked out the Hokage spoke up

"Hiashi I know your aware that Naruto is the Kyuubi's container and you have also done your best to obey the Yondaime's last wish. However as Arashi's teammate and bestfriend there's something else you should know."

"And what would that be" said Hiashi though he had a bad feeling what it could be.

"He's Arashi's son" was all Surutobi said.

After about ten more minutes Hiashi left the office and upon entering the lobby found his daughter asleep leaned up against her uncle and after waking her up they left the tower altogether. After a few minutes of walking in silence surprisingly Hinata spoke

"O-otosan do you t-think I c-could be s-strong?" she asked in a hopeful voice. After looking down and smiling a small smile Hiashi responded

"I think you could be the strongest" after hearing that she looked over and saw her uncle with a smile and a nod to reassure her.

"Naruto-kun when you get back I'll be strong like you" was all she thought and with that a serine silence settled over them.

Back with the Hokage:

Kakashi had finally shown up on time due to the threat by the hokage.

"You called hokage-sama" he asked.

"Yes Kakashi I'm giving you a mission" after a pause to take a puff from his pipe he continued

"Uzumaki Naruto left the village I need you to find him you have 24 hours dismissed" and with that Kakashi was gone.

Back with Naruto he was getting tired running at full speed as well as using the wind to push him was getting to him and he'd been going for hours he also knew that the hokage would know he was gone by now especially if Hinata told him like he thought she would luckily for him he was nearing a village.

Once he entered the village he found a small inn and checked in telling the keeper someone was chasing him and that he never came. He of course paid a little extra for that as well anyway once he made it to his room he climbed in to bed and fell into a deep sleep he wouldn't leave the room until later that night.

When Naruto awoke and noticed the unfamiliar surroundings he was a little scared at first until he remembered the events of the night before. Feeling a little sore he decided to take a bath after filling the tub with just enough water for someone for his size he hopped in to the nice warm water he was finally relaxed. 45 minutes later he was up and ready to get dressed after laying out his clothes he finally decided on a black t-shirt with silver flames coming up from the bottom to the middle of the shirt as well as flames on the sleeves.

Next he put on some black pants they were called BDUs or Battle Dress Uniform. They had large pockets on the sides that buttoned down and some could be made to zip up. There was one on each pant leg. There were also large pockets on the seat of the pants that could do the same thing. On the waist was an adjustable string, to tighten or loosen them depending on the person wearing them.

The same thing could be done down at the ankle of the pants. The pants looked like they would be good tactical pants. Perfect for having to carry multiple items, either in the pockets, or in the pants that had built in kunai, shuriken and scroll holsters. They could also be reinforced with a chain mesh, to make them a little more combat ready, mostly to protect from shuriken and some kunai.

Finally he put on the black shinobi sandals then he looked through the scrolls he had he picked out two scrolls one explaining chakra and how to use it and the next had some 2 chakra control exercises and explained how to do them, putting the scrolls in to his pockets and the others back into the bag with the rest of his things he decided to get something to eat then train.

After eating at a local shop he started looking around the town he soon realized that this town was a gambling town after walking some more he came upon a nice shaded clearing he was about to sit down when he heard it. Being from Konoha he recognized that sound well it was giggling moreover it was perverted giggling and if its one thing Naruto didn't like it was perverts. Following the noises he came upon a bathhouse and on the side was two guys obviously perverts so he did the only thing he could do gathering air to his lungs he let loose a loud yell "PERVERTS" the reaction was immediate the women came out in nothing but towels and beat the stuffing out of the perverts thanking him before leaving.

As he was about to turn to leave someone called out to him.

"hey kid" turning around he spotted a girl, a woman he corrected with black hair and eyes approaching him that looked to be about 18 if not a little older. Naruto tensed slightly ready to bolt should he have to but answered.

"y-yeah" he stuttered and almost hit himself for it knowing he was showing fear.

"what are you doing out here" she asked.

He looked at her and froze there was something in here eyes that he had seen in only one other persons when they looked at him "only Sarutobi-ojisan looks at me like that with kindness" he thought easing up he answered.

"I was going to start training in that clearing over there till I heard that perverted giggling"

"Training" she repeated upon getting a nod she continued

"Training for what?" she asked.

"I wanted to learn how to use and control my chakra" replied the young blonde.

"Oh ok I could help you if you want" she said.

Naruto's eyes lit up hearing that nobody but the hokage ever offered to help him with anything.

"Really you would do that" he asked.

"Yeah sure what's your name anyway" she asked

"Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto what's your name neechan?" asked the four year old.

"my names Shizune let me get dressed and I'll help okay"


Naruto and Shizune spent the rest of the day together trying to get him to unlock his chakra and when he did Shizune was shocked "this kids got more chakra then first year academy students" she thought witch was something considering the ninja academy starts when you turn 10 years old.

By sunset the pair were heading to get something to eat when they bumped into someone. She had long blonde hair tied into pigtails on each side of her head and a diamond in the middle of her forehead she had on grey pants and a grey shirt.

"Tsunade-sama how are you doing" asked Shizune

"I'm fine who's this with you" asked Tsunade after glancing to her side she answered

"This is Naruto he busted some perverts for me earlier" said Shizune then she continued

"Naruto this is my sensei Tsunade"

"It's nice to meet you" said the chibi blond

"It's nice to meet you too" replied Tsunade the rest of the walk went quietly. After arriving and eating at the diner Naruto finally asked a question.

"Ano Shizune-neechan I was wondering where are you from" after a moment she answered.

"I'm from Konoha" noticing the shocked look cross his face. Both Shizune and Tsunade looked at him but didn't say anything then Tsunade spoke up.

"Naruto I was wondering where are your parents" after a pause he answered looking down

"Don't have any" was all he said.

"Then who where you with" Tsunade asked.

"Nobody" he replied still looking down finally Shizune spoke

"So you came here by yourself" after a moment he responded.

"Yeah, I've always been alone" he said both ladies were sad upon hearing that. Then Tsunade asked another question

"Where are you from?" He took a long moment to answer this time and when he did it was low so low they almost couldn't here it.

"Konoha" now they could see why he was shocked then Naruto spoke up this time a bit louder.

"I'm surprised you guys are from Konoha your too nice"

"What do you mean" asked Shizune

"Everybody especially the adults in Konoha I've ever met have always been mean with the exception of Surutobi-ojisan" after talking for a while longer Tsunade made a decision.

"Naruto how would you like to come with us" she asked

"Really you would let me" he asked exicitedly.

"Of course and so would your ojisan" she replied

"How do u know that" he asked

"he was my sensei" was all she said before she continued.

"I'll write and tell him what's going on okay. So why don't you and Shizune go get your things."

"Hai" and with that the two were gone.

Konoha the next day:

Surutobi had just dismissed Kakashi when one of the chunnin came in with a letter addressed to him he was extremely surprised when he read it.

"Surutobi-sensei I know it's been a while and no I'm not writing to say I'm coming back. However I wanted to tell you someone ran into me I think you know him blonde hair blue eyes whisker-like marks on each cheek. Anyway after talking with him I agreed with his choice of leaving the village and decided to take him with me.

He also told me about how he got out and I'm really impressed. Especially with the part about him sneaking into the tower and copying a few jutsu from the scroll of seals. Nothing too bad just the Kage Bunshin jutsu's, the rei gun and Raimei Oru not bad for a four year old. I've nicknamed him The Prince of Thieves for that. Oh but up the security around there I mean he's four! I don't know what aside from those three from the scroll and he said some things that were his whatever that meant. Anyway up the security in there okay.


After reading that he rushed into the vault looking for a couple of scrolls. Upon discovering those missing however he knew it was too late. Tsunade could take care of everything once he reads those scrolls but that aside he was just happy Naruto was okay.

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