Hey people it's been quite a while. I've recently gone back to reread this fic and though it held promise I am officially discontinuing it. Unfortunately upon reading it today I found myself disgusted with it, not due to the writing but due to the fact I made a rather big mistake which is a rather common one now. I made Naruto too powerful too fast; I feel like in my newness to writing I gave him far too many powers and abilities than what was really necessary. Don't get me wrong I still feel like a lot of those ideas were good ones, its just that I overloaded this particular story. As such I'm going to be recycling the ideas into different stories at the moment those being Angel of Death and A Foxes Tale. I am also thinking of reusing the doujutsu, though with a bit of reworking in its functions and placing that in Chronicles of the Dragon Ninja. For other ideas those will be used later down the line along with the initial idea for Naruto's final transformation worked into an entirely new story.

I know a lot of people probably figured out that this would happen after so long with no update but I just wanted everyone to hear it from me. Also as this was my first story I'll be leaving it up so that both you and I can see the progress I've made since the beginning all those years ago. Still everyone rest assured you will indeed see Koenma and Botan working with Naruto in the future perhaps after I finish up one of my current projects. In fact I actually have two fics in which they'll make appearance, the probable sequel to A Foxes Tale and the as of yet unnamed idea currently floating around in my head. That said I thank all of you who read and reviewed and look forward to hearing from you all in the future when the new fic is posted. Until then however check out the named fics to see those innovations at work; LATER.