Welcome to the Secret Garden, a sanctuary for the Hitachiin brothers. First, I want to say that if you find homosexuality or incest wrong, you shouldn't be here, as this is a haven for both. The fact that I write something does not necessarily mean I encourage it in real life, but it is my opinion that so long an incestuous couple is relatively conservative in public - meaning they make no allusions to their familial relation - and under no circumstances do they have children, they should not be taboo. Love knows no gender, religion, race or even age (so long as both parties are old enough to understand their choices) and as such it should not discriminate against familial love that has developped further.

You're free to your opinion, as I am to mine. So if you read this, and your face contorts in disgust, you shouldn't be here. Tell me I'm going to your Hell for having these opinions and writing these concepts - I don't care. This is your last warning - turn back if you don't like it. I should get no flames from evangelists, screaming of my damnation, and if I do, I'll laugh in your face.

For any who remain, I apoligize for the rant. Please enjoy!


"Oh, dear! We're out of ice!"

That was his cue. Kaoru glanced up from his drink, trying not to look to eager. "I'll go get some, Mother."

"Oh, would you, dear? That would be wonderful." His mother clasped her manicured hands together with a blissful smile on her face, and the twins couldn't help thinking simultaneously that their mother was a ditz.

"Sure. I wouldn't want to put more servants out of their way when they're so busy." Kaoru stood up, handing his drink to his twin, and strode off in the direction of the house.

It was pure torture, staring at his watch intently for five straight minutes. Not too soon, or they'll be suspicious…

At last Hikaru rose too, looking imploringly at his mother. "Kaoru's been gone for an awful long time, hasn't he, Mother? Might I look for him?"

"That was Kaoru?" She frowned. "Oh. I was so sure it was you… Yes, of course, you go find him. It wouldn't do for our guests to think I had a rude son."

If only your guests knew the real truth about your sons, Hikaru thought, smirking as he took the same path Kaoru had. Not ten steps into the mansion, a supply closet slammed open and he was drawn in by eager arms. The moment the door closed behind them, it was all lips and tongues and teeth and heat, with fumbling hands and experimental grinding, but the raw emotion behind their awkwardness and the sheer passion in their embraces more than made up for their inexperience.

"Good thing you didn't get the ice," Hikaru mumbled through the holes in their attached open mouths, "we'd be melting it."

Kaoru only laughed.