Only You


Summary: Aang must do his duty as Avatar and the last Airbender. Will his love for Katara be denied?

Warnings: This is a mature story, it is not useless smut but it is not meant for people who can't see R rated movies.

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar: The Last Airbender, honestly!

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Aang looked at the official scroll, the leaders of the four nations had finally done it. After putting his duty off for six years, while he, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Rilo cleaned up the newly allied nations, and put down any remaining resistances. The Council of Harmony now decreed that it is time to take responsibility as the Avatar, and the last Airbender, and 'repopulate' as they put it. As an 18 year old he was now a full adult, and as such he would be required to perform his duty. The council had outlined this duty, to be carried out on a remote island three non-bending women, high ranking nobles from each of the nations would be waiting. He only had to do it for 1 night, and when those children were 6 they would be tested, to see if they had been born with Airbending skills.

Aang glanced up as Katara entered the tent. When she saw his expression she dropped to her knees in front of him and asked. "Aang, what is it? What's wrong?" looking away he handed Katara the scroll. He watched with shame while her cheeks turned pink. She raised her cerulean eyes and looked at him. Aang had never found the courage or the opportunity to confess his true feelings for the beautiful Waterbender. For the last six years they had been on the move and now this.

"Aang…" she swallowed as her cheeks tinged pink again. "Do you want to go alone?"

"No!" Aang almost shouted. "Katara, I don't know if I can do this…" he whispered.

"Of course you can." Katara said brokenly. "We'd better get ready, we'll have to leave tomorrow to get there in time." Aang nodded as he avoided her eyes, biting her lip Katara left the tent.

Ashe stopped as she saw Rilo and Toph cuddled together in front of the fire. Sokka was sprawled out reading Suki's latest letter. She cleared her throat and the three looked at her quizzically while Momo chittered nervously. "We leave tomorrow for Ivalon Island" when the group nodded she headed blindly out of camp. She kept walking until she came to a cliff. Sitting on the ground she stared at the sky as she dealt with the hurt, jealousy and rage that surged inside her like rapids. Breathing deeply she stared unseeing at the stars. She loved Aang, had since he had asked if she was an angel. And now their bond was being tested by three nameless women. She knew that Aang had never really said anything about his feelings for her but she had desperately clung to the hope that he felt the same way. Who was to say that he wouldn't fall for one of the doubtless beautiful women the tribes had chosen?

She finally wandered back to camp to find everyone asleep in their rolls, or the tent. Katara crept to her sleeping roll before silently pulling off her outer robe and climbing in to the warm blankets. Clutching the edges, she glanced at the tent that held Aang, saying a silent prayer that this wouldn't come between them and fell into a restless sleep

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When Katara woke the next morning the gang had been awake for a while and was already breaking camp. Silently she dressed and rolled her sleeping bag up. When the group had finished they boarded Appa. Katara stayed silent the whole time. Sokka and Toph, sensing her withdrawal chatted about innocuous things to fill the charged silence.

All noticed Aang's drawn features and haunted eyes, though nobody said anything. Momo chittered constantly flitting between the Avatar and the Waterbender. Towards late afternoon they spotted the island. Appa floated in lazy circles before landing on the wide beach. Even though the sun was setting it was still warm on the island. Aang had seen torches lit near a tent he had seen from the sky. He only had a few hours. They quickly set up camp, an odd sense of tension and quiet descending upon them.

Aang pulled out his glider, saying he was going off to meditate before the "repopulation" would begin. As soon as Aang launched into the sky Katara numbly stood and muttered something about a bath. She walked until she found a waterfall pooling and being heated by hot springs. Using her bending she checked to make sure that there was nothing poisoning or living in the water.

She stripped down after ensuring she was alone, usually she kept her white underclothes on except when she was in a bathing house. But now she needed the comfort of the water. Pulling the ornaments from her hair she unbraided it and it fell like a curtain around her toned frame. Taking a deep breath she raised her arms and dove in, barely making a splash, ripples being the only sign of her entry. Surfacing she dashed the tears from her eyes and twisting her fingers she brought her tears together, forming a shimmering disc with the symbol for water entwined with the symbol for air. She balanced the disk on her fingertip and smiled nostalgically. She formed a thin thread of water and hung the small pendant around her neck. It fell right between her breasts and she felt comforted by its smooth weight.

Then she heard a twig snap near her. Forming a sheet of water it quickly melded around her skin, forming a sheath of what almost looked like watered silk. Breathing deeply she pulled water around her in a writhing circle ready to strike at anything. That was when she saw him.

Head bowed dejectedly, glider clutched listlessly in his fingers, he dropped to his knees at the edge of the pond and sighed "I can't do it Katara." His pleading voice reminded her of the 12 year old he had once been. The water threading around her hands trickled back into the pool as she stepped out of the pond towards him. When she was just a foot or two away she bit her lip. Taking one final step towards him she sank to her knees with him. Cupping his cheek she brought his cloud colored eyes to meet her own sea colored ones.

She tried to smile through the pain. "You must Aang, the future of your people rests with you." Looking at the man before her, for Aang had ceased to be a child long ago, she could deny herself no longer. Sliding her fingers further along his jaw she leaned forward and brought his lips to hers. Her eyes fluttered shut as their lips met. Her eyes popped open when Aang broke the kiss and stood. She looked away, her eyes full of embarrassment, shame and hurt. Her shoulders slumped and her body curled in on itself as she whispered "I'm sor-"

Aang effortlessly lifted her from the ground. Her water garment still slithered around her and she was grateful for its coverage. She was so focused on keeping her eyes averted that she almost missed his almost soundless whisper. "I can't do it because I'm in love with you"

She placed her hands on his cheeks and looked into his eyes. He looked nervous, embarrassed, and completely loveable. Smiling through her tears she said "I've always loved you Aang, since you asked me to go penguin sledding with you" he stepped closer causing Katara to remember that his six foot frame nearly dwarfed her 5'8" one. He slid his hand to her neck, his thumb tilting her head as he leaned down. Katara's eyes fluttered closed as their lips met again. When he slanted his lips across hers with even more force she swayed and gripped his biceps for support. His first hand joined the other to twist in her hair. Feeling restless Katara needed to feel his skin. Sliding her hands up to his shoulders she gasped and gripped his tunic when Aang's tongue slid across her bottom lip. Taking advantage of the opening Aang delved into her mouth in earnest. Feeling the rising desperation Katara slid her hands across his chest to the band of his outfit. Peeling it away from his ribs she ran her fingers along his heated flesh. The growl of excitement from him caused the heat in her lower belly to flare. When Katara had stripped him to the waist she began to map his form with her fingers. She mewled in protest as Aang trailed kisses across her cheek to her jaw. When he found the sensitive spot about an inch above the juncture of shoulder and neck she cried out and dug her fingernails into his back. She could feel his smile against her skin as she moaned again. Angling her head a bit she placed an open mouth kiss at the juncture of his shoulder and neck. Rewarded with a groan she trailed her lips lower to his collarbone. When she nipped at it she felt the hum of approval vibrate through his frame.

She cried out in loss as he pushed away from her. Her cry turned breathless as his hands shot out together and split apart. The water that had been her garment nearly shot off her body. Pulling his hands towards him he kicked his right foot, bringing up a slab of clean rock. Sliding his hands in a horizontal motion the water flowed across the rock, cleaning it of all debris. Taking a step towards him, she lifted her face as his lips descended.

Using her nimble fingers she nearly ripped his jumpsuit off him. He gripped her hips as he pushed her back against the makeshift pallet. She let out a small giggle as he lifted her to sit on it but the laughter quickly turned into a heated groan as he trailed wet kisses from her collarbone to the valley between her breasts. Finding the pendant there he smiled, pressing his fingertips upon it he carved more symbols into the back of the water diamond. It now said 'Water and Air, Katara and Aang'. Satisfied he smiled at her before latching onto her nipple. Gripping his shoulders she gathered him closer, leaning forward he urged her to lie back. She scooted back across the earthen table-like structure and he followed closely. He kissed back up to her lips and then leant back. She gripped his hips as he nestled between her legs. Katara beamed as the heat increased between them and she felt a sense of right, of comfort, of home.

"Katara, I love you," Aang's heartfelt confession brought tears to her eyes and she cupped his face.

"Aang, I'll always love you," she sighed as he stretched her open and slid inside slowly. It was lucky she'd lost her hymen in battle, but being a virgin she was still very tight and it was uncomfortable being stretched like that. He went slowly, and the heat that had built between them flared again as they kissed passionately. Soon it was painless to feel Aang sliding in and out. Then the fire in her lower belly returned, Aang had beads of sweat across his brow and his cloud grey eyes had darkened with desire.

Katara cried out with pleasure as Aang hit a sensitive spot each time he slid deeper. Her fingers scrabbled across his back, scoring the flesh. Aang slid his hand down her side and touched her intimately, her eyes widened as she cried out. The heat concentrated in that point and one long stroke more and she fell apart. Fireworks burst before her eyes as her body pulsed with energy. She heard Aang give a shout of triumph as he convulsed on top of her. He lay, replete, upon her chest and she stroked his head.

"Katara, I'll do it, if you want me to." Hearing this declaration she almost allowed her selfish, jealous heart to keep him to herself. Her honest, true self though, realized that he was the only hope the earth had for Airbenders. She smiled as his finger tips trailed the column of her throat to circle the pendant upon her chest.

"Aang, I love you too much to let anything come between us," he nodded determinedly. He stood as he spoke

"I'll tell them no then." She caught his arm and stayed him.

"No, you must do it, I'm just telling you that I love you enough to trust you to do this," a tear escaped her eye and she dashed it away quickly. He enfolded her in his arms, whispering promises.

"When we take you home I'll ask your father's permission, but that necklace means you're mine," she nodded solemnly at the boy's sullen declaration, he almost seemed to think her father would deny him.

"I've always been yours."

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