Title: Two
Rating: G
Summary: Some things are more precious than gold. Some people you will do anything to protect.

Author's Note: Just a short piece on the bald General we all know and love.


General Hammond has two of everything.

He has two families: the people related to him by blood, and the people he takes under wing at the SGC.

He has two cars. One is really shiny and has a special license plate and he never gets to drive it. The other is a beat up Ford Explorer that has seen almost as many days as him and has traveled the roads to his daughter's house more times than to his own.

He has two jobs. The first was meant to be an easy transition into retirement until a man with glowy eyes and delusions of god-hood walked through the Stargate. Number 2 is sitting in a chair that's too small and drinking 'tea' out of a purple plastic cup and eyeing the mud 'pie' proudly presented to him by a grinning child.

He has two paychecks. #1 makes the Fortune 500 look like kids with an allowance. The other, paid in butterfly kisses and hugs, is worth more than any money the government can give him.

And he has two phones. One is black and generally has rants and angry voices coming through it. His second one is red and makes the really, really important calls.

So, of course, it has two numbers.


George watched the door close and pursed his lips, amazed at how close they had come to being destroyed, and how they had been saved once more. Then, glancing at the fire-red phone on his left, he picked it up and pressed speed-dial 1.

"Kayla? How are you doing, sweetheart? Yes, of course I'll come over for dinner- oh, spinach and mud pies? Sounds like a feast. Can I talk to Tessa? Yes, yes, I love you too…"

He has two grandchildren, and he loves them more than anything in the world.