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Summary: When the Tardis becomes trapped on the doomed ocean liner, Titanic, things are not as they seem when the Doctor meets a previous incarnation of himself and soon realises that the tragedy may not be due to human faults, but alien meddling. Can the Doctor and Rose save the day, thousands of lives and a certain loved up couple without revealing their identities to another Doctor they are trying so desperately to hide from?

Dedication: For the lovely Emma

Making It Count

It was twelve noon of April the tenth 1912, a tall man with a weathered face stopped at the dockside to stare up at the ship which loomed over him. His dark hair was cut shortly, cropped to the shape of his head, his ears stuck out a little and he stood all in black including a leather coat as he stared up at the boat above him.

'Ain't she a beauty?' called out a man beside him, he looked up to the ship which dwarfed him and smiled,

'She sure is' he replied.

'Doctor?' another man called out. The Doctor – in his ninth body – turned around to the gentleman who stood before him

'You cabin is ready' he said with a nervous smile. The Doctor grinned at him

'Thanks' he told him as he moved towards the plank which lead from the dockside in Southampton towards the giant ship. The Doctor looked up at it as he walked by, the huge letters of her name still shinned in the sun, the words wet with black paint as she awaited to set sail.

'Titanic' the Doctor breathed with a smile as he continued forwards moving through the crowds fighting his way towards the ship.

'Aye sir' the man who carried his bags said with a grin 'They say she's unsinkable'

'So I've heard' the Doctor murmured, '20.5 knots eh?'

'Oh yes sir, she should glide through those waves'. The Doctor grinned at him

'Beautiful' he declared 'Just beautiful'.

'Hope everyone else agrees' the man admitted nervously '2227 people on board'

The Doctor gave him a familiar grin and looked up at the boat where the water so calmly lapped at its sides,

'Unsinkable' the Doctor told him with a wink 'Everyone will love it'.

So the Doctor boarded the boat, as did 2226 thousand other people, 337 of them heading towards first class accommodation – as did the Doctor, 285 running towards second class accommodation, and 721 looking for third class accommodation in the hope of a better life, in the hope for dreams to become a reality and it was up to the 885 crew members for these dreams to become a reality.

The Doctor stood on the top deck leaning over the railings, his hands first to touch the newly painted metal as he looked out over the dockside of family members and friends, each waving their hats and cheering as the Titanic let out a cry as she began to move. As the ship began to pull away thousands hung overboard shouting final messages of love to family members and loved ones, tears fell and smiles shone, everyone celebrated – everyone except the Doctor. He had no one to celebrate for or with; he'd lost them all, not so long ago. It was just him now – him and his Tardis which he'd left in England as she repaired herself, as she healed herself after the war they'd just suffered. As his ship healed he tried so hard to do so himself by dissolving himself into the lives of a thousand other people, lives he could watch but never touch and so he leant on the railings waving to the people he could never know, a smile not even straying near his face.

Captain John Smith steered the ship away from the docks and the Titanic left land as did 2227 other people, little did anyone know of what was to come.

6,899 miles away, within the Tardis a very different Doctor stood. His brown hair stood manically on his head and his brown eyes sparkled with delight as he saw his companion, Rose, hanging off the safety railings that surrounded the control panel. Well he called her his companion, but she was so much more, in everyway possible.

As she let out a squeal he released a deep chuckle,

'You know the safety bars are there to prevent accidents, not a cause them' he warned her with a smile. She grinned at him, her eyes sparkling with mischief

'Yeah, but I know you'll be here to catch me' she laughed. He raised an eyebrow at her

'What makes you so sure of that Miss Tyler?' he asked her as he slowly paced around the consol in a circle.

'Call it women's intuition' she told him grinning mysteriously. He raised his eyebrows at her having no idea what she was talking about. She laughed to herself again.

'Right then….anyway' he began to mumble as he tried to tear his attention away from her smile.

'Yeah…anyway' she said softly as she watched his brown eyes twinkle at her. She knew she could stare into them all day…instead she tore her gaze away and focused at the floor not wanting to embarrass herself.

'Where shall I take you on this fine morning?' he asked her.

'Hmmm' she said as she stroked her chin whilst carefully balancing on the pole.

'Hmmm?' he asked with a grin tugging at his lips

'Hmmm' she replied.

'Well I can say that I've never been there' the Doctor replied with a chuckle 'I'll set the coordinates and see what happens' he told her

'Good' she laughed as he pulled a face of intense thought as he began to hit the consol.

The Doctor missed the grumble that ran through the Tardis thinking it was coming from Rose and not the ship, it wasn't until the lights went out and he felt as though he was falling at a thousand miles per hour did he realise something was wrong.

'Rose' he shouted out as he remembered her hanging off the pole promising not to fall – they were definitely falling now, he thought as he hurtled himself through the darkness to where he remembered her sitting hoping it wasn't too late.