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Making It Count

Chapter Thirty

The Doctor and Rose lay that way throughout the night, piled on top of one another, their hands gently touching as a constant reassurance until the morning light. Frost clung to their hair, covering them until it appeared as a crown upon their scalps, their lips were a pale blue and their breath stained the air in tiny clouds. Shivers no longer ran through them as their body temperatures slowly lowered, together they watched the darkened sky waiting for the stars to leave and for the sun to reappear.

It took hours, hours that felt like an eternity, for the first ray of sun to break the water. The Doctor squinted as the tiny ray of light tore through the darkness alighting the scene around them – he saw the corpses that surrounded them, creating tiny islands within the black water. He held Rose closer as he tired to turn his neck to squint into the endless ocean, a faint shadow marked beneath the water – a ghost of the Titanic reminding them where they had all fallen. Tearing his eyes away he found the horizon, the spot where the faintest blob of light was appearing, the black line which was being shortened by light which held a promise.

'Rose' he whispered, his voice was hoarse, the freezing air having attacked his throat.

'Rose' he tried again, this time slowly shaking her, she squeezed his hand in response – too tired to speak.

'The sun's coming up' he whispered against her head, she gently turned her face to the sun, longing for the feeling of its warm rays against her frozen skin. She was starting to feel as though she'd never leave this place- that she'd freeze to a point where she became part of the sea, one of the nameless faces that sunk into the ocean, just another number. But whenever she started to think like that the Doctor would squeeze her hand reminded her not to give up, that hope could always prevail, and watching the sun together, they began to feel hope surge through them once more.

Slowly the rays reached the waves, creating light on the black waves so that their colours lightened, the ray revealed the dead and the dammed; it showed broken corpses and the carcass of the ship. The Doctor watched a section of the ship that floated along side them, he squinted at it as the way lapped against the metal of the pristine door, slowly the waves engulfed it, dragging it down as it had down with everything else.

Bubbles rose as the hulk of metal slowly disappeared beneath the waves – but behind it was another object, the Doctor shut his eyes in disbelief. Floating along side them in the ocean was the Tardis, lying on her side. The waves battled against her yet she remained afloat, her doors firmly shut as they battled the salty air, her windows were still lit up – a beacon guiding them home.

'Rose…'the Doctor choked, 'Rose…the Tardis' he murmured. Rose mumbled something as her eyes began to close again

'No, Rose- the Tardis!' he chocked out as he tried to move his legs which were freezing into place.

'Tardis…' the Doctor heard Rose faintly mumble. The Doctor glanced about and slowly lowered himself back into the freezing water gasping as it stung against his freezing skin. Rose let out a cry as the water stung at her again; she grasped the Doctor and begged him to lift her up again. He shook his head slowly at her, breaking his heart in the process at the desperation in her eyes

'Rose, we're almost home' he promised as he took her hand. Slowly he began to swim across the short distance, pulling Rose along beside him

'We're almost there' he promised as he tugged her slowly. Rose squinted through the cracks in her eyelids at the blue box floating before them. Rose stifled her whimpers as the cold water stung at her again; she fixed her eyes to the Tardis trying not to look at the bodies that floated beside her, their hands reaching out for someone that would never come. Floating beside them was Ruby's pale corpse, Rose could barely look at it as her legs feebly kicked, wincing as her legs became tangled with those of the dead.

She tried not to react as she felt the water moving around her legs, her eyes remained closed with only the Doctors damp hand guiding her. Finally she felt the skin from beneath her hand disappear until she could feel coarse wood. She opened her eyes to find herself clinging onto the side of the Tardis, her fingers were tracing the splinters of the ships' door. The Doctor was beside her, also holding onto the side his fingers firm as he began to bang on the front door.

'Doctor' she whispered, her voice barely remaining 'How we gunna get in with no keys?' she choked as tears began to sting at her eyes again. He gave her a soft smile

'She's telepathic – she'll let us in, she knows how badly we need her' he reassured her as he climbed up onto the doors. Soon he sat on the blue paintwork, his soaking form resting against faint light radiating from the top where the words were illuminated. He'd cut the rope that kept Ruby at his side and lifted her body up with him so that she lay upon the ship as well. He then turned to lean over the side reaching his hands down to Rose, she glanced up at him, her fingers barely clinging onto the side of the Tardis.

'Rose, give me your hand' he called down, she tried to raise her hands but she couldn't – she feared falling back in too greatly.

'I won't let you fall Rose, I promise' he whispered as he leant forward. Slowly she lifted one hand up to his, her pale hand shaking under the beginning of the morning sun. The Doctor grasped her hand and began to tug her up, she raised her other hand and clung to his arm with it as she was slowly lifted out of the water. On top of the Tardis she fell into the Doctors arm, her shivering form entangled with his, he glanced down at her dropping damp kisses into her salt soaked hair. She shivered against him, their hands entwined as he glanced about

'Rose, I need you to trust me' he whispered into her hair

'I do' she whispered back, he nodded,

'Right, just close your eyes' he began

'Just get me out of her' she murmured into his chest. He stroked a lock of hair off her face and nodded slowly

'I'm trying my Rose, I'm trying'. He turned to the doors and began to push them

'Come on….please, come on' he urged the ship, after a tense moment the doors swung open, he glanced down at the interior – the entire thing was on its side. Slowly, using the rope that was attached to Ruby, he dropped her down until her body rested on the bottom of the control panel, the floor pressed against the soles of her feet. Then he turned to Rose

'I'm gunna go first' he began, she glanced down through the doors

'You can't fall all that way!' she began. He cut her off with a look

'I'm gunna go first, then you can jump and I'll catch you. I promise'.

Rose looked down nervously then glanced around before slowly nodded, she framed his face with her hands and pressed a quick kiss to his lips

'Be careful' she whispered, he grinned at her

'You too' and then he jumped. He landed straddling the column in the centre of the room, he rotated round so that he lay against it on his back then he held his hands out

'Okay Rose' he shouted up, 'Jump!'

Rose glanced down and took one last glance around at the dead that swarmed around her

'I'm sorry' she whispered to them before she shut her eyes and jumped through the doors.

The Doctor caught her in his arms and wrapped his hands tightly around her as he began to hit buttons on the panel with his foot. Slowly the ship began to move lifting the Doctor and Rose up as they clung to one another in their ship.

As the Tardis had taken off, the ship had righted itself so that her masters rested upon the floor once more. They cradled one another; their bodies frigid with cold as they shook bathed in the blue light of the ships interior. The Doctor gently brushed the wet strands of hair off her face as she traced the pale blue of his lips. They warmed one another with their own heat until the Tardis came to a stop.

Then they stood, shakily at first, their muscles cramping and their bodies aching, they leant against one another as they turned to the door. Ruby rested gently in the Doctor's arms, her red curls dank in the light as they splayed over his shoulder. Silently the trio stepped through the Tardis's doors unto a field of ruby red poppies. Their black centres stared out the field like eyes and the Doctor carried her to the centre of them, then he slowly laid her body down amongst the flowers, their petals gently tracing her skin as they covered her in death. Their red petals were so dark in contrast to the paleness of her skin; her eyes were shut in death and her lips cold.

The Doctor looked down at her, gently squeezing her hand before placing a flower within it,

'I'm sorry, so sorry' he whispered as he stood – his legs nearly giving way. Rose moved forward and slowly bent, she pressed a soft kiss to Ruby's forehead as she brushed a ruby curl off her forehead

'You were so brave' she choked, moving away unable to look any longer. She stood beside the Doctor, their hands slowly intertwining, their skin still damp from moments ago.

Then slowly they turned away from the girl they had failed and back into their ship. As the Tardis began to move the Doctor and Rose moved too. They slowly undressed, warming themselves and drying their skin. Then as darkness filled the Tardis they lay together, Rose cloaked in one of the Doctor's over sized shirts, her legs covered by a pair of jogging bottoms, the Doctor wore a jumper and jogging bottoms and together they lay in his bed.

As silence settled over the Tardis, the Doctor and Rose intertwined, their legs linked and their hands clung to one another. Rose listened to the sound of his twin heart beat whilst he slowly stroked out her drying curls. Occasionally his hand would fall to her face to trace the scabbing skin, and the key shaped burn that marked her chest. No matter where she went the Tardis would always be imprinted upon her.

'I'm sorry' he whispered into her hair, she shook her head against his chest

'Don't be – we're both here, we're both alive, there's nothing more you could have done' she assured him, her voice slowly returning. He remained in his brooding silence as he held her to him, so fearful of letting her go in case he lost her.

'Oh Rose' he murmured, she rolled over in his arms, their skin warming at the touch of one another until she could look up into his eyes. His eyes watched her worriedly, tracing her skin with his gaze

'Thank you' she whispered against his cheek, their faces pressed to one another, he had no answer

'I promise, it will get better' he whispered, hoping that she wasn't thinking of leaving, silently urging her to stay.

'Everything's better where you are' she whispered against his smile, he watched her with mild surprise

'You're staying?' he whispered – so scared in case she wasn't. She nodded, looking almost confused

'Always' she promised. He beamed at her as he lowered his mouth to hers

'I love you Rose Tyler' he whispered softly against her coarse lips, she smiled against his kiss

'I love you too'. He held her close as he kissed her softly thinking of the future they would have together

'To making it count?' he asked. She laughed softly as she nodded before agreeing against his lips.

'To making it count'.

The End

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