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Cam wants Booth, Booth wants Brennan and Temperance doesn't know what she wants. In this tangled web of confusion its amazing just how far some people will go to keep the ones they love.

Chapter 1

A Bene Placito - At ones Pleasure

The pair tumbled onto the bed as her top was hastily discarded and she moaned as his mouth descended hungrily to hers. She pulled at his shirt, the first two buttons popping off and landing softly in the cream carpet. She was halfway there when the familiar noise filled the room. He rolled away and pulled his phone from where it still sat clipped to his belt loop.


She mentally crossed her fingers and prayed for it to be a wrong number.

'Hey Bones.'

He slipped out of the bed and reached for his tie. She sighed, her hope receding. He was leaving. He grabbed his jacket and paced into the living room. He returned five minutes later, his conversation over. He looked at her on the bed where she lay still only half dressed and offered her something between a grimace and a smile.

'I have to go.' He said the words as though they explained everything.

'Why?' She pushed.

'There's been a breakthrough in the case.' Again he offered her no more.

'But it's your day off.' She could hear the slight whine in her voice and didn't care.

'It's yours too, you should relax.' He headed to the door and she knew she'd lost again.

'Will I see you later?'

'I don't know it depends.'

He kissed her curtly on the cheek and walked away. He disappeared from view, shouting a final goodbye before the sound of the front door closing rang out through the apartment.

'Bye then.' She whispered, completely alone.

She kicked her feet from the bed and wondered what she was going to do with her day off now Seeley was gone and sighed. She was falling for Seeley Booth and couldn't stop what was happening to her. She only hoped for one thing: That Seeley Booth cared for her even half as much as she cared for him, that he cared for Camille Saroyan even half as much as his precious Bones.