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Cost Bret Hart the Title

Chapter 1: This Week

Earl found himself in a place he never imagined he would be. He was in the place that he thought was a wasteland. It was a place that he thought was filled with whackos and lunatics. He was in Canada.

You might be wondering what I'm doing in Canada. Well, it all started when me and Randy were watching wrestling

"Now, this week in wrestling history," the voice said as the show went to a commercial break. "Survivor Series 1997, in Montreal, Quebec, Bret Hart defended the WWE Championship against the "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. Hart fought hard, but HBK matched him move for move, eventually locking in Hart's own Sharpshooter. Just before Bret reached the ropes, Earl Hebner rang the bell in what is now known as the Montreal Screwjob."

That was when it hit me. I was at Survivor Series that year. While I was at the event I sat in the front row. Me, being American was cheering for Shawn Michaels to win. That was when I cost Bret Hart the match

"C'mon you dirty Canadian! Tap out!" Earl yelled.

Hart was reaching towards the ropes about to grab them, when Earl through his nachos. It landed infront of Hart. Bret swatted the nachos away. Hebner saw Hart's had tapping, and called for the bell. Hart stood up dazed. He looked at the referee and then Vince McMahon, spitting in McMahon's face.

I then realized that I cost a man his entire career, and caused a chasm between fans everywhere. That was the last time Bret Hart was in a WWE ring. Karma sent me a sign, and I knew I had to fix it, so I added another item to my list. #258, Cost Bret Hart the WWE Championship.

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