A Vampire's Love

On a dark and stormy night, a lone figure stalked through the shadows. He was a vampire. Each night he roamed the streets of London, looking for his evening meal. Tonight was no exception. His name was Yami, his real name was Atemu, he liked Yami better though. His vampire senses were going crazy. He needed to find blood, and soon.

To his luck, an old man was walking up the street. He smirked, knowing this would be an easy catch. He shrouded himself in the shadows, only his crimson eyes were showing. The old man was humming to himself when he heard something. He turned toward an alley way. He froze with fear. There, in the shadows, staring right back at him were haunting blood red, crimson eyes.

The old man seemed entranced by the eyes. They hypnotized him with just one look. The old man's eyes went dull showing that his will and mind were no longer his own. Yami smirked at this. He lifted two of fingers and guided the old man over to him. He saw the old man's wallet and took it out to see it. He opened and froze at the picture he saw.

The photo was of the old man and a young girl that looked to be about sixteen years old. His breath got caught in throat at the beauty of the girl. Her form was perfect and curvy. The girl's hair looked very similar to his, Yami, own. She was a little short but he didn't care he wanted to meet her.

"Listen old man, who is this girl and where does she live?" Yami demanded the old man to tell him. The man replied dully, "I'm Solomon Motou. That is my granddaughter Yugi. She stays with me because her parents died when she was younger. We live in the Kame game shop. She's going to a party tomorrow night at her friend's house near the Tower of London."

Yami was in luck. He lived in the Tower and could easily lead her to him. "Thank you, for your services. But now you must die!" he said trusting his fangs into the old mans neck. Solomon screamed and cried for his poor granddaughter. He silently prayed that she wouldn't be found by this vampire. His cries quieted as he turned to dust in the wind.

"Now time to find out about this little one. And make her my mate on the night of the Blood Moon." Yami said as he disappeared. The Blood Moon was the symbol to vampires' that it was time to find a mate and have children. So he needed to get this girl to trust him and willingly submit and become his mate. It was time to plan how he was going to lead her to him.